Canadian Maple Butter

I love maple syrup. Even managed to experience it being tapped and made right before our eyes in this post from a couple of years ago, while in New Hampshire one cold, wet Spring. So it doesn’t surprise me that I also loved this maple butter, a gift from Canadian house guests a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t butter mixed with maple syrup, rather a spread made by heating up maple syrup (the lighter kind) and letting it cool before heating it up again and mixing to get this creamy texture with a nice maple flavor. On a piece of good bread, it is a diet breaker for sure. :)

This was the first time I have ever tried maple butter and I was an instant convert. Doesn’t need any jam, it’s good on its own, spread on good toast/bread. I just tried some maple butter on a homemade cinnamon roll a few minutes ago and it was absolutely fantastic! Perfect with a cup of tea. :) P.S. I have been reading about food trips outside Quebec City recently, including maple shacks in a drive Northeast from the city, as well as sausage and other food delicacies from the area. That combined with a visit to Au Pied de Cochon, the restaurant of Martin Picard, would be a really nice food trip, I reckon… Someday, someday…


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  1. Is this still as sweet as plain maple syrup? What’s the difference in taste? And where can I get that here in Manila? :D

  2. When heating up the maple syrup, what should be the temperature? can this be done at home? hmmm….. thinking if I can make it…

  3. Jo Anne…there are recipes of homemade maple butter on the web. Buy the best maple syrup and the best butter there is and you are all set…need a candy thermometer and a mixer…even hand held or that egg beater will do.

    While you are at it, try making flavoured ones, too….how about a raspberry maple butter or mango maple butter or peach or strawberry….OK…I am getting carried away again!

    I am sure MM that you will take a crack at it since you have maple syrup in the pantry!

  4. I hadn’t heard of this before! Based on your description, it sounds heavenly! Nothing beats high-quality butter on a good piece of bread – and it sounds like maple butter is even better. I wonder if they have those anywhere here in Manila.

  5. MM, on the New England-Canada cruise in October last year, we got off in Quebec City and walked past Au Pied de Cochon, the restaurant of Martin Picard several times because it was along the way from the pier to the shops. I took pictures of this resto because I was reminded of Zubuchon. Bought bottles of maple syrup too in one of the shops that I never got to taste as they ended up as pasalubong.

  6. As I was eating at Au Pied de Cochon some months ago, I was just thinking how much you would love that restaurant!

  7. MM…if I am not mistaken…what you have there is Maple Cream…maple syrup, heated and whisked to a creamy consistency just like Creamed Honey. Maple Butter on the other hand has butter incorporated in it.

  8. Betty Q, maple butter, maple cream, c’est la même chose. It’s the exact same thing.

  9. Felt the same with cti98; I thought about you MM and your Zubuchon when we dined at APDC-Paris last Fall bec. of their pig deco. Best onion soup esp. on a late balmy evening. Out of topic, MM, but Laduree will be opening their 1st US shop in NYC July…..can’t wait!

  10. looks like the creamy honey that we get here in northeast. great on toast!

  11. and i thought maple butter was simply butter whipped with maple syrup drizzled in!

  12. Millet and Betty Q, depending on where you are, maple butter can also mean dairy butter blended with maple syrup like you guys said and maple cream refers to maple flavored fudge. Second picture shows the label reads beurre d’érable pur though.

  13. Millet….I took about 5 tbsp. of the syrup just to see if this is doable at home, I heated it up in the microwave till hot but not too hot. I can still put my finger in it without saying…aray! Then I took a whisk and started whisking it till warm. It took on a creamy consistency. It didn’t take long but mind you it was only 5 tbsp. Then I added about 1/2 tsp. whipped softened butter to about 1 1/2 tbsp. creamed maple syrup. I must say, I prefer the taste of some whipped butter added to it…hindi nakakaumay! To the same mixture, I added a squirt of raspberry puree…lalong MASARAP!

    I will do this again tom. and add a bit of whipped cream cheese. I think it will be good with toasted bagels for breakfast.

  14. hay, bettyq, you have a way of taking the flavors all the way to and over the top!

    footloose, am craving some maple butter and maple fudge right now, ikaw kasi!

  15. My pinsan makes coconut butter, different than the coconut jam because she adds lots of ‘Dairy Creme and whipped it good.

  16. My husband calls MM and his loyal followers sinful… I don’t blame him. I love butter and I adore maple (Canadian, of course). I haven’t tried them blended together (except when having pancakes with butter slathered in lots and lots of maple syrup) so I bet maple butter is explosive! As soon as I don’t feel bad buying that 22euro/btl maple syrup, I’ll try the combinations bettyq suggested…In this part of the world, maple butter is indeed sinful, in more ways than 1…

  17. salut MM! the canucks, specially the quebecois, are really proud of everything made out of maple and of course maple itself. i’m here right now at montreal, and just to clarify picard’s au pied de cochon is different from the one in paris and there’s none in quebec city. the only APDC in quebec province, is the one in montreal.

    the one with everything with maple in it is called a cabane a sucre; and it is a quebecois tradition to do every towards the end of winter. there’s a couple around montreal but the one you wrote about is this, which is around 45 minutes away from montreal, and around 3 hours from quebec city.

    another thing that i’d like to share is about poutine! picard’s claim to fame is his version of poutine, which is with foie gras. another amazing version is chef chuck hughes’ poutine with lobster (he beat bobby flay with it on iron chef america). it would be really interesting to see a poutine a la marketman! however, it is the squeaky cheese curds that might be a wee bit of a problem.

    if ever you and your family will come here, you got my e-mail so just let me know sir :) i can definitely give you a list that would satisfy your standards, on second thought, that MIGHT satisfy your standards.

    one last thing, i know how much you appreciate a good public market, so check out the jean talon market



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