Happy Mother’s Day!!!

So regular readers know I generally eschew “Hallmark holidays” but I realize many folks do celebrate them… Mother’s Day at restaurants is almost always pandemonium as legions of guilty husbands and older children spare their mom’s from slaving over a hot stove and washing the dishes for just one meal… and to make that a more pleasant experience, I wanted to have phenomenal blooms in place for public consumption at our Makati outlet. Except that, as always, the price-gougers are in full force, and most blooms at the wholesale flower market were up to 4x the normal prices yesterday, hence a very toned down display today instead of the planned abundance.

I fundamentally refuse holiday price-gouging (we have NEVER raised prices or had special costly menus at Zubuchon EVER) but I do still like the idea of blooms for Mrs. MM. So this year, here’s the compromise… three phalaenopsis or moth orchids for PHP750 each from supplier (in Dimasalang OR more conveniently, Market!Market!) which is only PHP50 higher than normal, placed in a recycled pot and moss added on top of the roots. It’ll last 3-4 weeks, it looks beautiful, and I can coax the plants to bloom again in a year or so… To all those wonderful, caring, loving, brilliant mothers out there… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. MM!!!! and to all mothers in Marketmanila community!

  2. Potted hydrangeas seems to be this year’s market pick for Mother’s Day here. I saw loads of them being delivered by a truck the other day, the usual lilac-pink-mauve run of previous years plus a particularly dark one that I have not seen until now, almost the colour of plum prunes. I thought how apt for Mother’s day. Mother cultivated them and coaxed big bunches of blue blossoms from her plants. At that time I did not know they came in a wide variety of colours, depending on the degree of acidity of the growing medium as it turns out. She knew their old-fashioned name was Hortensia but simply referred to them as milflores.

    @Betchay, is there a link I can pursue re your hubby’s Hokus?

  3. Hi MM! out of topic but I can’t help but to post a comment. Saw you last time at S&R (I’m the tall-fat girl who loudly gushed with my two gay friends when I don’t expect seeing Mr. MM early in the morning doing grocery shopping (probably for you resto). Yiiiii (sorry for acting like a kid and for invading your privacy at that time) super fan lang hahaha. Happy Mother’s Day to Ms. MM. Looking forward to dine at your branch in Makati for my birthday even husband doesn’t like it because he’s hypertensive and can’t refuse to eat lechon once on the table.

  4. Sam, it was good to “meet” you at S&R. And when at Zubu, tell your husband, the good stuff to order would be the fish soups, perhaps the dinuldog with shrimp (squash and gata), the tomato and tinapa salad, and several other dishes with no fat and potentially less salt than most restaurant dishes… :)

  5. Sam, try the mustasa salad, too. It’s GOOD! :) You can remove the lechon topping if your husband objects hehe…

  6. I Will take note and definetly try your recommendations, Thank you for remembering even if its just a split of seconds of exchanging smiles. I’m still “kilig” seeing you in person, I wish next time I can properly introduce myself as an avid reader of this blog.

  7. The pose of your sculpture above (which I assume, is by Napoleon Abueva) reminds me of Rodin’s Age of Bronze httpss://goo.gl/izLc2Y What is yours called? The Age of Brass (or lack thereof)?

  8. Hahaha, Footloose, it is an Abueva, but not Tito Billy’s. It’s by his older brother Teodoro (eldest son of Teodoro Sr., a congressman from Bohol) and he did it while he too was taking art classes and possibly copying an earlier sculpture perhaps. The original plaster of Paris sculpture was given to my mother many decades ago and I had it cast in bronze many years later. Teodoro never pursued sculpture and art and ended up working in New York where he lived for a good 45-50 years before he retired back in the Philippines. Actually, I would say he may have had even more of the artist gene in him… and his good friends from the university days included Arturo Luz and Leandro Locsin, both of whom would go on to become National artists several years Later. Teodoro was phenomenal with floral arrangements as a side interest. My earliest recollection was at age 14 or so being bamboozled by Tito Teddy to “help him out” at the U.N. and it turns out we had to do these massive floral arrangements for some reception or other, possibly an exhibit of over 60+ Napoleon Abueva sculptures or so in the main hall… So you could say, it all runs in the family… :)

  9. So beautiful MM! In our office we have this all over the place and it always brighten my day to see them.



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