Don’t Forget, No Reservations, Philippines!!!

Tonight is the night in North America. No Reservations Philippines episode is scheduled to air at 10pm eastern and 7pm on the west coast, Monday night, the 16th. I hope it does a nice job of showcasing Filipino food. With a large proportion of readers of based in North America, I am hoping some of you will get to see it. I have a couple of posts on it lined up in the hours ahead, including the full menu served, once the program has aired. Happy viewing! :) If you want more previews, visit the No Reservations/Travel channel website with crew photos, including this one of the lechon, and other crew photos, including more pig here and who is that cook?… :)


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  1. was looking at their website as well earlier and was meaning to tell you about the lechon photo with the best pig EVER caption :) hoping someone will post the episode in youtube soon!!!

  2. i am watching a marathon of NR since 9 am it is now 3pm we did not go anywhere today being President’s day and raining we are camping in front of the TV yeyy!!!

  3. edee, I just saw it myself. I am giddy. Seriously giddy. That makes the entire effort worth it. I don’t even need to see the program anymore… What am I typing??!? :)

  4. I think its 10PM for most of the continental US, so the east coast people will see it first (3 hrs before the west coast does)…i noticed a lot more blogs mentioning it within the last 3 days…i read that the travel channel has arranged with a company to create increased “buzz” on the No Reservations series with food bloggers.

  5. We’re ready to watch the launching of your showbiz career tonight MM :) Likewise, I’m very hopeful as well that this episode will help introduce Filipino food to the international viewers and push it to the limelight…I think it’s about time. Your time & effort is well appreciated. The lechons look amazing!

  6. yehey. No Reservations featuring MM and his lechons! it’s past 7 PM here and less than 3 hours to go.

  7. I hope somebody will post it to the youtube. I don’t know when it will be shown here, if ever… Can’t wait to see it! Hopefully it will draw attention and interest to the Philippine cuisine.

  8. Hello .. I am one of your daily lurkers! =) I am so totally excited for tonight’s episode. We are recording it for posterity’s sake but will watch the episode as it is telecast. Congratulations in advance and thank you for furthering our culinary reputation. It’s weird but I feel excited and nervous about the episode!!! Congratulations!

  9. I can’t wait! Two and a half more hours. :D

    I’ve been watching the No Reservations marathon, I find the episodes on Asia the most interesting.

  10. Hi MM! Looking forward to watching the episode. Going through the photos though, I can’t help but wonder if Tony wrote these himself, or if one of his staff did. In either case, I’m disappointed with the lack of (or altogether non-existent!) creativity in the captions, given that the photos themselves (especially the stuffing and roasting lechons) are just begging for witty remarks to accompany them!

    I’m sure your MM community here will be more than thrilled to put in the captions! =)

  11. 730pm east cst time…and counting. am watching back to back episodes of no reservations here in boston and just saw the teaser for the Philippines segment. did see the glistening , roasting pigs, MM and the crew.

  12. well, MM i got my e-reminder from travel website this pm telling me that tonite is ‘D’ nite. . . dvd recorder set up at 10pm (travel channel COMCAST 69 to replay at 2am)tennessee time i bought a pound of fresh chicharon from barbeque restaurant near my place & with garlic-flavored suka (Datung Puti brand) everything is set. btw, this bud’s for you, MM!

  13. MarketMan I saw you and the spices hihihihi!=)

    “Best Pig Ever”! that rocks!!!

    I sure wish I was the the tapsilogan he went to. People there didn’t give a hoot that Anthony Bourdain was there!!! I would have to slapped myself silly just to know if I am not dreaming if I was there.

    YouTube YouTube YouTube!!!

  14. Grayzo, I doubt Mr. Bourdain uploaded and added the captions for the photos… they did seem a bit uninspired… but I guess it’s all just a teaser towards the program itself… mikel, what are you doing in Boston, wasn’t cold enough in Paris?

  15. pulutan, wow, they must have good chicharon in tennessee! Alexena, apparently, they cut out the tapsilog segment… with all this hype, who knows, the lechon segment might be just a minute or less! :)

  16. it’s 9:00 PM here in the caribbean… 2 hours to go… 11:00PM pa kasi ipapalabas dito kasi one hour advance kami sa east coast… para sa mga nasa Eastern Caribbean it will be shown in Channel 22.

