Logo-Napping Should Be Punishable By… Frying or Roasting Maybe?!



Holy Guacamole! Why do I manage to get what seems like much more than my fair share of these image-napping, intellectual property rights thievery, blatantly stupid, ridiculously outrageous situations than most folks I know? Does some supreme being decide the fates and send me a greater number of these situations precisely so I can grouse and write posts about them? Is this a case of the internet being a great way to disseminate information and provide logos/ideas with the click of a finger, only to have them possibly “stolen” or “borrowed” without permission, and better yet, to have vigilant readers see the “crime” and report back to the apparent/known source of the image? Or just an early April Fool’s joke? Grumble, grumble, grumble – here we go again…

Regulars on this blog know the story of Marketman’s lechon. It started with posts in the summer of 2008, when I experimented with several iterations of the lovely roasted pig. Then in October 2008 I was asked to cook lechons for a visiting chef, who then filmed an episode of a show called No Reservations, which aired in the U.S. and globally in February 2009. The chef kindly declared the lechons that we cooked for him were “The Best Pig, Ever!” even though we all know that is a bit over-the-top, as most properly done (and no MSG please) lechons anywhere in the Philippines probably deserve accolades as well. After many months of replays of that show, then a mention in Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 “Bests” of Asia, then several newspaper articles, mentions on several news and chismis type tv shows, as well as local television features on Jessica Soho and Unang Hirit, etc. (yes, even I think it’s overdone at this point), my crew decided to try and sell the lechons to supplement their income. The initial customer reaction was wonderful, and we eventually set up a formal corporation (duly registered with the SEC and will all relevant permits) to market the lechons, under the name “ZUBUCHON”.

Through a very well respected ad industry executive, a friend and reader, “Socky” and partners at her firm helped me with logo concept development and the hiring of a graphic artist who developed our Zubuchon logo. The new logo was posted here last November 19, 2009. I published the new logo precisely to put it out there to see if it was similar to any other logos or trademarks that readers may have seen. While there is always a slim chance that our graphic designer swiped it from another source, I think that is highly unlikely as she is connected with a very credible ad agency, and I saw the evolution of the logo from early studies, to revision after revision after revision until we settled on the perky pig with attitude that is now the official logo of Zubuchon. So when readers from the Alabang area noticed a logo on a soon to open food outlet, I was concerned, but when reader “fidkei” sent this link to photos he had taken, the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up!

Is this a joke? I think not. Could it be just some strange coincidence? Possibly, but I would say not likely. Based on the photos, the pig is almost IDENTICAL with the Zubuchon logo, only the word Zubuchon has been removed and replaced with the words “ultimate prito” in the same font and the same bold and thin usage. The color is also red. How can anyone possibly think this is NOT WRONG? How can anyone be so naive, careless, clueless, dumb, stupid, ignorant or unaware that taking a logo or drawing or picture etc. from one business and using it in another is acceptable behavior? Gosh, this is absolutely pathetic.

If you are the owner of this soon to open business, and a casual or regular reader of this blog, and you stole, borrowed without permission, copied, lifted, replicated or however came to use the Zubuchon pig in your own logo, I would really appreciate it if you would immediately remove the pig logo and send me an explanation and apology for its use if you did get it from this blog directly or indirectly, or any of the materials of Zubuchon, Inc. from Cebu or elsewhere.

I do NOT take these kinds of situations lightly. Here are some previous relevant posts that you might want to read:

What happens when someone steals a photograph from Marketmanila and publishes it in a national newspaper, here.
The “photonapper” apologizes and the national newspaper issues a public explanation of the incident, here.

What happens when a pretty clear case of plagiarism occurs in a National newspaper, here.
And follow up posts on the matter, here and here.
And the public admission/apology of the writer in the same paper, published here.

What happens when someone steals the french market basket logo of marketmanila.com, and the unsuspecting client sends the stolen logo right to Marketman’s fax machine! Post here.

So, to the owner(s) of “Ultimate Prito Experience”, please see the light, do the right thing, and repent this Holy Week. If you insist on using the Zubuchon logo, and your signage is still up by Easter Sunday, I will confer with our lawyers next week to map out the appropriate next steps. This isn’t about money, this is simply about right or wrong. Stealing is wrong. Surely as a new business owner you wouldn’t want to open to a distracting controversy over stolen intellectual property? That would be like asking to be fried in one’s own fat. The Ultimate Prito Experience indeed.

