Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Saturday 8:30 pm

This Saturday, May 9, 2009, sometime around 8:30 pm (it’s a bit erratic, could be later) GMA 7, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” will do a feature on Philippine lechon, a reaction to the Time article published last week. The feature will include lechons from La Loma, Balayan, and of course, Cebu. :) We shot a segment yesterday in Cebu, and despite the very nice GMA film crew of three who flew in from Manila for the day, I was as uncomfortable as ever in front of the cameras. And they requested that I try and speak predominantly in Filipino and I can tell you I screwed that up big time. My parents were both Visayan, we never spoke Tagalog, now Filipino, in our household, and I left local schools from Middle School onwards. If there was one subject at school I was always at risk of failure, it was Filipino. And as an adult I deeply regret not ever attaining fluency in our national language. I know a few people who speak Filipino fluently and it is a joy to hear them express their thoughts with such clarity and style. Unfortunately, I think in English and I am pretty sure my answers on the program (unless completely edited out) will make some or many of you laugh, in a nice silly kind of way.

So there. I said it first, don’t give me any further grief about “Kasi, kailangan malutong yung skin, ay balat, you know?” Hahaha. For folks with access to this program, either in the Philippines or North America when it shows on cable channels there, you are in for a full description of how to make a Marketman lechon from start to finish. We gave away all the secrets, for everyone to enjoy and develop their own wonderful lechons. And the particular lechon we made yesterday was possibly even better than the one we did for Mr. Bourdain. It was crisp as can be on nearly every visible surface of skin. We also made a lechon sisig and a lechon sinigang. So mark your calendars, and if you are sick of lechon by now, watch it instead for the amusement factor of my trying to formulate answers in Filipino with obvious difficulty… Again, thanks to our terrific crew in Cebu who did all of the work behind this episode… we have an internal bet to see which crew member gets a starring role when asked to taste and comment on the lechon!

P.S. My problem with languages may not be limited to Filipino. I have also taken several years of Spanish, French, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesian and I can only barely communicate verbally in Indonesian, and maybe now, not even that.

P.P.S. And a final word on wardrobe and profuse sweating. I was sweating partially due to nerves in front of a camera, which was literally stuck 4-5 inches from my nose. Besides wondering if my nose hairs would be plainly visible to the viewing public, I also happened to be cooking right beside the actual lechon pit. The sisig and sinigang were not only over the very hot coals, but the lechon was right next to it. I suspect the temperature ranged from 400F++ and it was very, very hot! One of the cameramen was so dedicated, he stood for some 45-60 minutes right beside the lechon pit and let’s just say he looked like he was “cooked” after the experience. :)

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98 Responses

  1. Hi MM, sorry, but I have to correct you – the term “Pilipino” with the capital P is now non-existent. We now use “Filipino” with an F, since the Filipino alphabet had been overhauled to incorporate other letters, including the letter f, about two decades or so ago. It also makes it inclusive, since the term Pilipino before was thought to be just a repackaged “Tagalog.”

    But of course will be watching the Soho episode, if only to be amused. ;-) But I’ll be taking notes. I’ll never know, maybe we’ll have lechon on my son’s 7th birthday.

  2. Kai, told you I wasn’t fluent. :) Have revised the post, many thanks for that. It is an embarrassment on my part. I must reiterate that.

  3. We are so there glued on the tube. Congrats in advance, but I sure hope they don’t edit you out so much, you know?

  4. don’t be embarrassed dude! I struggle with Tagalog too – my family is from Pampanga (I am fluent in Kapampangan – read and write) but its the Tagalog that I struggle with – like you I think in English and I end up butchering Tagalog — Taglish is an overstatement — I hope somebody uploads the show on YouTube – so I can catch the segment. way to go Pig Dude!

  5. Congratulations, MM and Crew!

    Will mark the calendar and prep the sofa!

    Language difficulty aside, I am sure the lechon you presented was more than eloquent to convey all you may have wanted to say, given the limits of our own language!

    A big KUDOS!!!!!

  6. too bad we can’t watch this show here in Vancouver.
    As a Chinay, I never had a great grasp of Tagalog when I was growing up there! We mostly spoke English or Chinese at home.
    What the heck does “Kapuso” mean?? It seems this word is the new It word for a lot of TV shows?

