No Reservations Philippines, Now Showing…


The episode of No Reservations Philippines with Anthony Bourdain is showing in North America as I release this post. I suspect some new readers will find their way to this blog if they google some background information on the show. I don’t think Mr. Bourdain ever refers to me as Marketman or mentions the blog, so linking the lechons in Cebu with is not a foregone conclusion. At any rate, if you have landed on this site for the first time, a warm welcome from Marketman, Family & Crew!

On October 14, 2008, I hinted to readers that I was busy preparing for a special guest, here. I did not confirm or deny any of the reader guesses about the identity of the guest. I have several posts on the Lechon Chronicles (my personal quest for the perfect lechon here, here, here, here, here and here) in my archives, but the post that describes the puffed out version featured in the No Reservations program was christened the “Accuchon” for an accupunctured lechon, relevant post here. I did a post in late October that I was getting on a plane, ready to meet up with our guest(s) and crew in Cebu, post here. Post date is out of sync, but two days before the lechon lunch, I did a tour of Talisay and other lechon vendors all around Cebu, here. We also hit the markets the day before the shoot, here. On October 28, we played host to Mr. Bourdain, meeting him and his crew of 4 or 5 producers, cameramen/women, etc. at the dried fish market in downtown Cebu at 7 a.m. and continuing on to lunch and up until they left for the airport mid-afternoon. I was ecstatic when Tony signed an autograph in a book that he gave me, with the inscription “Best Pig Ever!”, brief post here. Of course he could have just been extremely polite, but I was high for hours… :) Finally, I did a post about the day spent with Mr. Bourdain, here, with lots of photos. Menu and other details kept unpublished so as not to pre-empt the show.

If you are new to the blog, please feel free to browse back into the archives that house some 2,000+ posts. I hope the No Reservations Philippines episode was a good one… I haven’t seen it myself. :)


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  1. Please please please kindhearted kababayans in the US kindly post the episode/s in youtube for us kababayans here in the Philippines.=)

    I’m going to search youtube in an hour or two.=)

    Best Pig Ever!!!

  2. hmmm..anthony didn’t look too excited over fish balls & pancit malabon. but the pakbet & crabs a la bicol better. now they’re in claudes tour.

  3. Thanks guys, this is too funny, live updates of the show. Practically blow by blow… ARRRGH, its excruciating sitting at my desk unable to see it. :)

  4. What’s this – a play-by-play account? Never seen the likes of it online outside of Manny Pacquiao’s bouts, hehe. Way to go, MM!

  5. I thought I would be missing the show at 10pm Pacific Time, but just checked and they are running the same episode at 11pm, too!! Great!! Thanks for the update!!!!

  6. For Direct TV (satellite) subscribers in the West Coast, its on now, and a repeat will air right after the first broadcast.
    For cable subscribers its still a 2-1/2 hour wait, 10 pm PST. This is the only time I wish I had satellite service instead of cable!!

  7. a STAR(PIG) is BORN..anthony in CeBU…meeting up with augusto the pinoy fan who compelled NR to finally go to the Philippines.

  8. alilay…thanks
    but in my area ch. 452 is not a part of Time warner’s HD channel lineup (bummer). Food Network, etc. can all be viewd in HD but not the Travel Channel.

  9. woohoo! they’re showing mm now with ab in a cebu market. way to go, mm! we’re so proud of you!

  10. the skin’s like candy daw..the spread looks great. still mexcitedly munching the skin..the greatest thing ever daw

  11. I can feel all the love! not to mention my sides are hurting from laughing while scrolling thru the comments!

    Thank you for coming through for those of us who can’t watch the episoe yet, mikelinparis and mardie c”,) and everyone else posting!

  12. MM, anthony almost practically called you the savior of augusto that can help him connect to his roots. wow!

  13. more details. the lechon was very photogenic. the buffet was colorful. MM featured quite a bit in the market tour and with the pig. anthony genuinely enjoying the skin. everyone’s sat down framed by the buffet behind..

