Flowers for Mother’s Day


Here are some not so difficult “do-it -yourself” Mother’s Day flowers that won’t break the bank. Up top some potted amaryllis (in this case happily planted in terra cotta pots) purchased for some PHP110-120 per pot at garden centers, plant shows or weekend markets. Just add some dampened moss to the base, replace the tacky straw with more natural raffia and present one or three or more pots. Total cost PHP150 and up.


Besides pink, the amaryllis come in bright red, white and other color combinations. They should last a week or so from opening and can be replanted in the garden. I like the terra cotta pots because they are heavier, steadier and more natural.


Hydrangeas or milflores, in abundance at weekend markets these days, if you buy in bulk, you might get lucky and get them for PHP80-100 per plant, sometimes with two blooms. Just cut them and put them in lots of water. Colors range from light blue to purple, pinks, magentas, greens, etc. Three large blooms in a simple glass vase is stunning. Total cost PHP250+ and up.


Use single blooms in several vases for an easy dinner table centerpiece.


Snapdragons now grown locally by King Louis Farms, roughly PHP180 for a bunch of 6 or so. Very delicate and soft looking, but surprisingly hardy in our warm weather.


A dozen blooms in a tall vase at PHP300+ and up.


Want to splurge a bit, then give a Marketman favorite, a pot of blooming phalaenopsis or butterfly orchids. If you buy at the weekend markets, expect to pay PHP500-600 for a nice plant with a large bloom. I sometimes score a double stemmed bloom for PHP700-750. Jazzed up a bit at the fancy florists, this can command as much as PHP2,000 on weekends such as this one.


Or if you are lucky like we are at the moment, your garden could be awash in huge blooms from orchids planted over the years after they were enjoyed indoors. If you figure that one pot of butterfly orchids at PHP600 with some care, will bloom another 10 times as many of ours have, then the average cost per bloom is just PHP60+!


If bringing them to your mom, cut several stems and place in a nice small crystal vase. Very Mother’s Day…


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  1. MM, so glad that you have been posting floral arrangements. Did you get your amarylis from Manila Seedling Bank?

  2. Thanks for the post, MM. I’ve requested hubby to get me these instead of the usual bouquet. It’s time to plant my own flowers. :-)

  3. sheryl, yes, they are occasionally available at their Manila Seedling Bank outlet, or at retail prices at their Market!Market! outlet in Fort Bonifacio. Thanks for the link, the lavender phalaenopsis are beautiful.

  4. Look at the white phalaenopsis!! So elegant and graceful. My 6-year old and 8-year old asked for $5.00 each this morning as today is the last day to buy mother’s day gift from after school care. They promise to bring something special for me today, can’t wait to go home.

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MRS MM and to ALL Mothers in this community, Market Manila community.

  5. wow! the snapdragons and the butterfly orchids look gorgeous. this is such a good mother’s day gift idea. for moms who love to cook, maybe a row of potted herbs (basil, rosemary and thyme) on a wooden crate?

  6. i love snapdragons but mine seemed to thrive better during spring season. right now with the temp hanging in the 100 degrees the buds are drying up and wilting. happy mother’s day to mrs mm and all the mothers in the community.

  7. Lovely arrangements and a perfect reminder (to laggards like me) that Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

  8. warm greetings go to Mrs. MM and all the moms following this fab site!!!!!!!! lovely flowers!

  9. happy mommy day to all gorgeous mommies out there …

    and to those who can’t send such lovely flowers to the moms you know, you might wanna send a real cool video … check out this link and i’m sure they’ll luv it !

    have a nice weekend everyone !!!

  10. Thanks for the flower suggestions! Beautiful!!
    To all MOMS—Happy Mother’s Day!!
    To all whose Moms are still living–say you love them. Take care of them. What you are today is a lot because of them. Someday (as mine has) they will pass away…we can only miss them..and pray for them…and pass their love forward to our children. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MRS MM!!!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Wonderful Mother among us and for those honoring their Own Mother on this day – have a fabulous day! Thank you.

  12. MM, this is off topic but I must post this comment. I am now in Xiamen and your Marketmanila blog isn’t blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Most other blogs are blocked. The kitchen god must be on your side!

  13. Is that a kamagong table underneath the hydrangeas on vases in the 2nd pic?

  14. Tricia, yes, the fourth picture over all is shot on a kamagong table, that, actually, we designed and had custom-made. :) moni, actually, i have a surprising number of hits originating in China, and even a few from Mongolia!

  15. How can they sell Amaryllis so cheaply when the bulbs from Holland are $6. each at wholesale or $5. each from South Africa? The ones you have pictured are spectacular.

  16. Hi MM, I just came from Manila Seedling Bank and scored some orchids for only PHP400.00!

  17. happy mothers day to all…

    MM,thanks for giving those ideas…scored one pot of butterfly orchids $15 for my mom today!

  18. if u will drive by along silang, cavite (drive straight ahead from the mcdonald’s along the rotunda) and along the tagaytay -sta rosa route, you might be able to spot small orchid stores selling butterfly orchids for 250 each.



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