  17. MM, Tony’s blog is up on the travel channel website. No surprise where he rates your lechon…YOUR LECHON ! Heehee. :)

  18. flip4ever, OMG, OMG, OMG, I am hyperventilating. #1 Roasted Pig Ever. OMG. Link here for others who are wondering why I have used OMG more times in one sentence than I have ever done before. Yikes. :) I need a Diet Coke from 10 am to steady my nerves. Hahaha.

  19. hello what time will it be shown here in manila? and what channel? sorry if i missed reading the info or if it was already given before…thanks :-)

  20. crossed the atlantic to watch no reservatons in real time! ok, had business in boston too..great timing.

  21. Congratulations again MarketMan!! You rock! We’re all happy for you! What an achievement! wowowowowowowowowowwowoow

    No. 1 lechon (roast pig) in the world!! :)

    Best Pig…EVER!

    I am so buying a DVD of this season. :)

    Have a nice day everyone! :)

  22. Lee, the sisig Bourdain had was the ORIGINAL in Pampanga, not the marketman version, I didn’t make lechon sisig for them as they had already eaten it earlier in the trip, and dishes were somewhat coordinated to ensure tasting a maximum number in a limited timeframe… :)

  23. Congrats, MM!!

    I still don’t understand why Mr. Bourdain is still very nervous about the episode airing. But BEST PIG EVER! has to be the best testament to how much food is respected and loved on this blog!

    Congratulations to you, the family, and your crew!

  24. Congrats, MM! I’ve been refreshing this page nonstop. I hope we get to see the episode online somewhere. Am so proud of you for putting the Philippines on the map. Kudos!

  25. hehehe.

    bourdain missed the number 1 sisig in the heirarchy… i pity him.. but anyway he had the number 1 roast pork… he can’t get all the firsts all the time… :)

  26. Re-reading the blog for the umpteenth time! Hehehehe!!

    I still can’t help saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as I go along.

    I am happy and hopefull that noting the regional differences, this will prompt him to come back and explore the other things he has yet to try.

    Aside from the Heirarchy of Pig, this has got to be one of my favorite passages (Thank you, Mr. Bourdain!) …

    “And for viewers who weren’t previously familiar with the wide and tasty spectrum of flavors available over there, I hope the sight of me shoving a lot of very tasty stuff into my maw provides — if nothing else — inspiration to look further.”

    Mabuhay for Philippine Regional Cuisine!

  27. “It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best.”- ANTHONY BOURDAIN

    Bravo MarketMan! Bravo!!!=) You really deserve this for doing such a feat to dicover the best way to do the simple lechon.

    I would be having regular coke for this if I were you hahaha! You deserve it;)

    I’m glad he liked the original sisig from Pampanga.=) It really is the best I have ever tasted.

    I’m keeping positive no matter what! Your lechon will be the STAR of the episode!=)

  28. Lee that is v.funny! I guess it’s his first time to encounter sisig so he has nothing to compare it with yet. Not unless he already has a list of Best Beer Drinking Dishes… :)


  29. i guess some folks are already watching ” THE NR EPISODE ” this very moment. its kinda silent here, i kept on refreshing this page kase hehehe hmmn kaingit good for them huh?

  30. congratulations, mr. mm!!! naku, get ready, you’ll be bugged with requests/orders for your famous, best pig ever!

    sayang, won’t be able to watch it, no tv transmission, no cable this part of calamba, unless we get our own dream cable…

    so please, sa mga nagrerecord po, pakilagay naman po sa youtube… :)

    daghang salamat!

  31. OHHHH WOW! Numero Uno! Congratulations MM! I’m so happy for you! Super Well done! Nirvana on Earth!

    Unfortunately our cable here doesn’t include Travel Channel. Hopefully some kind soul will post it in YouTube soon!

  32. THAT WAS A GREAT SHOW!!! You did us proud. I cried the entire episode; it made me feel both nostalgic and proud. Great job. Thanks!!! And those were rockin pigs dude!!!!

  33. Congratulations! This is not my first time on your site–I’m, in fact a regular reader, but this is my first post. Besides the lechon, I am now craving for some seaweed salad and kinilaw.

  34. I.m also from Cebu, I really miss the lechon. I;m so proud that they show my city where I grow up in a show that I really love to watch.Is it possible to duplicate lechon Cebu, here in NJ? More power to you MM keep bogging.

  35. No Reservations? is this the one i see in Discovery Channel, with Anthony Bourdain? please correct me if i’m wrong…

    i’m sooooo loving your blog…



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