  14. skyping with my sister, who put her webcam in front of the tv! so far, you’ve got the longest coverage, MM!

  15. MM, I’m watching you right now and it’s complete torture!!! Where to get Lechon at 10:54 pm in Connecticut?!?

  16. closeups of the food looks good enough to eat…happy to be alive eating on television like this says anthony..MM closeup explaining why filipino food not in the international mainstream.

  17. MM,

    your spot started around 10:47 with some commercials and went on till 10;58.. being declared as the best pig ever…. congrats.

  18. oh man…that was exhilarating…even if i was just imagining the whole episode. hahaha thanks guys for the live update


    X 4!!!

    Tony did the Philippines right! It was almost like hearing a Charice video.

    That Lechon brought tears to my eyes!!!

  20. thanks sa minute-by-minute updates everyone! naluluha ako sa saya, at super proud kay MM. “the best pig ever” – indeed! Congrats MM!

  21. nagutom naman ako after all the filipino foods on tv, esp the oh-so-yummy-tulo-laway lechon (even AB looked like he was salivating). the best ever…

  22. Tony took the Carbon Fish Market much better than I did. My wife still laughs at me sitting the the AC van holding my nose.

    That place smells like something is dead!

  23. Hi MM, great episode, I think Ivan had more camera time but generally a good visit by AB to the Phil. I wish he had gotten south to Mindanao. He might have enjoyed my mom’s small durian farm. I’m not sure why the visit with Augusto seemed a little to quiet,too tame. Was it the cameras ? I mean the guys who seemed the most merry were the guys drinking beer and having sisig. What happened to the masayang at maingay na mga pinoy ? Nevertheless a good show about our country. My puti wife and daughter got hungry from your feast and are now raiding the kitchen for leftover nilaga we had for dinner. Thanks again.

  24. Just finished watching the show! Our family were plastered on our couches in front of the TV, drooling. I cracked open a suha (or two) just so we could be munching on something. How ever sweet/juicy that suha was, we were still wishing it were lechon skin!

    I know it’s wishful thinking, but I really hope that you’d hold another lechon eyeball! Preferably sometime in July/August when I visit, hehe. :P

    Kudos, Marketman! Best. Pig. Ever.

    (I’ve long been a lurker, but have never left any comments. After watching that episode though, I felt compelled to write something.)

  25. It’s like I saw the show! Thanks guys for the fantastic blow-by-blow account (special mention to MIKELINPARIS for the commercial too…he..he..he…). Now I gotta see the visuals.


    OMG, the show was spectacular! I was happy, crying, proud, missing the Philippines, family and friends, and the food, all the the same time! But most of all, proud of our diverse food and the Filipino hospitality that’s innate in Filipino. You’re an amazing guide MM for showing AB how to have a good time! I am so glad that in Cebu, you’re there to host him.

    Speaking of MM, gee, I think I have a crush on you hehehe Mr pogi! lols I was smiling the minute they showed you in the frame in the marketplace. I told myself, finally the man behind the blog is revealed hehehe You guys sure had a good time! The food you served are awesome! I could eat them all, the ones with no meat anyway hehehe I miss gatherings like that, out in the open, in the backyard, eating with our hands, sharing stories and simply having a good time! After watching the show, I’m so missing the Philippines now it hurts :-( wahhhh

    Amazing show!

  27. Congratulations. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode and you did a phenomenal job with the lechon and providing perspective on Filipino cuisine. And you were “too nice!” I can relate – LOL.


  28. maraming maraming salamat po for annotating the visuals – at least we’re having creative exercise here imagining how the pig looks, smells and tatstes. mukhang maganda ang pagkapresent ni AB sa pagkaing pinoy. mabuhay po kayo, at sampu ng inyong kapamilya (at kapuso na rin :)

  29. Wow, kudos to you MM for giving Tony Bourdain a taste of “the best pig ever”! You should’ve accompanied him in his Manila visit.