  7. Wow congrats! Aabangan namin ang panonood ng programang yan(haha try saying that)

  8. Whatever language you rendered the sound of the crispy lechon skin will be the message sender, crowd drawer, pleaser and an X Factor with a boomerang effect on YOU as the creator and maestro of the involved lechon!

  9. wow MM!you are steadily gaining fame. i’ll set the alarm for 9pm on sat in case i get caught up with something else… congratulations and you make us proud!

  10. I am soooooooooo inggit of everyone back home who will have the opportunity to see this much awaited episode of MM’s Lechon from A to Z!

    MM, Marisse, anyone?: a favour please, PRETTY PLEASE!!!! Can I impose on anyone to save me a copy of it? Just like Proteinshake, …don’t have access to that channel here either!

    Maraming Salamat!!!

  11. another youtube request here, pls, from the locals!
    salamat! :)

  12. I need to quickly setup my set top box that broadcast GMA here. I have not installed it when we shift house 2 weeks ago and the only thing running now is my TFC box.

  13. Sounds yummy! Sinigang na lechon sounds great!!! Don’t worry too much about your lack Filipino skills. There are a lot of Filipinos that are in the same boat you’re in. I am Kapampangan who spent 24 years dividing my time between Japan and the US. Aside from english, my kapampangan is good but I find it hard writing it. My Japanese is okay and even managed to learn how to write in hiragana/katakana. My tagalog sucks! My tagalog speaking skills are a constant source of amusement to my tagalog speaking wife! Not to worry MM, it’s all good!

  14. 9pm saturday!
    just like you guys, my tagalog also sucks hehehe! almost didn’t graduate high school because of that subject haha!. i can actually converse better in bisaya even if im from negros.

  15. yehey!!!! another thing to watch from MM!!!! will definitely watch it…..ok bettyq, i’ll try if i can video the tv on my sony camera then i’ll copy and send it to you…..just send me your email ad……my email ad is nunag1822@hotmail.com
    hope i get it clear ok?

  16. Holy dooley! i will miss that episode.. i’m sure you will do just fine MM.. Congrats! you are really now a celebrity… Pigman.. Congrats again and also to the crew..

  17. Honey!! Cancel our dinner appointment this saturday. Also tell the kids their grounded for that evening. We’re all watching MM make lechon!!!

    Levity aside, I too (and I suspect most cebuanos) have a problem speaking filipino fluently. I’m sure with my “baluktot” tagalog I will be able to understand what you’re saying completely. hahahaha

  18. Aw, I’ll be out of town on Saturday! I hope someone uploads the whole thing in YouTube. And maybe there’ll be a replay?

    Speaking of unwatched shows, did you get a copy of the Bobby Chinn show, MM? It’s not downloadable online. I dread it and cringe whenever I remember my tongue-tied self (Tongue-tied?! ME?!), but I would still like to see how much of a fool I made of myself. ;-)

  19. haha.. i sympathize with you exactly, MM.. i remember when i first came to Manila to stay more permanently and everyone in DAP’s Human Settlements (where I first worked after getting out of college) called me, “Bisoy,” because just like you, I would try to speak Tagalog although I was thinking in English (which, aside from Ilonggo, was how we conversed at home.. anyways.. gads, I can never have enough of lechon.. i was just in Cebu and for the first time I understood why such a fuss is made over Cebu lechon! looking forward to a delicious viewing on TV and a good laugh over your efforts to answer queries posed by Jessica in Tagalog.. haha!

  20. Sa ako lang mr mm nga dako nga bisaya dili ko kadawat nga ang tagalog ang giingon sa mga tagalog nga official language sa ila tingali nga mga tagalog. Mas daghang mga bisaya sa mga tagalog ug ang mga tagalog nga politiko ang nagpapasar sa kongreso nga sila ang national language kunohay paari na sila sa cebu ug pasultia ug tinagalog ug tubagon na sila sa mga bisdak ug cebuano maunna ang tan aw sa mga tagalog sa ilang pagtuo sila ang superior tribe sa pinas kay sila man kuno ang official language ang pagtan aw nila sa mga visayan inferior race pero mas civilized ug creative pa kay sa ila.

