Breast Melon Hoax… :)

At the office, peals of laughter followed my display of Footloose’s link to obscene vegetables and fruit yesterday, including breast melons and phallus and testicle fruits of some kind. With 4,000 square meters of idle land in the middle of the city, of course we decided to try and grow the outrageous specimens and perhaps make it the ultimate green destination in all senses of the word. So I googled the seeds and found this post, that seems to debunk the breast melons as the work of a Vietnamese artist whose work is on display in a Hanoi Cafe. I haven’t figured out the veracity of the other fruit yet, and if it is replicable or not, but if your googling skills are better than mine, or if you have indeed found a source of seeds, I want to order some too. Hahaha. :)


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  1. you are in luck, MM! My former bosses at the VPD would be so proud of me…put to use what I have learned from them!

    The seeds which I must have too is available in the US. Ask Sister to get them for you! it is called Passiflora Quadrangularis Erotica Penis Passionfruit! Ok…am I going to be censored for saying it? but that is the full name of the Passionfruit! Available on! As I am writing this, my son just ordered the seeds for me!

  2. Bettyq, $16 + shipping on ebay for 5 seeds? I think I will wait until you have successfully grown a crop, and will buy seeds from you instead. :)

  3. MM…the Willie pepper is available now in Orange and yellow!

    MM…I only need 1’or 2 seeds…will give you the rest next time my sister goes back home! She is there right now but most likely will go back in about 4 months! But if I succeed, I will you a season’s worth of seeds in a year or 2!

  4. Yes those seeds are expensive, but they can be found on Etsy, where I bought my sweet black rice seeds. For 25 seeds, $4.50, but in Amazon EBay, it’s more expensive.

  5. For Guits in comment #2 link…Did Peter Piper pick a pickled pepper pecker? Heh! Heh! This has got to be MM’s funniest post so far.

  6. Betty Q, thank you for the post. I ordered one from etsy for my friend who loves her garden. I can’t wait the look on her face when she start to harvest her peppers :)



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