  30. i’m a long time lurker and first time poster :-) kamusta po kayo Mr. Marketmanila? i’ve been away for more than a decade since my family decided to migrate to New York City and been looking forward for this show of Mr. Bourdain. i was born and raised in horseshoe village near new manila and greenhills. few weeks ago, i went to a travel and food show in javits center (new york city) and had the opportunity to meet the owner and chef of cendrillon in soho and sad to say they are closing and moving to brooklyn:( it’s the only upscale and decent filipino restaurant here in new york city.

    i’m watching the show as i’m writing this comment and i have to say that i’m a bit disappointed. how can they choose a guy to represent the phils. episode when he’ve only been there once. i was so uncomfortable watching it and can just imagine what he was feeling especially he can’t even speak the language. i was more expecting that they will show the upscale part of the phils., like makati, alabang baguio palawan especially boracay. what happened? instead they showed chinatown? quiapo?

    matagal na po akong wala dyan but i vividly remember that there were numerous upscale restaurants in quezon city, greenhills and makati who does the same kind of cooking …. you buy the goods and pay the chef sep. for cooking. the chef does the cook thru a see through glass.

    anyhoo, i visit this website everyday. marami pong salamat mr. marketmanila at betty q sa lahat po ng inyong recipe.

  31. Hi MM!

    You and the other Filipino hosts did a great job showing AB around! Lots of regional cuisine, and stayed away from most Filipino food cliches. It was a great showcase, and only wish he could have also gone to Bicol and Mindanao. Interesting that he highlighted great regional foods rather than high Manila cuisine, which I hope will really help in the move to greater appreciation of our good local foods when executed well with fresh ingredients! I now live in New York, but can’t wait to get back home for a culinary tour!

  32. Ang Galing Galing !!! You are a ROCKSTAR!! Kudos to Claude Tayag Galing Talaga we are so proud !!! Mabuhay Ka!!

  33. oh, I agree with MM’s take on why the Philippine cuisine doesn’t have that much world presence like any other cuisine in Asia… MM said, “…because the Filipinos adapt to the new culture faster than the other Asians…” (sorry if this is not verbatim… hehehe) but I agree with this. In addition to too much diversity of recipes due to the number of islands where ingredients vary as well.

    And may I give a standing ovation to the lechonman that MM hired. He did an amazing job on the lechon. The skin is cooked to a beautiful caramel color and you can hear the crunch as MM sliced through the skin. Looked nothing like I had before, back when I still ate meat. But then, most I had were ordered from the store hehehe The lechon was beautiful and looked scrumptious!

    I am so high from watching the show!

  34. Mr. MM, You, Mr./s Ivan Dy, Claude Tayag and Augusto were the primary personas of the whole show. AB truly showed his soft side, not the snarky side; maybe the ‘goodness’, ‘niceness’ of the Filipinos rubbed off on him – one of his theories, which parallel yours, why Filipino food is not so well promulgated outside the Phils. As you said, we ‘adapt’ to the culture of others first before our own. The food you served was truly excellent, your setting was idyllic. I also appreciated the segment at Mr. Tayag’s home. Wished they showed what they filmed in your home, along with other food lovers’ homes. Robyn of Eating Asia expressed it for me, that the best Filipino food can be found in the homes (vs. street food). I also give credit to the restaurants/restauranteurs in our country. Congratulations for being part of AB’s showcase of the Phils.

  35. …and as Maria Clara would say: SALUDO GENERAL kami sa inyo, MM !!!! But now, I am more homesick than ever. Even my boys were asking me when do they get to go? Would all the lechons be like that?…It is now one of my “must have food” before I crroak!!!…THE MM LECHON!!!!!!!!!!

  36. got goosebumps while reading the blow-by-blow account!! thanks guys for the update.

    Congratulations Mr.MM!!!

  37. its me again hehehe.. I don’t mean to barrage your site with comments… lols

    I Tivo’d the episode and I can convert the recording to a format that I can upload to youtube. Problem is, youtube says they don’t accept TV recording for uploads. Anybody who can refute this? If there is a way around this, let me know so I can share the show.