  21. yey! Thank God we have GMA Pinoy TV :D… haven’t seen the commercials though

    im 1/4 ilonggo and 3/4 tagalog but also think in english (grew up on sesame street, muppet show, et al)…mas mataas pa nga grades ko sa french kesa sa Filipino nung college!

  22. i will never get enough of this lechon-talk. in fact its all i ever think about esp now that im going home to cebu by next month (yay!). i gotta satisfy my lechon craving. being a 100% cebuana myself, i too have this problem in our national language.

  23. pahabol: pls, pls, pretty pls! somebody upload the show on you tube. would greatly appreciate it ;-)

  24. Like poverty, for a Filipino not having enough motivation to speak Filipino is nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to be proud of either. All the same, I think it is worthwhile and useful and am full of admiration for those who dedicate time and effort in speaking it well, much more than, say, for somebody who tries to master pig Latin or pidgin. At any rate, I think you are a consummate craftsman when it comes to the language of lechon.

  25. elian, mao diay halos tanan nga mga taga-Cebu naay kasuko sa Tagalog language.. Sa Davao ang mga “sosy” nga tao kay gina-halo ang Cebuano ug Tagalog nga perti ka lain paminawon, mas maot pa sa Taglish..

    P.S. I have to say that I don’t believe that Filipino is the term for the national language, because it’s like saying that there is only one Filipino language when in fact there are more than 170 Filipino languages and a lot of them are in danger of being extinct (like Latin). The national language is Tagalog, and no matter how you incorporate terms from Cebuano, Ilocano, Bicol, Ilonggo, etc., it’s still Tagalog.

  26. Viva republique de Cebu! Bisdak rules all over in the fashion and furniture industry. We want to secede in the so called republic of the phils particularly the imperialistic tagalog country.

  27. P.S. and also we are the master of inasal industry,tagalog are so gaga about lechon how silly.

  28. You are just like my girls. They came here to Toronto when they were quite young, 9 and 7. They can understand perfectly Tagalog or Filipino but speaking it is entirely different story. I guess like you, they think their response in English. The older girl can still speak Tagalog but the younger one, its a lost cause. And we only speak Tagalog at home. So for those who have young children at home, my advise is to let them learn the language while they were young so they don’t miss out on this. It is one of the reason we subscribe to Filipino channels, its one way of learning the language.

  29. in cebu we don’t speak your so called filipino national language because it is not. There are more visayan speaker than your so called national language.

  30. I will miss the show MM as I will be in Xiamen enroute to Guilin but I’m counting on watching the video of the program in YouTube. MM, never mind your lack of Tagalog speaking skills. The picture of your lechon will paint a thousand words. Take it from me, the communication professor.

  31. “Tired of lechon”?? Marketman bite your tongue. There’s no such thing. :-)

    On the language front, I have great respect for people who can speak more than one language, and even greater respect for people who try hard to learn another language, even unsuccessfully. So no need to feel embarrassed! It’s really something Filipinos should take pride in, that it’s inherently a multilingual country. I don’t think that gets recognized much. Not every country has that.

    Also, immersion and usage is key to actually getting to conversational level. Classes just can’t get you there, it’s not you, it’s everyone. I’ve taken years of Spanish and still don’t know basic conjugations, but when I’m forced to use Spanish while traveling morning to night everyday, I improve really fast. I’ll bet if you spent a month in Indonesia you’d hit conversational level really fast.

  32. Christina, I lived in Indonesia on and off for 4 years! But I was a little more fluent then… :) As for my command of Cebuano, it is probably only marginally better than my Filipino. Arrgh. Who knows, they might just dub the segment. :)

  33. Just because you’re not fluent in Tagalog doesn’t make you less of a Filipino. You’re Cebuano-born and Cebuano-raised; that’ll suffice. The problem with our so called “Filipino identity” is that it’s synonymous with Tagalog identity. That leaves everyone else on the sidelines (and i’m sure our Visayan breathren will agree), their customs belittled as peculiarities and their languages as mere dialects to Tagalog eyes. With all our diverse languages and cultures, there’s no single Filipino identity to speak of. That’s why it’s impossible to create a “standard” recipe for our dishes! Besides, great food needs no language.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward for this Saturday. More power, MM!!