P.S. Try googling “Ultimate Prito Experience” and see what comes up. Not an auspicious way for potential future customers to look you up on the net.

Many thanks to “fidkei” for the second photo up top and the other photos in the link provided, as well as for other vigilant readers who recognized this logo and sent me a heads up. :)


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  1. Baket ba kasi gustong gusto manggaya ng mga taong to hmp?Mr.MM your Zubuchon logo is really cool,but why steal it?

  2. Frying or roasting would be delicious.

    Color, type treatment AND gradient fill. Keep it classy!

  3. Rather than just waiting for an apology and removal, I think a strongly worded cease and desist order in full legalese is in order (you may have to include an explanation in laymans terms – clearly they are not the sharpest tools in the shed ). Copyright infringement is serious business.

    I think they deserve the full Zubuchon treatment, strung up, dehaired, accupuntured with fine needles, maybe in this case a good salt and siling labuyo rubdown before the ultimate prito!

  4. Incredible. The graphic “artist” didn’t even bother to change the color. What a bloody loser.

    You’re too nice to these folks. Really, you should sue.

  5. This is too much Marketman! Here in the US, you can easily sue these people. I wonder if it’s the same in the Philippines. I’m no longer familiar with the laws there but I think you should start putting your foot down. These people have taken advantage of you, big time! I am pissed off, really.

  6. MM- C’mon, in the Philippines, you can purchase fake signature bags, computer games, CD’s etc. So, I’m not at all surprised someone stole your logo.

  7. MM- i am glad that you are taking action on the matter . i guess there are not too many who realize how much thought and work go into the making of a good logo.
    the zubuchon logo is so distinctive — i recognized it immediately when i saw the signage in the still to open shop. i saw it too in the box a lady was carrying on a plane to bicol. ( the zubuchon is really going places!) how can anyone simply copy it ?

  8. whoever is the owner of that ultimate prito experience is down right dumb. how do you think you can get away with it !@#$%@!? you messed up with the wrong guy dude! you’ll surely regret this.

  9. Outrageous! Isa, I fully agree with you.
    MM, you should file a formal complaint, together with your ad agency who created the original logo. I was with the ad industry years ago and having “creative license” and ethics is something we take seriously. This is outright, in-your-face STEALING. I’m sure “Socky” is a long-standing member of 4As (advertising agency association), maybe they can help you to at least investigate on this serious matter.

  10. Frankly sir , because your logo is very classy. simple and elegant. Whatever you paid your designer/ad agencies it was well worth it. Being very simple it also elicits a reaction that maybe it isn’t trademarked etc. Good luck with your trademark enforcement endeavors.

  11. Tsk tsk tsk.. they really have no imagination do they… well, thats a copy, not an inspirstion – they copied the shape and color – so u should sue them… tsk tsk…

    Try visiting Yummy Cebu – my friends where gonna feature zubuchon but they said they ran out!!! :( Well, we have a next time, don’t we?

  12. hay, some people just don’t understand the concept of intellectual property…

    my family also underwent the same thing when a bakery had the guts to use our company logo on their bread….and we’re so sure that our logo was not generic because we had also hired a graphics designer to create it for our family business…

    we filed a formal case against them at the IPO in makati…funny thing is, as soon as they received their summons, their bakery disappeared…turns our their “bakery” was a fly by night business…

    i say sue them!

  13. Very hard to enforce intellectual property rights when the prevailing culture thinks that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and copyright infringement is just being “swapang” or “makulit”. Oh well….

  14. the “graphic artist” of that establishment is either lazy or makapal ang mukha. Or both. He/she didn’t even bother to change the color of font. tsk tsk

  15. one possibility: person who made the logo searches google images, typing in “lechon”. zubuchon image comes up. person doesn’t bother to check whether this is somebody else’s logo, and downloads it. actually marami ignorante sa pinas about copyrights.

  16. Uh-oh. Bad move, copycat! You will experience wrath very soon… What you did is just so wrong.

  17. I can relate to you :( People just waiting to copy what you have started. And yes, there had been brainstorming involved in marketing!

    On the other hand, I guess they don’t want the pride of starting and being leaders. There is where the difference. That is why there are millions of followers and a handful of leaders.