  38. OMG! MM you did us proud! I was so excited to see you and your segment with Tony.

    On my next visit home I think I’m going to do a No Reservations: Philippines food tour and eat everything he had on the show, just a thought. =)

    I’m going to bed hungry and homesick but so proud! Great job MM!

  39. mabuti na lang i have eaten lunch before i opened this post. but then, ginutom na uli ako from reading the blow-by-blow, or should it be minute-by-minute account of NR-Philippines by mikelinparis.

    congratulations MM, family and crew! congratulations too Claude!

  40. nice show…your explanation about how filipino food among all the asian cuisine is a ‘blank page’ is right on target…and yes, we adapt easily…and AB mentioned your name once. I had to rewind it to find out who you really were…but dili maklaro unless you rewind it like i did, kay in passing lang man…and yes, I agree with what AB said that the filipinos are “too damned nice!”

  41. Thank you to all the readers who gave play by play details of the show! Until I find it online somewhere, seeing it through your comments was really special! :)

  42. banang, I had to rewind the portion where AB mentioned MM’s name twice hehehe and I was actually reciting it hehehe I got it on the second rewind lols

  43. I could almost imagine how crunchy the lechon was. OMG, I miss the Philippine food so much. Great show and seeing MM on it! Yes, Filipinos are indeed too damn nice! Proud to be a Filipino.

  44. Finally Phillipines!
    Best “No Res” ever. Interesting take on identity crisis.
    Nice work – really tied up the show at the end! My first time to this site unless I inadvertently happened across it when looking for a recipe for Sinagang or something.
    Since its my first time to the site, i should really poke around some more but i see others have the same idea…what are you fav Filipino places in NYC? I know its not your base anymore but thought I’d just throw it out there…
    Congrats on your appearance with Tony.

  45. I can’t wait to download the episode on itunes! Buti na lang may play by play dito haha. Congrats MM and crew!

  46. MarketManila congrats! I watched it together with my two kids and husband. I have it recorded and will find time to convert it for web.

    In the meantime, my son recorded (your portion only) it as it’s being shown on TV using a small camera while pointing it towards the TV…

    I uploaded it here:

    (It’s still being processed as of this posting)

  47. oh my goodness, im sooo excited to watch it!! this has to be one of the most entertaining post :)

  48. Understandable it features “exotic” fares like papaitan, goat served four ways, etc. to lend color and draw viewer’s interest. These may be traditional fares in certain regions but not necessarily standard dishes in a typical Filipino home. Coming right after the episode featuring Spain where new breed of chefs like Adria, etc. is revolutionizing modern cuisine, the Philippine show should have been balanced by featuring at least one or two Filipino chefs whose skills and imagination demonstrate that we are at par with the rest of the world. For tight telecast time, you should have been given a little more time to explain how you experimented in coming up with a new twist on the traditional lechon.

  49. I like NR Philippines! As we all know, AB always goes off the beaten path, never to already known touristy locations. As much as possible, he’s constantly discovering something new & never seen before. This is what I love about his show. It’s great that they focused on the food. I enjoyed watching all the segments, from Binondo with Ivan to Pampanga with Claude Tayag at Bale Datung to Cebu with you & Augusto. You had several good close-ups MM & you made the finale! Congratulations! That was Filipino hospitality at it’s best!

  50. Well, Marketman…you’ve got a second career option soon if you want it…and maybe the Cebu City officials may just present you with a plaque of appreciation for what you did!


    Hope to be able to see that episode. Lots of friends recorded it. I’m hoping to get a copy.

  51. I had lots of fun just by reading the blow by blow account of what was happening on U.S. TV. Thanks guys! Although this episode won’t be showing soon in Australia, my friend will send me a DVD of this very special Pinoy episode which I hope will be ASAP. I can’t wait!

    Congratulations MM and crew! You’ve done us proud!

