Believe in Horoscopes?

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This is my horoscope in today’s papers (Philippine Daily Inquirer):

“LEO – Your work routine will be interrupted today, perhaps because of computer crashes, canceled meetings or staff shortages. Allow extra time so that you can cope with the unexpected.”

And this was the reality of my day:

Upgraded my MAC to the latest software this morning. That took two hours. Then I decided to look in on my photos, and it so nicely suggested I move them over from iPhoto to Photos. I momentarily freaked out as it seemed I had somehow lost some 15,000 photos from the last 18 months alone (not to worry, you say, I have 14,700 or so backed up on my desktop and an external drive) but then finally figured out how to move them over, that took another two hours as well. But they lost organization and tags, and now it’s just organized by date I took them. And for some reason there are now 2,000+ duplicate photos that I have to eliminate almost one by one to clear up precious memory space (finished with 1,000 of those, took nearly an hour). Then, I decided I should publish a post, and realize that Photos is NOT iPhoto, so it took me an hour to figure out how to bloody resize a F%$#&! photo. I swear, this is the revenge of the younger generation on a middle-aged man with no desire to turn techy at this late stage in my life. :)

At any rate, all will be well, and at 7pm on a Saturday, I have done nothing but computer stuff the entire day, with a brief break at lunch to doodle with my new toy, a small portable brick oven to some mixed results, which hopefully I will be able to post on on the blog at some point, when I get over the latest technological hurdles. Ah, managed a photo or two for this post, yahoo!

I am thinking of hiring a tech student this summer with brilliant MAC skills to just get my computers and files in order. That is this generation’s equivalent of an old boss during a summer in college who once hired me on the side to balance thousands of cheques from her chequebook over a 7 year period and she paid me $100 a day to do it. I finished the task in about 5 days, earned $500 but found several errors from her bank so the lady was refunded over a thousand dollars as a result. She paid me $500, she got over $1,000 back. Go figure, life just isn’t fair. Needless to say, she was extremely pleased with her young apprentice. And needless to say, when you rifle through one’s cheques (in those days) you learn a whole lot of private information that you probably shouldn’t be privy to… :)

Note: you cannot imagine how long it took me to write and publish this post, some 8-10x longer than normal. That’s it for the computer today, I am off to binge watch my latest obsession… Shonda Rhimes new series “How to Get Away with Murder” – Season 1.

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8 Responses

  1. Apple updates haven’t been that pretty in the last couple years. I always wait and stay an upgrade behind to avoid those pesky bleeding edge woes. Just a personal choice.

    You are thinking in the right direction about hiring an apprentice to do the dirty work. Is the cost worth more than lets say, 8 hours of your time…

  2. Same here, this summer, will probably pay my 13 year old apo to do some tech work. Transferring lots of camcorder videos to CDs and Usbs. I probably can do it myself, but heck for a longer longer hours. Besides, I want to give him some something to do thus vacation.

  3. Same here. Yosemite is still sitting there un-applied as I am fearful of what it might do to some of my apps :)

  4. “…with a brief break at lunch to doodle with my new toy, a small portable brick oven to some mixed results,”

    It arrived already?!? When can we take it out for a spin?

  5. Artisan, it isn’t the Italian one, that’s on hold. This is a much smaller brick oven, good for pizza and small baked items only…

  6. I can’t wait to see what your portable brick oven looks like. If I have to guess, it would look like a cement mixer.

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