  18. Lee, you’re right, “jerk magnet” for the nth time! How this unravels will keep us glued to our screens…

  19. Dont worry !!!! You are being tested.
    I forseen your future taking you to greater heights than you ever imagined.
    Just let things like these slide away. Take it in your Stride.
    I am seldom wrong with my predictions.

  20. Maybe next time you should watermark your photos – I hate it though. Watermarking ruins the viewing experience somewhat but it does protect your photos.

  21. As a designer, all I can say is I’m appalled by the whole thing. The one who was hired to design the copycat logo (if the owner actually hired someone) should have done the necessary research to create a logo unique to the company/service/product.

    People should also know that snagging pics off Google Images to fill up their marketing materials (instead of hiring a photographer or purchasing stock photos) is illegal. Sadly, some people I’ve encountered actually think this practice is okay. I suspect it may be the same case with your logo-napping.

    If for some reason the client insisted on copying Zubuchon’s logo, then the designer’s responsibility is to educate their client so they know that it’s the same as stealing, even if the product is under a different name. Better to lose the account than to be reviled as a thief.

  22. Be slightly consoled by the fact that intellectual property thieves are of inferior quality, intellectually and morally. However, in this case, people can mistake this business as allied with yours or supported by you and that, in my view, is totally insulting and despicable. Maybe as repentance we can stuff the culprit’s mouth with a rotten apple, take a photo and publish it with the word “gagged oh!” or “gagged ah!”, as the case may be. Or maybe have him/her kneel on the coals used for your zubuchon.

  23. MM, one side of this is, the owner might not even know about the “logo-napping”…it might be he ordered some lackey to do it and found your site never to return again…so as the other regulars have said…legal action is the only course of action since I bet fidkei told you where it is.

  24. SEXY RED has a double? one based in Cebu and the other in Manila? tsk tsk tsk disaster..

  25. As an American living here, I’m frequently amazed at the level of copying that goes on sometimes.

    For example, next to my house a small sari-sari store opened that had pancit, adobo, dried fish, and rice for lunch. They were doing adequately. So, what happens? Another one opens up immediately to their right.

    The result? Of course .. both fail, as neither had sufficient customers to stay open.

    Now, as expected, there are three nearly identical sari-sari stores around my house. Two in the same spot as before (immediately to my left and one more oven) and one directly across the street.

    It’s just a matter of time.

  26. That is really bold of those people. I do think legal action needs to be taken. Best of luck, MM. It raises my blood pressure; and I’m only a blog follower!

  27. search yielded – “Posted Mar 7, 11:19 AM -watch out for the opening of ultimate prito experience…. taste the flavor of extreme liempo and supreme bangus..”

    hmmph! even if the copycat had shown a bangus in the pig’s mouth, it is still unacceptable!!

  28. Saw this logo yesterday on my way to SM. Obviously, someone failed to do his homework. It is highly probable that this venture wont last for long.

  29. Watch out…the wrath of Marketman is worse than the wrath of a woman scorned!! LOL

  30. I think some folks believe that when it’s up in the net, it’s free for anybody’s use. Just the way students now think that “research” equates to copying from Wikipedia.

  31. Sheeesh. Tamad talaga oh. nangopya na lang ng logo. Akala siguro walang makakapansin. I haven’t passed by that length of the Alabang Zapote road for a few weeks, so I haven’t seen this yet. Will check it out later.

    @miclimptrp – looks like he is either the knows the owner or designed the logo / tarpaulin for him.

  32. If you had your logo trademarked and copyrighted, then you can sue them. OR if this takes to long…. force them to pay royalties for every piece of flyer, signage, internet post, packaging, ad, PR piece they use your logo in.

  33. If I were you MM, i’d wait until they spend more money to put up a permanent sign before asking to take them down. Let them spend and suffer the consequence.

  34. sir, napa-register niyo na po ba yung logo ninyo? kasi po kung registered na po siya under you and your negosyo, pwede na pong sampahan ng paglabag sa intellectual property rights yun pong mga gumawa nun…

  35. anteros, yes, company is registered and logo application has been done. However, EVEN without registration, our lawyers are saying that since we can prove the development of the logo from studies, and date the release from blog posts on marketmanila.com, we can definitely substantiate “ownership” of this logo, and therefor file cases if desired. But first I would just like to see if the owners understand what they did wrong, and if they are quick to retract and back away, give them a chance to correct the mistake; otherwise, a lengthy and costly legal battle is something they and I will have to consider.

