Turns Five This Month!

IMG_9765.JPG turns five this month! In blog years, that has to be the human equivalent of nearly 100 years old! I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I could keep this up for this long. In the first four years, I wrote 1,900 posts and the blog logged 9.3 million page views. In the past year, I managed to write another 450+ posts and readers added another 5.5 million page views for a total of nearly 15 million page views over the lifetime of the blog. Every day between 6-9,000 visitors from around the world come to visit… I honestly thought I would have run out of material to write about by now, but as I type this, I realize I have a backlog of nearly 50+ posts worth of photos and items to blog about. I have been tempted to call it quits a couple of times during the past few years, but have also been fascinated with the continued growth in readership and the incredible exchange of ideas, tips, recipes and insight that was shared in the comments section. So thank you for being a part of the marketmanila community and for your repeated visits to the blog. And in true pinoy fashion, it’s not the celebrant that gets the gifts, it’s the other way around! :) So for the next week or two, I will be giving away an assorted bunch of goodies as my anniversary “balato” or gifts for readers from near and far…


The prizes are an odd bunch of goodies. Up top, I unearthed one LAST t-shirt that has never been used. Size SMALL, it asks the question “Have you been to the market lately?” and on the back “”. To keep the heat up, and since siling labuyo has figured in a recent rant/controversy, I decided to harvest several ripe siling labuyo or native bird’s eye chilies from our gardens and dried them to yield several dozen seeds.


I will probably half this bag of seeds and if you are anxious to grow some of these, I could mail it to you anywhere in the world. And you wouldn’t believe how many people have asked me for siling labuyo seeds!


For the environmentally conscious, I will be giving away a tote bag made from recycled flour sacks. Made by fellow blogger Joey of 80breakfasts and her friends, this is a nice way to cut down on plastic bags when at the market, grocery, etc.


I will also be giving away a small box of silicone food loops which work really well when roasting a chicken, or tying up other ingredients before cooking. These are kind of pricey and difficult to find locally.


Not as fancy as the food loops but just as useful are high temperature resistant rubber bands, great for roasts, etc.


A silly set of clips are great for resealing half-eaten chips or crunchy snacks…


… and finally, I am giving away one bottle of home-made guava jelly, and a bottle of kalamansi marmalade that were made in the Marketman household from organic fruit. There will be a variety of ways that you can try and win one of these prizes over the next few days so please visit the blog often for more details. Folks from anywhere in the world can participate, but if you win a prize, I can only mail it to a friend or relative of yours in the Philippines (the seeds can be mailed anywhere at your risk), where local post or LBC will deliver. The jams can only be claimed from a pick-up point in Megamall as I think the bottled items are difficult to send by post/courier. So let the games begin… and the best of luck to all of you! :)

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157 Responses

  1. Hello Marketman! You really have a good grasp of your audience. It’s little things like this that keep us amused and interested! Kakatuwa naman. Giveaways are so Pinoy!

    Congratulations on the 5th birthday of your blog! More power to you! Keep ’em coming!

  2. BRAVO MM!!!!! May your blog continue for hundred of years (blog years) and I look forward to having my kids read this blog with The Teen continuing your legacy!!! (And I mean that in a nice way).

  3. Congratulations on your blog’s fifth birthday, Marketman! May you never run out of ideas to blog about! Thank you for the hours and hours of entertaining reading that is a gift all to itself. ;D

  4. I think one reason your blog has lasted so long, and gained so many readers, is your extreme curiosity about any and all things related to food. Happy blogging!

  5. Thank you MM for 5 years of really great posts. You have created a community which has come together not just because of the love for food but for championing causes which are dear to our hearts. Here’s to the next 5 years – cheers!

  6. Wow! From a small readership then came a newspaper article, readers keep on comin’ no? Can’t believe its been 5 years already, so fast.
    Congratulations! More posts, more anniversaries and more freebies or gifts to come!
    Happy Anniversary! And congratulations too to all of the staff!

  7. happy 5 years anniversary! everyone in the MM community is now more excited to see your website to win those little prizes! thanks for you, your family and household… God bless and more power.