  52. I think i also saw Mrs. MM and the kid. Was Mrs MM wearing black shirt also and the teen wearing the red shirt?

  53. Reading the comments, the AB blog, the NR facebook page, it’s like watching a show by third party, thanks to you guys in the US for commenting, blow by blow, commercials and comments about what AB was making gigil over.
    It will be beyond thrilling to see people we know like Ivan and Mr. Tayag, and MM himself (plus Mrs. MM and the Teen and the Crew) online and hopefully on tv very soon. Screen Actors Guild credits!

  54. amazing blow by blow account! this just made me wake up like strong coffee…

    salamat gid mikel, mardie c. kag sa tanan!

  55. Just finished watching on the west coast, great episode even with my heightened expectations. All the others have said already what I wanted to say so I’ll just say thank you MM and all the other Filipino hosts for providing the No Reservations crew with the material to make this episode an excellent and memorable one for me.

  56. Man, was I lucky or what? Was able to catch the 1:00 am airing. I recorded it but couldn’t wait. I could’ve just skipped the commercials. But it was worth it. MM, thanks for everything that you do. I’m a big fan. It’s 2:14 am, I’m off to La la land.

  57. i hope my sister in dallas sends me a copy quick. we’re getting hungry here in the office. oh well, i’m going to cebu on friday anyway :D best pigs ever here we come. 5000 plus of us. haha!

  58. Great job, MM! The lechon and buffet spread looked fantastic! You, Ivan, and Claude all did magnificently in representing Filipino food and hospitality. I haven’t been home in 4 years (and have never been to Cebu) and this show has me contemplating a trip to Cebu soon.

  59. Mik, thanks for the info. am downloading it right now as well. i have the episode on dvd and now also on the ipod. just shows how big of an AB & MM fan i am :-)

  60. just saw it on youtube! It’s a mean-looking lechon MM. naglalaway ako sa lechon, hehhehe. Congrats again!

  61. Hi, MM. I didn’t read through the comments, so I’m not sure if anyone brought this to your attention – but just in case no one still has, check out Mr. Bourdain’s blog entry:

    “And speaking of pig? It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best. This puts the standings in the Hierarchy of Pork as follows:

    #1. Philippines

    #2. Bali

    #3. Puerto Rico”


    Congrats to you and your crew, MM! (I’m downloading portions of the show on youtube as I type.)

  62. Amazing show! love the lechon! you can download the episode through itunes. Congratulations to you Marketman and crew

  63. aaaaa!! enjoying aall the comments and the youtube links! i told my facebook friends to watch and they all enjoyed it!

    mikelinparis, you should be a sports commentator–that blow-by-blow report is great!!

  64. Hahahaha….that was a great blow by blow account hahahaha…no wonder my daughter who is in hongkong was laughing as she was reading the blow by blow of mike and alilay etc etc. It’s as if we were there but am dying to see the show. As bettyq says,SALUDO GENERAL!!!!!! Congratulations MM,MrsMM and teen. Like they say hahaha…I belong to your fans club. Idol ka namin. Hope to see the show soon!!

  65. MM. Great show! I really liked your answer on why Filipino food has never taken off abroad…The issue really bugged Anthony, I’ve often wondered as well.

  66. ‘nough said about the food; i love the setting when everybody was sitting enjoying the feast. Looks like Tuscany or Provenance to me, didn’t know there is such place like that in ‘Pinas. Bravo MM!

  67. thanks for the blow by blow account and youtube uploads =)
    nanibago ako when jeff (a commenter) called MM by his first name haha!

  68. MM – nice, nice work….I wrote to you more than a year ago to ask about beef for the horseradish roast that I wanted to prepare for my folks….I’m glad you wowed Tony with the tanglad stuffed litson. You did everyone proud!

  69. Great site you have here! would have been the way to go for the play by play of last night’s No Reservations episode. If you guys ever want realtime updates on a show on US television, let me know and I might be able to get you hooked up via Twitter. ( If you haven’t heard of Twitter yet, now’s the time to get on the bandwagon. Better than Facebook, better than traditional IM’s, it’s how people are connecting now.