  36. I did some “volunteer” work for a small time graphics design business when I was in the Philippines. Most business owners are clueless as to how we came up with graphics for their establishments/promos/events. We used just about any picture or artwork we could get from the net and edited them on pirated copies of CorelDraw and Photoshop/Illustrator.

    Of course I know better now.

  37. Sorry, MM, but I just have to reply to PG’s post. Yes, PG, that is sadly true, but the same ignorance exists in the US (which is not all LA or NY), at least in so far as the thought and effort that go into design work.

  38. Have you tried talking to the owner of Ultimate Prito and asked them about the incident??
    A lot of tarpaulin printing shops here in the Philippines do artworks for walk in customers and they just lift pictures from the internet. You will just go to a tarp shop and give them your ideas and they will do the artwork and print it. That simple. They are not very concerned about copyrights and ownership here.

  39. off-topic: me and my friends went to cebu last march 15-17, 2010.. and went to Banilad Center to be able to taste the much talked-about Zubu Chon of Cebu but we are really disappointed when we found out that inside of the plastic wrapped zubu chon in the styro packaging, was a BIG, BIG BONE! i felt we were cheated. i mean, ang konti lang nung nakain namin na lechon, halos puro buto. yes, the lechon tasted good no question about that pero its definitely NOT WORTH the 450 pesos we paid for.. its really disappointing.. a very over-rated Lechon brand!

  40. rico, so sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory bone-yexperience with Zubuchon. May I ask what time you were at Banilad Town Center? 95% of the lechon sold at the Banilad town center is chopped to order, in other words, the lechon is there and the chopper cuts the lechon for the customer. If you bought a pack, you must have been there at an off hour. Or you may have purchased a frozen pack to bring back to Manila. Nevertheless, since the pig is chopped up and apportioned out, there will be bones, but of course they should not be the major component of the pack. Zubuchon would be more than happy to make the bad experience up to you, and since you seem to have enjoyed the taste of the lechon, will replace the 1 kilo with a new fresh kilo of lechon the next time you are in Cebu. If you do not plan on coming to Cebu anytime in the near future, and would prefer a refund due to the bone, I would be happy to arrange for a full refund. I will be in Cebu tomorrow and will have a staff member of Zubuchon email you at the address you have attached to your comment. If you have a receipt for the purchase that would be great, but even if you don’t, I will take your word for it if you simply advise date and approximate time of purchase. Kindly let us know if you would prefer 1 kilo of lechon as a replacement or a refund and forward your bank details to us so we can arrange it. Thank you.

  41. You’ve obviously taken this up with your lawyers and am sure you’re getting good advice. However, as an IP lawyer myself let me throw in my two cents’ worth and urge you to pursue your trademark registration with the IPO. Two points: (a) SEC and DTI business name registration don’t give you comprehensive protection for your marks; and (b) the country shifted to a “first-to-file” trademark registration regime when we adopted the IP Code in 1998, so a prior use claim may be challenged by someone who files the trademark application first. As your readers’ comments bear out, trademark enforcement is a work in progress in this country, but the first step to greater IP rights awareness is for people to use the system. Cheers MM, and more success to Zubuchon!

  42. Trademark, I have filed the applications with the logos with the IPO office at DTI and paid the fees. But I understand it takes time for them to process and notify me. Should the situation turn out that the copycat DID file ahead of me, we would still sue, asking him to prove development of the logo, and show that he did it ahead of Zubuchon. At any rate, I suspect this will end on a lighter note, but I do wish folks would respect intellectual property without the need to resort to legal action. If the person who “stole” the logo isn’t themselves a registered corporation, or sole proprietorship with business registrations, BIR clearances, etc., they have called attention to themselves much sooner than they should have… But many thanks for your comment.

  43. Hi MM. Passed by SM Southmall again today, and I’m sad to see that the tarp with the copycat logo hasn’t been taken down yet. I’m not sure why the owner(s) still aren’t doing something about it.

  44. This incident, “logo napping”, should be stopped and must be given attention by the allegedly “copycat/s”, before the original owner or designer challenge them legally,however, are these “copycats” aware that they have copied another company’s logo? or was it the graphic designer’s fault? Whosever fault it is, shame on you.

