Christmas Eve, 2016

I got an early Christmas present this year. Mrs. MM had a boxed item that she asked me to open early, so “we could use it”… It was a beautiful silver-plated sprig of mistletoe from Penhaligon’s. We have hung it above the front door so that folks can have a reason to have a holiday kiss “under the mistletoe”. I did a slightly irreverent post on fresh mistletoe here, and you may want to read it o find out why some would translate it to literally “poop-on-a-stick”… :)

This stylized version is far more practical, the poisonous berries don’t fall off, it lasts for several years and it looks great.

A photo of this year’s Christmas tree, hours before the Crew Christmas Party and the presents under the tree were mostly distributed to he 45+ guests that evening. Marketman and family wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you are enjoying it with family, friends and loved ones!!


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