  34. ay sus MarketMan, subukan kong hindi matawa kapg pinanood ko ito! :)

    btw, we know that you’re hOt ok? :)

  35. Marketman, you certainly made me laugh with this post! Now everyone at home is excited to see the show this coming Saturday. :)

  36. Ummm…You did not wear that wicked polo shirt you wore for the Bourdain lechon, did you?

  37. silly lolo, OMG, how are you? Do you know how many of the regular ladies on this blog have been waiting for your return? I hope your move went well… your comments have obviously been missed. And no, I didn’t use the same polo shirt, but the replacement may not have been much better! :( Wardrobe is not my forte, obviously. welcome back!


    On, second thought….this is a trick, isn’t it?!? You are Silly Lolo’s brother!!!…or cousin?

    At any rate, I am sooooooooo glad you are back!!!!!!!!!

  39. Thanks, Maricar…my apologies…I opened my lap top with the intention of thanking you but NATURETE ako when I saw SILLY LOLO is back in circulation!

    I will send you an e-mail! Again, many, many, many THANKS!!!!

  40. i always watch that show every Saturday but i will make sure that I’ll be glued on the TV this Saturday. Thanks for letting us know and im so happy that i take a view of your website.. Congrats MM and crew in advance.

  41. Bravo MM and crew! Please, dear ones, upload on youtube. Salamat!

  42. i completely agree w/ christina, i think we should all be proud of being multi-lingual … unlike most other nationalities, ang pinoy kahet san mo ilagay will definitely survive any language barriers … being pinas born & raised already exposes us to diff cultures & dialects so living abroad would be tad easy

    anyway, thanks in advance, mm … maliligo ako sa asar neto :'( me & hubby have this petty battle at home as to which channel is better … kapuso or kapamilya ? hahahah

  43. MM,

    When I was growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s, we were expected to speak English at home and in school. MM, I don’t know how old you are, but if you were around then, you were probably having to do the same. Don’t feel bad about your not being fluent in Tagalog, there are many of us born and raised during this time who can’t speak Tagalog fluently; however, we are still proud Filipinos. Also, then,”carabao english” was frowned upon, I guess now, some of us speak “kalabaw tagalog”.

  44. Hello Markeman,

    It don’t matter how you say it, be it as Pilipino, English, Visayan or Ilocano. When you say lechon, that is my universal language ha, ha..lol

  45. I think a lot of people in my generation (children of the 70s, teenagers of the 80s), who attended private schools in Manila, have difficulty being fluent in Tagalog. Mind you, I am referring to true Tagalog and not Taglish.

    One big reason for this was the private school practice of forbidding students from speaking Tagalog on campus. One was allowed to speak Tagalog only during “Pilipino” and “Araling Panlipunan” classes.

    I’d have been in the exact same boat as you regarding Tagalog/Filipino fluency were it not for the fact that my dad was a professor of Filipino and Philippine Studies at UP Diliman. Plus, I had childhood friends who were not fortunate enough to go to “good” schools, so they didn’t speak English well. Meanwhile, grandma taught English at IS and mom taught English to Japanese expats in the Makati villages part-time (and was a business editor at the Chronicle for a time). So I ended up being completely fluent in both languages.

    I’m happy being totally bilingual, especially now that I’m older and I live in the US. It’s made me appreciate Tagalog songs more. haha

  46. Silly Lolo welcomes back! I’m glad to hear from you. Now the fun continues. For sure, you have been missed!

  47. WoW MM. You’ve really become the Lechon Celebrity and resource person! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that could, in some way, further boost the image of the Filipinos. Vere it away from corruption that has made the Philippines famous for. THANKS for the link Siopao. I too have my own horror story about the Customs Bureau.

  48. Off topic, MM…Marisse: tried your pichi-pichi recipe…ang saaaarappp! I tweaked it by adding PIRURUTONG water (to make it purple) from the leftover pirurutong from the Suman I made…so it turned purple pichi-pichi!!! MARAMING SALAMAT DIN!!!!