  45. Hi MM,
    I was the one who first alerted you about the logo-napping. I passed by the area about 2 hours ago and I’m glad to report that the tarpaulin with the copycat logo has been taken down. Congratulations!

  46. just to correct the problem with the logo we already did removed the logo of the pig. my only concern right now is that if the blog will continue saying bad writings against me and the name of our business. we already confide for a legal action about it. and just so they know the logo is not patented to anyone. before reacting to this matter a clear mind person should clarify things first b4 doin action. this will lead to serious matter that no one will like. and we are ready for that as for the owner of zubo chon. we will not make any public apology bcoz what he did to me on the this blog needs more apology. and i dont even know that this logo is existing here in the philippines. this is unintentional . and this site is being investigated by the NBI who ever made , write or even degrade my personality with out asking me first. and by the time i posted the tarp . NO ONE OWNED THE LOGO as per the GOV. AGENCY conformed . obviously he just patented the logo last APRIL 5, 2010. and iam not dying to claimed t hat i owned that logo. NO ONE knows me here SO NO one HAVE THE RIGHT TO WRITE ANY BAD THINGS ABOUT ME OR TO ANYONE MADE A MISTAKE THAT CAN BE CORRECTED WITH OUT LEADING TO THIS UNLIKELY TALKS. – iam willing to answer all your queries 09164690734. iam not a criminal for you to judge me and for me to rciv this kind of comments, MORE SHAME to those who dont know the real score and judging it by one side.

  47. for those who gave their comments here. you guys know whats the real score b4 saying things? hey if ur a diplomat person ask both side b4 creating talks… LOOK! WHEN did he registerd the LOGO? and i dont even know that this ZUBO CHON exist. once and for all. I DEMAND THAT THIS FORUM SHOULD BE DELETED . WE ARE READY FOR ANYTHING SHAME TO THOSE WHO JUDGE A PERSON WITH OUT CLARIFYING THINGS. bago kayo magsalita kung may pinag aralan kayo. mag tanong kayo ng maayos. kahit san lupalop kayo ng mundo kung manlalait kayo ng pagkatao. ask your self kung d kayo nagkakamali.

  48. Lee, thank you for your comments. Zubuchon’s legal counsel/lawyer will call you at the number you gave (I am assuming you are the owner or related to the owner of Ultimate Prito Experience as opposed to someone who just posted a picture of the about to open business in Alabang). Thank you for taking down the logo of the pig.

    However, it is clear from your comments that you do not seem to understand that what Ultimate Prito Experience did in copying a logo was wrong. Whoever prepared that logo (either internally or externally, such as a graphic designer at a print shop) apparently took it from Zubuchon, as it appears to be identical to the Zubuchon pig logo. Zubuchon the corporation was registered in the third quarter of 2009, the logo was developed in late October and early November 2009 with the use of professional graphic artists and advice from a top advertising agency. The logo was introduced to the public in mid-November via an announcement on this blog. It has been in use in Zubuchon’s materials since then. And yes, its official filing at the IPO office was done this year, however, it takes several weeks for a logo filing to be confirmed. Nevertheless, we developed the logo from scratch and have the detailed studies to prove it, therefore we have the rights to the logo, it has been in active use, and it is linked to a specific corporate entity duly registered with the SEC and DTI. When Ultimate Prito Experience used the same pig logo in its tarpaulin announcing the imminent opening of the business, it was essentially violating the intellectual property rights of Zubuchon and as the comments above indicate, most people would know and understand that taking such a logo/design without permission is simply wrong. I am not aware of who actually did take the Zubuchon pig logo, either a company designer, owner or third party graphic designer, but it was still apparently taken from another source rather than an original design. If you had a contact number on your tarpaulin displayed at the soon to open store, I would have definitely had our lawyers contact you directly. Now that you have provided your number in your comment, I will have the lawyer phone you when he gets back to his office.

    If you were not the one who developed the logo, I am sure our lawyers will be interested to know who did in fact “create” the Ultimate Prito Experience logo.

