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The folks at the Dept. of Tourism asked if I would do this for them, and I agreed. Anything to help promote the country’s food and food culture has always been high on my list. The DOT/Producers paid for the all of the boneless Zubuchons used (they thought whole roasted pigs might offend some of the international audience, hence the tamer boneless Zubuchons) in the advertisement and I did this gratis (or completely for free). Everyone knows I don’t like doing video, but I was amazed how quickly they did this shot (less than 1 hour). Apparently this will play on international news and social media outlets, local movie theaters, etc. all year long… Yipes! :)


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  1. Congratulations MM! The video was amazing. All the food presented looks good to eat and was pleasant to the eyes.

  2. sayang! the spread would’ve looked better with a whole lechon nga :)
    still, congrats! nice ad from DOT for a change

  3. FANTASTIC! Bravo, MM! Thank you for doing this for our country (naks!).

    Sharing this with my Facebook friends as well.

  4. Good to know that the DOT has retained the It’s More Fun in the Philippines slogan. There were news reports last year that they were going to ditch it. It would have been a waste of taxpayers money to have to replace that slogan and all subsequent marketing materials.

  5. Very lovely! The ad is a feast to the eye! My mouth literally waters seeing all the food. But my fave is still that zubuchon! Grabe, tulo laway esp when you hear and see that pork crackling! Congratulations MM. more commercials to come! I’ve shared it on my FB, so all my colleagues can see it & will be encourage to visit the Philippines for gastronomic experience. I still struggled when asked what is our cuisine like!!

  6. YUM!! Will make Bicol Express later in the day.
    Very nice and a very fitting title, though the music is a bit jarring at 12a.m. I don’t know, maybe I just grew up watching this:


    Also, woe to the not featured “DTI registered” lechon belly. lolz


  7. Stylish and throughout high production value if not resolution.

    I was expecting a post coverage of the “grand opening.”

  8. Footloose, it was part nightmare, part shock (the opening). I thought I would do a post as well, but am still recovering in many senses. To give you an idea, we were reasonably prepared for 200-300 guests on our opening day, and were slammed with 600+ and turned away another 600 in person and on the phones. And it continued for two more weeks, with slightly less numbers during the week… This past Sunday we were again slammed with 800+ folks in a restaurant that seats just 120 or so… so while it is a good problem, it is still a problem… I wish I took photos at the height of pandemonium, but I can assure you many of us have lost weight (nearly 8 pounds for me) in just four weeks surrounding our Manila opening. But I will try to cobble together a pre and post opening post soon… :)

  9. Indeed a good “opening” problem, MM . Congrats on that one too, and looking forward to that post/pics.

  10. A good problem to have MM re crowd. I was thinking, as you’ve been quiet knowing you were busy with your bunso (Zubuchon), the middle child gets neglected (blog) hahaha…

  11. Definitely more felicitous than when no one shows up. I suspected as much when I encountered the same crabs every time I checked, seemingly insurmountable turbulence in the founding of empires. In the thick of the confusion I imagine you like Aeneas who tells his exhausted, shipwrecked crew in “The Aeneid,” Book 1.“Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit…” “Maybe someday you will even rejoice to recall this.”

  12. MM, hopefully you are not yet tired of….. picture picture! After a long day at work, what aches the most? the leg muscles from all that walking/standing? or facial muscles from all that smiling? Are autographs still being done or are they a thing of the past? A certified celebrity you are, period. Congrats on this new venture! Quite sure it will not only be profitable for you but more importantly for your partner staff.

  13. Ay, naku! I was beginning to think you have left the Blog for good. I’m so happy you’re back. I’m also glad you had a grand, grand opening in Makati. You are blessed.

    I shared the Ad, MM. I hope you don’t mind.

  14. Nice ad and congrats, MM/Joel!! I would have preferred the whole lechon since the belly looks more like porchetta/Italian to me, than Filipino! But the crunch of the lechon skin was very aptly captured!!! And congrats too, on your new baby – I have not made the effort yet to come because I know you are still swamped. Will wait a few more months and make my way to your new resto. Congrats again to you and the whole crew/team!

  15. Congrats on the video…congrats on the new store. Will attempt to dine there in a few months

  16. I hope on April 3, Monday it will be less crowded in your resto in Makati, MM! It’s going to be my birthday lunch blowout to my officemates. :) :)

  17. Mimac, Mondays are usually the least busy days, but if you like, email me and I can put in a reservation to be sure you don’t have to wait to be seated…

  18. I hope there was no malversation through falsification of public documents representing your talent fee/charges from DOT…heheh! just kidding! Congrats MM!

  19. I see one person that is in the news these days not in the lifestyle section though, congratulations MM will share video in FB

  20. Hi MM, just wanted you to know that I had the most wonderful lunch with my hubby, daughter and a friend at Zubuchon in Manila on 4 March! We waited for over 30 minutes and I was so amazed that hubby didn’t complain a bit. The food and service were worth the wait! Eric (?) served us and was so nice. Needless to say, the lechon was excellent and so were the gambas, fish skin tacos and everything we ordered! I can’t wait to return to Manila and have another feast at Zubuchon! Thanks for opening a branch in Manila!!!

  21. Mart, thanks! MP, you were brave to go on our first week of operations as there were MAJOR flies in the ointment or kinks to work out! So happy you enjoyed your meal, and I think I can promise things will be calmer the next time around. Weekends remain a veritable zoo but weekdays are now more manageable. Will convey your comments to Erick, he is a gem (and he has served in our home for 15+ years!) who was there to train the local team… Botchok, drop by the next time you are home! Thanks Alilay, Joey and peterb!

  22. Marketman,

    Hindi ko pa natitikman zubuchon

    May plan ba magkaroon sa quezon city? Tagal na ako hindi nakakapunta makati super layo, narrow road, traffic and daming one-way road sobrang confusing.

    If maka branch Sana around new manila qc.

  23. dona, no plans for a QC branch yet. It isn’t that easy to just open a branch, but hopefully eventually, we will have one nearer to you…

  24. Hello Mr Marketman Is it possible to preorder a lechon de leche and consume this in your restaurant? Will make a reservation when we order the lechon . We have been in your Zubuchon location in Cebu but eager to taste your lechon de leche when we visit Manila next month.

  25. Hi Charly, yes, it is possible to pre-order a de-leche. Give us 2-3 days advance notice and if we have them in stock (usually have them 80% of the time) we will confirm them for your dine-in dinner. Thanks.



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