Welcome Home to Zubuchon!!! :)

Our Makati branch didn’t make the Christmas holidays by at least a month or two, so you’ll have to make do with an airfreighted lechon for now. If you live abroad or even just away from home, listen to our radio commercial below for a hit of Zubuchon… Happy Christmas to all! More posts on the way soon… Manila Crew Christmas Party this evening. :)

Original music composed and performed by Ms. Jewel Villaflores and her brother. Thanks Jewel!


8 Responses

  1. Good morning sir!
    May I know when will your yakal restaurant open? I live and work in the neighborhood!
    A classmate, who sometimes also wears a food blogger’s hat, has been pestering me to try Z. out!

  2. Mario, we are targeting end of February, dependent on all permits clearing in time, which is not a certainty… we hope to see you after we open, and thanks for asking!



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