  8. Happy 5th anniversay MM! I enjoy your blog thoroughly and my day is not complete without it. I have no doubt you will never run out of ideas. I just hope you never tire of writing! All the best wishes!

  9. Hi! I rarely have the time to visit and comment these days as the job keeps me very busy…but not too busy to greet Market Man and MarketManila fans a very happy fifth!!!!!

  10. Happy 5th year anniversary to, more power and God bless! Count me in on the siling labuyo seeds.

  11. Hi Marketman! I’m a longtime avid reader of marketmanila but this is my first time to post a comment. I cannot let this opportunity pass without greeting Marketmanila Happy 5th birthday! May your blog continue to inspire and touch people’s heart through their stomach. :)

  12. Congratulations and Thank you!!
    For 5 years of contributing so much not just in our kitchen – but also in our lives.
    Kudos to you and your team :)

  13. Congratulations Marketman! Australian Customs probably would not allow the “food items”… but i’ll definitely take part in the games for the t-shirt and the bag…

  14. Wow, 5 years of hard work. Congratulations, MM (and supporting cast). It continues to increase readership because your blog remains relevant to us. More power!

  15. Congratulations MM! I feel so lucky that I was able to know about this blog early on when a batchmate at Maryknoll pointed us to this direction. I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts in this blog and am extremely happy to be able to help in your feeding program. Thank you for making us a part of the extended MM family!

  16. wow, MM! thanks for not giving up ..congrats on the fifth birthday…will be here for the next five, and longer.

  17. Congratulations on MarketManila’s 5th anniversary! More years to come as you continue to inspire and instruct. =)

  18. happy 5th, MM! may the readership and life of this blog continually exponentially grow in the years ahead!

    To more of the best pigs, ever!! To more wonderful recipes!!! To all the coming fishpan awards!!! To the feeding program!!! To rants and faves!!!

    Mabuhay to!!!

  19. Congratulations on your 5th year! I am so proud to be a reader of this famous blog. Wishing you more fruitful years ahead and more blogs to write. God bless you and your family.

  20. Congratulations MM, and happy fifth anniversary! Your posts are like dietary supplements for me, NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS but I take a dose or two daily for good (mental) health.


  21. Congratulations on 5 informative years and more to come! I would love to win the recycled flour bag!

  22. Congrats on your first centennial year equivalent! May MarketManila live and thrive. All for the best!

  23. wohow!
    more reasons to visit marketmanila!
    thanks for the informative blogs and congrats!
    isang saludo para sayo c”,)

  24. A toast you MM on the 5th anniversary of your blog. My retirement day is not complete without a visit to your blog. In Palawan where my internet connection is erratic, I’d go to an internet cafe and copy all the posts I missed as pdf files so I can read them all later offline. More power to you!

  25. Congratulations MM & Marketmanila Family!!! More fruitful years to come, topics to discuss and things & ideas to share…your love & passion for food and sharing in all aspects will sure keep the blog going, not to mention the common interest of all readers & followers.


  26. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Market Man! I’ve been reading your blog since 2004 and i lurve it ;) Your pictures are so divine…hmmm maybe not. They are food porn which gets my appetite wet! Waaaaaah!

    Congrats congrats! More food to come :) Pun intended!

  27. congrats Mr. MM…i stumbled upon your blog last year and now im hooked. this is my routine, newspaper, your blog and then work…in that order every morning in the office. keep up the good work. and once i get bored, i go to this site again and again. it’s like a therapy for me….hehehehe…

  28. Hi MM! Happy 5th “blogful” years!

    My sister flew to Cebu for the annual Taoist temple celebration the day I flew to Hong Kong for my medical checkup. Before she left, I gave her a list to call and see in Cebu…list you have in this food blog. Of course, I told her not to miss Zubuchon in Banilad Town Center’s Sunday Market. She enjoyed it and bought a kilo to the hotel, had a picture with you and brought home a complimentary bottle of kalamansi marmalde for me. Remember the chubby lady who kept asking for your name? Shhhhhhhhhhh…she loves good food but doen’t know how to cook. Hehehehehe

    I told her how much joy I had since the day I came across your food blog. It’s entertaining besides being educational… with friendly, unselfish bloggers (like sister, bettyq, silly lolo, maria clara, artisan to name a few …) and a lot of food lovers like me. MM, you might not know it, but you’ve made me love my kitchen more as I prepare my family meals.