  49. Mabuhay ka, MM! I love Jessica Soho’s show and make it a point to watch it.

    It’s not too late to become a true bilingual, in my opinion. In your case,multilingual (Cebuano, Tagalog, English, and so on).

    I continue to speak Tagalog fluently, I think it’s a beautiful language. An Indian friend of mine once said we Pinoys, when conversing (and giggling at the same time), sound like birds chirping.

    I just wish kids nowadays in the Philippines would strive harder to perfect their English and Tagalog plus chosen dialect.

  50. Elian, MM’s father always contented that Visayan should be the national language since there are more native Visayan speakers, but of course, politicians from Luzon were more influential. I think if you speak Visayan as a first language no amount of tutoring or practice will ever make your accent acceptable even if you get the grammar right. And MM is very honest to admit his Visayan is painful to hear. He should have stuck with English, pig or no pig.

  51. this is one reason why i can never go vegetarian… i am a sooooo pork person. i won’t be home when they air your segment on soho, but am gonna catch it on youtube or mygma even if i have to register and subscribe, if only to see and hear you mr, mm… :)… and of course, not to miss out on my foodlove – the cebu lechon! maayong adlaw sa tanan!

  52. Migrants miss a lot of things at home, family, friends, food, places, etc. So, I was a bit surprised when one day my sister emailed that she missed speaking in Tagalog. I suppose there is no better feeling than to have mind and tongue speak the same language. Although I observed Filipinos are more apologetic when they are not fluent in English or their grammar is wrong. I saw Efren “Bata” Reyes being interviewed when he won a big international competition some 2 or 3 years back and he chuckled and said he can’t speak in English and answered the interviewer in Filipino. He expressed himself very well like a true champion and as a Filipino, I was so proud of him. BTW, I’m married to a Cebuano.

    So, well, the Kapuso segment has a better lechon language and THAT is very interesting and I can tell you I can smell the lechon now. MM, I hope that camera man had a good share of your fabulous lechon!

  53. corrine, camera crew from manila with segment producer and our office crew all sat down to lunch after we finished the shoot, and yes, the skin was killer crispy. i wish I had a video camera to capture the look on their faces when they tasted it! :) It was only at that point that they confided they had been to La Loma two days before and Balayan the day before!

  54. you can watch the KMJS episode on this site no need to be a member or to sign in WatchPinoy.com click on videos and you can watch both kapamilya and kapuso shows there. will definitely watch this.

  55. alilay, thanks for that link, that will be really nice for folks who can’t see it on tv this saturday… amazing what is on the net, if you ask me…

  56. MM,

    I wonder if there will also be a running commentary…. Hehehehe…. I won’t be able to check in with you on the weekend :(

    Like the passionate banter on the AB episode, I find the exchange on Filipino and Visayan amusing!

    Rather than one-upmanship, we should all be proud of our distinct cultural diversity that defines who we are…. FILIPINOS ONE AND ALL!

  57. silly lolo, WELCOME BACK!!! Hahahahaha… I made out a loud giggle in the office when i saw your name… i called out to the hubby and told him silly lolo is back and he was bewildered “silly lolo who?” hahahahaha… We have not watched any episode of the show MM but we surely won’t be missing it this saturday.

  58. Lived in the Philippines all my life. Spent my college years in Manila. But I can barely speak tagalog still. It shouldn’t matter though. You’re not any less of a filipino if you can’t speak tagalog.

  59. hahha, I can sympathize with you MM on the language difficulty. My mom was from Bohol, my dad was from Bacolod and I’ve been working here in Manila for more than 6 years now. I still struggle with Filipino. I always tell my friends, multi-lingual ako… Ilonngo, Boholano, English and Filipino… kakahiya man pero mas nahihirapan ako sa Filipino. Have to brush up on that.

  60. I admit ‘naba-id’ (but not too sharp) ang akong Tagalog because of my husband who was born and bred in Manila. We are multi-lingual at home but I occasionally talk Cebuano to him and to my Australian officemates, unconsciously. I would get a gentle reminder from him (he says he understands a few as some of my Cebuano words are Spanish) and a bemused WHAT? from my officemates. We are slowly teaching the kids Cebuano and Tagalog words.

