Imagine if Superman Slammed into a Humongous Pane of Glass…


There seem to be an abundance of birds on, around and near our home in Batangas. In the adobe crevices of our walls, we have provided “apartments” for several different species and they happily leave us constant clues as to their comings and goings, and even an occasional eggshell, just to let us know a new member has joined the family. I have done a post on the birds before and have found several nests and eggshells within 10 meters of our dining table which is in a wall-less veranda all year long… So this morning, sitting at the dining table, enjoying some sweet pomelo and staring at nothing in particular, this little blur zinged past me and smacked straight into a glass sliding door to the living room and promptly bounced into the pool. It was like a scene from a cartoon. A split second later, realizing it was a bird, we tried to fish it out of the water and it was okay enough to flap itself out of the water and it then flew straight into another nearby glass door… a bit low I.Q., but frankly understandable, as I have smacked into a door or two in my day. Then again, the little birdie may have had a hangover.


It was a bit stunned from the second glass smacking so we picked it up and tried to see if it was okay. The Kid was able to snap these terrific photos of the spectacular bird as it gamely took a breather. It was a cutie, and clearly a baby, and totally wet from its unplanned swim. Its beak was incredibly long and it had a beautiful streak of blue, so unusual in the birds in our area. I suspect the strong winds and the wicked long beak made maneuvering a bit hairy. At any rate, after a few minutes, he caught his breath and took off like nothing happened, just a bit wet and probably forever clueless what mysterious invisible force he flew into, twice, in one morning…. All photos here are by The Kid.



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  1. Beautiful baby bird with lovely colored feathers and hoping their breed thrive well. The Kid’s photos are amazing!

  2. That’s a young kingfisher! We have quite a number of those flying around here. Their colors are just so electric—from aquas to emerald blues! And of course, their main giveaway are those humongous beaks which helps them catch fish. I see them swoop down our tilapia pond turned biotope to catch whatever they can (maybe some frogs even). However, of all the birds here they have the least musical voice. They more cry out like “get out of my way!” We have a neighbor who gets daily early morning visits from a couple of these birds…they really peck at their screens asking for some breakfast crumbs.

  3. Looks like a king fisher. Quite a few species of king fishers endemic to the Philippine. Hope it flies soon. The really belong in the wild. Poor little thing.

  4. Wow, beautiful baby bird! Isn’t it such a treat to be visited by a wild creature once in a while? Once an owl slammed into our glass front window (in Makati!) He was likely chasing achicken and swooped down at the wrong angle. He was lovely but unfortunately broke his neck as he slammed at an incredible speed. Needless to say we were all saddened.

  5. Hahahah… I could not help it, it makes me want to laugh although I feel bad for the bird heheheh… it reminds me of a glass cleaner commercial (was it windex?):) where there were two birds always waiting for the owner of the house to smack right into the patio glass door hehehehe…

    This incident only says one thing about your glass doors, they must be squeaky clean!!!!

  6. Poor little birdie! I hope it has fully recovered.We had a glimpse of yr pool and garden and it looks beautiful ! Here in Oz,we’re not allowed to water our gardens or lawns due to water restrictions.

  7. I think it is a kingfisher. . . did a bit of birdwatching before, though im not good at identifying birds. . .

  8. Let me guess your house in BATANGAS…

    Edited: (Correct guess of location, but let’s not broadcast, shall we? :) Thanks.) MM

  9. Wow, kingfisher? I have seen some of them in our village. But the color is light green instead of blue. I’ve seen a “tikling” as my yaya calls it…crossing my path. Amazing birds!

  10. a few years back, when we still had a pond in our backyard, a kingfisher would always drop by for breakfast :) we’d just quietly watch from the window as the would bird swoop down to unto the water and hover under the shade of our Mabolo tree. maybe he liked the snails and small fish we had in the pond. too bad out pond has been replaced by a more jungle-esque landscape, and so the kingfisher doesn’t visit us anymore.

  11. We have a resident kingfisher family in our garden. Beautiful blue feathers just like the one in your pics. They perch on a mango tree and swoop down on the tilapia on our pond.

  12. There is a Wild Bird Club that meets regularly to observe the migrating birds arriving on our shores from October to March (I guess they’re escaping the colder climates over in Siberia and China). I attended a session once, saw egrets, kingfishers, and other winged beasts small and grand. Another reason for us not to over develop our shorelines, the birds need a place to land and nest while they’re waiting for the next wind to carry them back north.

  13. We have kingfishers in my father’s farm in Cavite… I think they’re attracted to your swimming pool.

  14. oh poor little biRdie…i once found a bird’s egg it a nice tiny light blue colour, so cute and i was wondering what kind of bird is that from? Nice pool btw!



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