  70. I saw the long-awaited episode last night! What a spread, all the food looked fresh, absolutely delicious and mouth-watering, and the colors and presentation of the food was awesome. And that crackling skin – na-iimagine ko na how crunchy it was! For me, the episode just all about the lechon though, it was also a display of Filipino hospitality and pride in our cuisine.

  71. It was great seeing A. Bourdain show The Philippines but as he himself observed, most of the people seemed subdued. There was enthusiasm lacking as compared to his other shows. The closest he got to showing excitement with the food was in Angeles. Hey, we Pinoys are supposed to be a party loving people. What happened?

  72. Great job MM. You represented us very well. Does anybody know who his guide was in Manila. There was no mention or I may have missed it.

  73. I watched and enjoyed the whole episode. With Bourdain enjoying your lechon from bone to skin and the meat in between, I am now vesting you the Philippines Lechon Ambassador of Goodwill. Alberto Romulo will agree on this. This is very a good international exposure vehicle for you and will look great on your curriculum vitae. Congratulations on a job well done!

  74. Jaime says:
    Great show MM. The lechons look wonderful.
    Did you use your real name with AB or was that a pseudonym?

    Jules, I think that was Dampa at Farmer’s Market in Cubao.

  75. We are so proud of you, MM and to all those who played host to Tony!!! Indeed Great things happen to good people. Looking forward to the actual showing here in our local delayed cable channels :) but then again, thank God for Youtube uploads!!!

  76. BTW – where was the venue in Cebu? That Lechon pit was incredible! Sana Tony talked to the mag-lilitson – he did give him kudos for the even cooking!

  77. Mabuhay!!!! I’m sure the lechon business in the state will go up. the only thing is that only a fe are passionate about their lechon quality. hope those who are in lechon business will watch AB and read MM blog so that they will be inspired to make the best pig ever.

  78. Hope to see the full version uploaded somewhere in the net…please!

    Congratulations MM and crew!!!!

  79. Hay naku Darlene, that’s the problem with Pinoy, you feel shame when that part of the philippines is being shown. Yes we want to show the best of the Philippines but the NO Reservation Show wants the typical food ,wet market that locals enjoy. Just consider what percent of the population really get to go to those places you mentioned. Yes I want to show sterile places but I think places like the market is the real thing.MM’s showed it so well that Filipinos are world class !! Having Toni in the Philippines says it all

  80. To MM, Claude, Ivan and the rest who made it all possible…
    you made us proud to be Pinoy. And to the “Star” of the show:
    “Mabuhay ang Baboy” ay, hindi na pala pwede, Lechon na sya. Cheers!

  81. Mr. MM,

    Thank you for being a good host to Mr. Bourdain. You did a marvelous job in showing him our food culture. Me and my relatives here from Los Angeles to San Francisco enjoyed that show last night. My ten year old son was hungry after watching the show and that was after we ate dinner. Napakalaking parangal para sa ating mga pinoy. Thanks again MM. We are proud of you!!!


  82. Well done MM! Great Amazing job! I’m so proud, I have tears while watching it. Thanks everyone for the updates and immediate posting in YouTube. Wonderful guys!

  83. If not for Augusto there might be no Philippine episode. I don’t know Augusto and I am not related to him but I would like to congratulate him and buy him a hundred beers for sending his video pitching the Philippines as the next destination for No Reservations. I think he was among the finalists with Saudi Arabia (which was already aired)and 3 other places.
    I have no problem seeing “upscale” places featured in No Reservations but I feel that the soul of a country cannot be fully experienced in an exclusive and sanitized enclave where ambiance and the fleeting sense of luxury commands a big chunk of the price paid for a meal, a service or a view. I am a commuting, salary-stretching, pedestrian masang Pilipino and I feel that featuring the markets, the streets and the “common” food of our country will surely make my heart flutter and draw a few tiny beads of tears from my eyes.

    Again, I have nothing against things “upscale,” I step on the weighing scale and it says UPSCALE! UPSCALE!