  61. We’ll be better off following the Swiss on national language issues. I think they’ve got 5 (correct me if I’m wrong) national languages. So all the cultures within the country are respected. Not like here where if you can’t speak the “national” language you are discriminated against. I’m speaking from personal experience.

  62. MM,napansin mo ba? kapag ang topic ay ikaw at mapapanood ka pa sa T.V ang dami-daming reactions (mag full-time T.V host ka na lang kaya?)kahit local lang (Cebu) upload nalang kami sa youtube. Ala pa akong access dito sa Saudi kaya di pa kita mapapanood ng live. Good luck sa bago mong career MM.


  63. Tok, the link up top by alilay means the whole Kapuso Mo program will be available on line a few days after it shows… And considering how uncomfortable I am in front of a camera, I don’t think hosting is a good option… :)

  64. MM,

    Have you tried the lechon from Carcar? Some of the old timers say Carcar lechon is now better than Talisay.

  65. Mr MM, i know you are a cebuano and bisdak for you are creative in showing to the world how the bisdak ideas can change the outlook of simple inasal turn lechon into world fame, just the british council of arts proclaims cebu as the most creative city in the phils at par with bandung indonesia and bangkok thailand. You know we are silingan in capitol hills, cebu city. I salute you for being creative sir!

  66. Alilay, thanks for the watchpinoy link. Those of us who won’t be in front of a TV set on Saturday, will get to watch it at a later stage. Thanks also MM.

  67. Whooohooo…will be looking forward to that segment MM. Don’t worry about how you speak…I always find regional dictions nice to listen too. My Dad was Illongo so he would often think and talk in English. So we learned to think and talk that way too–to the consternation of my mom who was a Filipino major and teacher. Hahahaha…..
    Maricar– super thanks that you will ‘film’ the segment…yikes,I’m such a dunce with filming so I panicked when betyq asked..haha…. thanks for doing that especially for bettyq
    Off topic,thank you GayeN for the dried Kamias.GayeN and I felt like we’ve known one another for so long because of this site. Am dying to make another batch of sinaing na tulingan.
    My neighbor gave me some fresh kamias and I got the MM recipe from July 7,2006 and it was so good. It tastes like really good dikiam. I also discovered from the gooey tidbits that it will make a good jam. Thanks MM!!
    Am so glad your pichi pichi turned out well bettyq. I gave away a lot of those last Christmas.I did it in pandan,ube and natural flavor. Your cutchinta was a hit too. I added a small slab of cheese on top.Thanks bettyq.

  68. P.s. I never got to try MM’s pirurutong recipe as I have not come across any at our market anymore. Will try your pirurutong h2o for the pichipichi when I find some bettyq. Thanks!! Sorry MM for out of topic…

  69. Marissewalangkaparis: Can you share your pichi pichi recipe? Thanks a million.

  70. MC: …my apologies…just got home from searching for the perfect scrapbooking paper. …found a really nice, elegant WHITE ONE embossed with paisley design and curliques…then bought a tulip puncher (with my eyes closed…cost a fortune!) and decided to go with putting tulip cut-outs on the bottom alternating purple and green (bridal color motif!)…can you picture it?

    For Marisse’s pichi pichi: it is posted …type in pichi pichi on search engine…scroll on the bottom…it is there. I followed it to the letter except added a bitmore water, ratio 1:2…1 cup cassava to 2 cups water. I didn’t put any lye since I wanted it purple. If I put lye and then purple , it will look like SWAMP WATER!!!! and not purple-y pichi pichi.

    But I do suggest, you start with her recipe as is…steam a few baby ones (in baby muffin tins) and see if you like the consistency. If too matigas for you, then add more water. Did I miss anything , Marisse?

  71. Thanks BettyQ, MM and Marisse. Yes, BettyQ, I can picture the wrapper very nice and elegant. We are talking the wrapper here only not the actual cupcakes which I know they are the best of the best.