  49. Mr. Domingo, if I was a fair minded person – diplomat person (sic), as you say, I would notice that he never disparaged your person, I would say MM was or is fairly civil in this particular blog post. Secondly, if you had read the discussion on this blog post you will also notice that most of what was said is to let you know- whether or not you knew beforehand- that you had lifted a logo that had been registered etc… Much of what was said was also tongue in cheek or in reference to their experiences with similar situations (Excuse my poorTagalog, as I’ve learned this secondhand) It seems to me that you cannot understand either English or Tagalog rightly, paki lang ho, basahin niyo ulit ang mga comments. Wala naman na nanglalait ho sa inyo. NBI investigation huh…It seems that between my writing this MM has already posted a diplomatically worded response.

  50. mr. domingo, i wish you would learn to realize that the whole post is NOT about you but about somebody in your store/company/business who had copied and used for your business a picture of a pig that had been designed for somebody else’s company/business. you and the pig are not the same. none of the readers/commenters here need to be ashamed of anything at all.

  51. The logo-usurper Lee’s comment made me laugh out loud. If international calling rates weren’t so expensive, I’d call and give him a piece of my mind (and I know what I’m talking about since I came from PR & Advertising). Remember the spell that Harry Potter’s teacher taught him to combat a boggart? “Ridikulous!”

    Yep, that is what I thought so, too. He/it/his comment/post is ridiculous. LOL

  52. Wow, siya na nga ang nagkasala-galit pa. Reading the comments, I don’t thing Lee Domingo was personally attacked. He took down his signage after being threatened with possible legal action, so obviously, alam niyang may ginawa siyang mali.

  53. “and i dont even know that this logo is existing here in the philippines.”

    mr. domingo, if the logo existed (and copied from) elsewhere in the world, it is still against the law. from what i’ve read from the comments, nobody attacked your person. some even suggested that you MIGHT be unaware of the lifting done by whoever it was you commissioned to do your logo.

    take it from mr. manny pangilinan. he took ownership of his speechwriter’s mistake when it was pointed out that parts of his ateneo commencement speech were lifted from various sources. he pointed blame at no one, issued an apology and offered to resign from his post at ateneo.

  54. Reading this guy’s posts, it is clear that he has zero remorse. Looks like his only concern is that he was caught.

    The notion that Market Man should apologize to him is laughable and pathetic. He is clearly the typical kind of person who, when caught, attacks back trying to turn focus away from you. He should publicly apologize to Market Man for this. Whoever stole the logo, it is ultimately the responsibility of the business owner for the transgression.

    Lee claims that the theft is unintentional because he didn’t know that the logo was in the Philippines. What, it’s OK to steal logos from outside the Philippines?

    Face the truth and stop making pathetic demands because you’re upset that you were caught. Grow up and act like an adult.

  55. I am still having a good laugh at Lee for thinking that HE deserves an apology because MM and commenters have been mean to him. As if this somehow absolves him of his responsibilities.

  56. ah, wait..surely guys, you mean mr. lee domingo, not the “lee” (just lee) who’s a long-time commenter here….

    mr. domingo, pakilinaw lang po kung ano’ng kasalanan sa inyo ni Mr. MarketManila at ng mga mambabasa dito. parang naguguluhan ho ako kung bakit kayo pa ang galit ngayon. hindi po kaya ng powers ko intindihin kung paanong bumaligtad ang sitwasyon.

  57. lee domingo, your way of handling things is just so typical of people who don’t understand a thing about intellectual property and obviously do not understand the freedom of expression available to an individual on the Internet. you come out with venom and demand heaven and earth. look dude, why don’t YOU look at both sides before foaming at the mouth, eh? MM had every right to say what he just said, his logo was developed way before “yours”. he has a pretty unassailable case as far as i can tell. AND, you took down your sign.

    as an entrepreneur, learn to respect the intellectual property of other entrepreneurs. and if you weren’t guilty of the logo napping, have the balls to respond and post which nimrod plagiarist “graphic designer” you obviously paid the price of a Happy Meal to do a google image search for the logo of your establishment. so that we may give these idiots the “ultimate prito experience”.

    and yes, just because it’s not from the Philippines doesn’t mean that you can go off and blatantly steal it. that’s the one thing i don’t understand from people like you. you have absolutely no respect for the hard work that other people put into when creating logos and other pieces of corporate identity. and no respect for the people who pay good money to hire these creative talents.

    PS: you want an apology? okay. i’m sorry man, you got caught!

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