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I am as technologically inept as the Chef was in the movie “Chef”. So our daughter, now near 20 (not 11 like the kid in the movie), has signed me up for an Instagram account while we are on a four hour layover in Dubai, and linked it to my faltering twitter account which still has over 2,000 followers (why?) and I hope to bring you all along for snippets of this two week holiday we are on…

Just follow me on your instagram account @therealmarketman so you get a near instant snippet of the holiday as it progresses. No need to wait weeks for me to get my act together and do longer posts. This is an experiment. Let’s see how it works. Meanwhile, I have left more traditional posts for those of you who like it the old-fashioned way… This is way too much technology for me for one stop-over. :)


15 Responses

  1. Welcome to IG! I haven’t been blog-hopping as often as before and been hooked on IG for sometime. Looking forward to your food and travel posts there. :) Happy Instagramming!

  2. Now I have to follow IG.. I think I have an account. Enjoy the holiday, MM and family!

  3. I just missed you by a couple of hours in Dubai. I was on my way home from Prague. Hope you take advantage of the wonderful nuts and dates on offer on your layover home.

  4. just followed you now on IG, MM! Wow, you know your hashtags! :) Sorry, what is “f52grams”?

  5. Mimac, my daughter and her foodie friends suggested the #f52grams… which is a site that takes photos from a weekly theme and gives them more exposure. I don’t even know what the theme is, but a lot of people post their entries to it, to get a wider audience I suppose… :)



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