  72. MM,

    You should have insisted in speaking Cebuano and told the folks at GMA to put Filipino subtitles if you were uncomfortable with speaking the language. Notice the Hong Kong people always speak Cantonese even if they know that they’ll probably not be understood by the rest of China. More than communicating your thoughts fluidly, I think its also a badge of ethnic pride and Im sure the Cebuano litson would have looked more ‘authentic’ with a real Cebuano explaining it.

  73. My mother was born and raised in Iloilo. Few months after graduating BS Education from University of San agustin, she found a teaching job in Marikina 4 decades ago.

    She’s only assigned to teach Math, Science, Social Studies or H.E. subjects at the school. She’s restricted to teach Pilipino language because the school principal’s big excuse is that she cannot speak tagalog fluently. The principal was also concerned that my mom’s students may possibly could pick up her heavy Ilonggo accent.

  74. Ivan, to be honest, my Cebuano is only marginally better speaking wise, though I think I understand a lot more Cebuano since I started helping out with the family companies there a few years ago… :(

  75. Greetings MM : for those of us unfortunate to have been unable to favor our culinary thirst for your stint with Jessica Soho, perhaps you would be kind enough to try to embed a video of the the particular segment of the show with your tips and tricks on the how to’s of Lechon Secrets ala Marketman… I say this with all seriousness since I am in Singapore now and unable to view filipino shows from where i sit at the moment… sadly, Jessica’s show is scheduled for today and I shall disappointingly miss the chance to enjoy your segment. I look forward to your immortalizing that event by possibly embedding the video here in your blog… best wishes and congratulations on making the Filipino mark on the world again. More power and God bless always…

  76. Hi MM! Saw your segment last night. Nakakatakam talaga yung lechon na ginawa mo. YUM! Congratulations! Happy Mothers’ Day to Mrs. MM. =)

  77. im proud of being Bisdak (bisayang dako) born,grown and raised in cebu..i love being a thorough bred cebuano and proud to be a P/F ilipino…but no matter what region we live and what language we speak…Lechon/Litson binds all P/F ilipinos..
    its all in the table basta naay birthday, thanks giving, pasko,garduation, kasal…ligo ug dagat mag dala ug lechon..
    isa lang ka okasyun ang wala pa gyud ko ka kita ug lechon..kananag human ug Lubong…heheeh basta mamatay ko..mag pa lechon ko…hahahah..speaking about Tagalog.. i lived in manila for 2 years and i speak tagalog fluently until now..but..i only speak tagalog when im talking to a pure tagalog..mas maayo kung maka sulti ta ug makasabot sa uban…i speak ilonggo as well..ug kasabot sad ko ug waray ug gamay nga muslim…lingaw kung daghan ka ug nahibalo-an…di ka mailad…try to learn any of the 87 dialects sa plilipina..malingaw ka..dili boring imo language skills…

  78. PigMan, congratulations! Cebu lechon was featured first on that segment and was given more exposure – apil sa extro, dunggan kaayo ang kagubkob sa paghiwa sa panit! (Bisan dili hifi among tv). Your efforts in elevating Philippine cuisine has taken off. Bisto na kaayo ka, Ms. Soho mentioned your first name and there was a scene that your face occupied 80% of the screen!

  79. saw it last saturday night, also saw Qtv’s Secrets of the Masters featuring Margarita Fores…

  80. watched kapuso mo, jessica … that lechon really looks yummy big time!!!

    we always request for cebu lechon as pasalubong everytime our “priest friends” come to manila, and yes, no sauce needed!

  81. Naghahanap ako ng nawawalang anak.Nawala siya noong April 1985 ang pangalan niya ay Edna B. David.Ipinanganak noong December 4,1979.Iniwan ko siya sa lola niya na si Tarcela C. Trice.Nakatira siya dati sa 7 Street Balibago,Angeles City hindi ko alam kung saan sila lumipat kaya humihingi ako sa inyo ng tulong para mahanap ko siya.Sa kasalukuyan nakatira ako ngayon sa kapatid niya na si Edwin B. David district 3 Pulung Cacutud Epza Angeles City Pampanga.Ang cellphone number ko ay 09092671594.Nagpapasalamat ako sa inyo ma’am Jessica Soho sa tulong niyo nagpapasalamat Rebecca B.Soco

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