Le Creuset Shop, Paris


Fortified with half a Poilâne croissant each, Mrs. MM and I headed on foot to the Église Saint-Sulpice (think Da Vinci Code) near the Pierre Hermé shop, and happened by this Le Creuset shop. Long time readers of this blog know I have declared my preference for Staub enameled pots, but we still have several Le Creuset’s in the kitchen cabinets and we use them often.


We went into the shop to browse and comment on the incredibly colorful collection within. And frankly, I had no idea how many different products they had on offer now — wine jackets, ceramic vessels, cooking utensils, etc.. The bright primary colors reminded me of the discussion in one of my old posts between the colors of American cars and say European ones that got me into a bit of hot water. Suffice it to say that Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Range Rover colors are still my preference. :)


We didn’t buy anything but we did admire the pepper mills…


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5 Responses

  1. Be still, my racing heart!
    I would have gone crazy in this store and spent a fortune.

  2. Le Creuset, by their own admission, now have had their pots made in China for the last few years, with a noticeable decline in quality so don’t give away your decades old ones very quickly. Definitely buy Staub.

  3. I’ve been seeing vintage cast iron cookwares in the flea market particularly Descowares made in Belgium , LC bought the company and Julia Child used them too. Much lighter than LC , a large Dutch oven, 2 medium saucepans, 1 butter warmer and small pan all in excellent condition and with the wooden handles for $50. I also found 2 brown oval roast pans from LC for $4 each and a blue med. and green large pan for $5 and $8 respectively.

  4. Oh love!!! I would go nuts there…going nuts right now just looking at the photos :) My favorite Le Creuset color is the camel-toned one…called “sand” or “dune” or something to that effect :)

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