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Perhaps as many as 60-70% of all Filipino students today never manage to finish and graduate from high school. The data is a bit sketchy and less than reliable, but I suspect the range is pretty accurate. I am not sure what percentage then go onto finish a four year college program, but I suspect that despite a national history of encouraging and aspiring to higher education, perhaps as few as 10-15% (or less) of first graders today will ever finish college. It is a horrible set of statistics. And let’s not even get into the quality (or lack of it) of education most of them receive even if they manage to make it to college… Add to that the fact that several studies seem to suggest that what you learn between the age of 0-8 years of age is utterly essential, and the horrible statistic that some 30-40+% of children at that age in public schools are malnourished/undernourished, and you see why every single little meal counts. Education is a BIG DEAL in the marketmanila household, and so you see, the public school feeding program is very important to me, Mrs. MM, The Teen, our team, and now for many of you at least, the readers of this blog… So if you signed up to help on this post, and you want to drop off your payment and get an ornament or two as our gift for your generosity in return, please note the following pick-up dates and locations:

Saturday, December 6, 2008
8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Salcedo Village, Makati

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
SM Megamall
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Basement level, near underpass

Friday, December 12, 2008
10 a.m. – 12 noon
Fort Bonifacio

Saturday, December 13, 2008
8 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Salcedo Village, Makati

Monday, 8 December to Friday 12 December, 2008
SUKI Store of Artisan Chocolatier
Just Beyond Marco Polo Hotel
Lahug, Cebu City
(Limited to 40 pieces unless pre-ordered)


Here are the mechanics again. For a minimum PHP500 donation to the marketmanila.com sponsored feeding programs in Manila and Cebu, Marketman & Family will happily give you one glass Christmas ornament and one of these cards with a photo of a beneficiary and a little note on the back. I have ordered 400 ornaments which is double the amount of ornaments reserved so far. They will be available at the above mentioned pick-up points on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are the only scheduled pick-up dates, and because of other commitments, there are NOT likely to be additional pick-up dates. So please, schedule this into your calendars, and if you want more ornaments kindly leave a comment here so that I can better gauge the demand… Many thanks again for participating in this effort to provide meals for undernourished students in our public schools! If you would simply like to transfer funds from your nearest BDO branch, or apparently through “XOOM” from practically anywhere on the planet, please read this post, here.


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  1. This is a herculean task of putting together this program – from raising funds to budgeting and overseeing the program to ensure the funding will go smoothly. It involves a lot of energy, resources and focused mind to accomplish the goal. I wish a big success on your feeding program – surely is a great help to these kids who are the future our beloved Country!

  2. thanks MM! I was hoping we could get some here in cebu. MM, i’ll get one, and am spreading the word around so i hope to be able to get more donations. Artisan, this is a perfect time to visit your store!

  3. Please reserve two for me (P1,000.00)preferably the clear crystal type. I will try to make deposit today to SA# 609-008282-0. For pick up on Dec 9 at Heel/Sew Quik store Megamall. Keep up the good work MM.

  4. deska, DO NOT deposit if you are picking up ornaments. Just bring cash, otherwise, it will be a nightmare administratively to keep track of these individual arrangements, many thanks! xkwzt, I will post more detailed description of my location and table once that is finalized, thanks! Thanks, everyone!

  5. Yay, I’m so happy, the pick up dates are when I’m back home! Hmm might up my donations then!

  6. But hmm… sana the cards has your website, MM. So that incase the recipients wanna take part of this in the future, they can surf the details on your site :)

  7. sometime lurker, I didn’t put marketmanila.com on the cards, I didn’t want any semblance of self-promotion for the site, even if this is a non-profit, charitable effort. You may want to just write it in with your note to the recipient so they can see who the beneficiaries are…. :) Thanks!

  8. MM, i’ve actually noticed the poll you used to have on the sidebar asking about the percentage of children who actually make it to college. i worked for DepEd for a while under the Adopt A School Program, and 30-40% is, i feel, already quite a generous estimate.

    i hope you’re working directly with the schools. it’s easier that way (less red tape!) and the administrators will be personally responsible for making sure your donations really benefit those who need it most.

    i laud you and everyone actively involved. good luck!

  9. Will be coercing my sister (fort or makati area) or my brother (megamall area) to do this for me. If I’m not successful with that will just ask them to deposit the money in the BDO account. Thanks for keeping this up MM!

  10. For those who are still not sure how to give their donation I would recommend xoom.com httpss://www.xoom.com/sendmoneynow/home?receiveCountryCode=PH

    I have made a transaction and received confirmation from MM in less than 24 hrs., that the money has been received by the bank. If you are not comfortable giving your checking acct.# for a direct transfer you can use credit card or use Paypal to pay.

    In every credit card you can request a virtual acct number which is a single use credit card number linked to your acct. You can download a virtual acct number generator by going to your card’s website. This small application will fill up forms for you and give you a single use number whenever you shop online (or pay for xoom) so that it is safer than giving your actual credit card number.

  11. Ooh ok, got that, MM. But can I request, if it’s not much of a bother? Um…A separate ‘category’ for all the feeding program posts so that I can write just one link in the cards! Easier to promote to my ‘recipients.’ I felt like I had to air quote that one since we know who the real recipients would be! :) So exciting!

  12. I will get my ornaments at the Salcedo market on the 6th. Am not sure yet of the exact number but I think i will take at least 4 pieces.

  13. sometime lurker, thank you for that brilliant suggestion, new category is in, with Christmas 2008 holiday efforts included… I will eventually tag all old posts with a charitable bent into this category… Thanks!

  14. MM, my xoom transaction finally cleared. Here’s the details.

    Transaction Details

    Xoom Tracking Number: X-03492-73105-785
    Transaction Date: 2008-11-20 18:50 PST
    Amount Received: 1,222.36 PHP
    Exchange Rate: $1 US = 48.8945 PHP
    Amount Sent: $25.00 US
    Service Fee: $3.50 US
    Total Cost: $28.50 US

    Recipient Details

    Name: Belen Desquitado
    Address 1: Cebu Gorordo Branch
    City: Cebu
    State: Cebu
    Country: The Philippines
    Phone Number:

    Will probably do another transaction after xmas, as my budget permits.

  15. Will see where I will be on the pick up dates and will let you know. One red ornament for me, please! Wish I had more to share….

  16. Yay! My eyes popped seeing the new category, not having read your reply yet! You are the coolest! :p

  17. Hi MM,

    I’ll transfer the money this weekend but I will not collect the ornaments. Please give it to the kids instead to lighten up their christmas. Thanks for having this kind of program.

  18. Eight for me please, pick up on the 13th at the Salcedo Market, Thanks for all your efforts for this feeding program.

  19. GJN, I prefer not to accept checks, but if it has to be in check form, you can write it out to Belen Desquitado, the principal of the school in Cebu that we are helping.

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