  84. Congratulations MM!You deserve a pat in the back!I’ve only seen your part at the You tube upload and I think you very well imparted the essence of Filipino food despite the very short time allotted.I like your explanation of why Filipino food is not recognized worlwide.I agree with you we adapt too easily and AB couldn’t have expressed it better”we’re really just too damned nice people”:)Mabuhay ka MM!I hope AB will do a part 2 soon!

  85. Ang Husay! Galing galing. You make us all proud MM! I do hope he comes back for another round with you.

  86. Congrats MM — I have only seen the first 10 minutes or less, but I have it on my DVR and will watch it this weekend – hmmm what is the deal people??? When I go to a new town I go to the market, China Town if they have one and try to eat were locals eat… AB is of the people, very down to earth, he wants to experience the culture, I havent been home since I left in 1985, I have my wife and boys and the last thing they wanna see is a cookie cutter snobbish restaurant – my 15 year old has already said he wants to see all – not the touristy areas…

  87. MM,

    I watched it twice that day. It was great and so proud what the Philippines had to offer. I am glad everything turned out great. My kids loved the whole show. Kudos to everybody especially to you & Augusto (the catalyst).


  88. Geat show and you were a terrific host. My only complaint was that talangka was not featured in the Pampanga segment. Is this dish truly uniquely Filipino or is it served elsewhere in Asia? If it is uniquely ours, then we should make more of an effort to promote it to the world, maybe as crab caviar. Bourdain is right that we have to make more of an effort to market our dishes to make it more appealing.

  89. I am currently pulling down a proper avi copy of the whole Philippine episode on Usenet…..will post a link on Megaupload or Rapidshare once it’s posted…..

  90. Awesome! MM! Am so proud of you and Augusto! I couldn’t stop smiling — of course, while wiping the drool of my face as well! What a spectacular view — I noticed at one point they showed you sitting down and the cool breeze swaying the trees in the background! I only wish I could visit and taste the good food one of these days!

  91. MM – For those who want to download a copy of the episode (clear avi copy, commercial free) I seeded it at zSHARE…..

    I did’nt have the time recode and bleep out some parts, (including the unfortunate outing of your full name) – enjoy!

    I enjoyed the episode, and hoping one day I can visit your Cebu lechonan-cum Batcave…..


  92. i really liked the episode. was surprised to find it online, i immediately downloaded it. i’m recommending this to the foreign director we’re working with. it’s his first time in the philippines and coincidentally, he’s asking the same questions about Filipino identity and what Filipino cuisine is. And you know what, we’re finding it hard to answer those questions as well. i felt so proud after anthony said, “best pig ever!” woohoo!

  93. No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain in the Philippines was a good episode, but Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer was alot better. Andrew covered more ground in the Philippines then Anthony did.

  94. I finally got to watch it! I haven’t been back since I was eighteen, looking at all that food actually made me quite hungry! It was homey, which was lovely to say the least. I love it when AB says, something along the lines of-at XXX (can’t remember the place) you’ll pay $15 for fern salad!” And it is so true that we just grow things in our backyard…Zimmern goes for the gross factor of foods, not because they’re traditional fare. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, though they might be both fruits…A warm welcome, a good introduction and an appreciative ending. What more can you ask for, other than more please?

  95. Special shout out to you daw from tony in his new blog..

    ” Lastly, I want to thank Augusto Elefano for getting my sorry ass to finally make the trip to the Philippines. I would not have done it without his final push. He and his family were lovely to me and my crew — and the fact that they were a bit shy with cameras jammed in their faces — if anything — speaks well of them. I’d rather a shy, thoughtful guy, telling me something real about himself than an “expert” professional anytime. Thanks as well, to Claude, Ivan and special shout out to MarketMan — whose preparations for the Cebu lechon extravaganza made the filming of Apocalypse Now look quick and easy.”

    nice huh :)

  96. In an indirect way, you are in this week’s issue of TIME – the best in asia – Best Pig ever – the Philippines. And of course it was through Anthony Bourdain’s show that this title was bestowed on the lechon. Congratulations!

  97. ilove filipino food left the p i @1yr old never knew my homeland Thanks so much



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