    Kudos and have more blogging years to come!

  29. Happy anniversary, MM! And happy anniversary MM family, crew, and all the readers who have so generously shared their ideas and experiences in making this the best pig ever, aw sorry the best blog. Maybe you can concoct a cake with Lipitor! :-)

  30. Would love to have some of that great organic jelly/marmalade.. My girlfriend loves fruit preserves..

  31. Happy anniversary!

    If you do not mind, what were the factors or issues that tempted you to call it quits?

  32. Congrats Marketman!!! How many more years can you keep this up?

    “To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
    Home again, home again, dancing a jig;
    To market, to market, to write a new blog;
    Home again, home again, jiggety-jog;
    To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
    Home again, home again, Market Manila is so much fun!”

    (“Sorry, hard to find a word that rhymes with Zubuchon.”)

    Hoping I can get a prize…

  33. Happy anniversary MM! and congrats for the very informative 5 years! i’ve learned so much from you! maraming-maraming salamat po!

  34. Congratulations for 5 wonderful years!!!! I’ve learned so much reading all your posts. Thanks you so much and I’m looking forward to more posts!!!

  35. happy 5th year anniversary Marketmanila! hope that i’ll be the one to win some of the prizes..=D (particularly the tshirt, hehehe..)
    sana kasama din po sa mga prizes ung Lechon..anyways, Congratulations.

  36. congratulations on your blog-birthday! i know the hubby would love the siling labuyo seeds so keeping an eye out on how I can score some…

  37. Congratulations and Happy 5th Anniversary !!! any takers of the chili seeds yet? am happy to get some, thanks ! … wondering why addr says US, am actually in Makati… :)

  38. Happy Birthday to the greatest blog in the Philippines!!! You know MM, you could create a marketmanila iphone app you know…that would be so awesome!

  39. Hi, Marketman! Congratulations on turning 5! Here’s looking to the next 5…. hope I win any of the prizes above. :)

    It”s been a while since I serendipitously stumbled upon your blog… little did I know that I will get hooked.

    More power and God bless always.

  40. Congratulations, MM! It is so amazing to watch how turned from blog into a full-blown phenomenon! Oh and the catchphrases ~Best Pig Ever!

    Kudos to you, MM. And may I say that one other reason why I love visiting this blog is the amazing people who post in the comments section. Love, love!

  41. Congratulations Market Man!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! May you continue to educate and inspire people through your blog…Its a great thing to realize how our passion for food brought us and became connected through your blog….your blog’s like a cup of good coffee in the morning…..Thanks for sharing ideas, recipes and insights,,….Gracias!!! HAPPY ANNIV!!! salut!

  42. I’m happy to have been part of your marketmanila family for the last 3 years. Where was I the first 2 years? Happy 5th anniversary and may you (we) have many, many more to come.

  43. Hey Marketman, “the incredible exchange of ideas, tips, recipes and insight that was shared in the comments section” definitely adds a great deal of value to your blog. Of course the interesting things you post are what spark this exchange. Your efforts are much appreciated and happy fifth.

  44. Happy 5th anniversay! :D I think zubuchon helped a lot with the traffic lolz :D also, if no one wants the shirt, maybe i can have it? *kapalan na hahaha* :))

  45. Your blog is really informative…Happy 5th year and many more to come!!!

    And yes, the comments on all your posts adds up a spice to your blog…


  46. Happy Anniversary MM! Can’t wait for your future blog posts – informative, rants and whatnots. :) Congrats!

  47. Congratulations MM. Thanks for making a housewife’s life more interesting. I never miss reading your posts and I always take the polls. I’ve cooked pretty much of your recipes too.

  48. A big congratulations, MM! You do an excellent job. I’m looking forward to reading your first book.

  49. HAPPY 5 YEARS OF BLOGGING! though i just started this May, i was lucky enough to discover your blog and part of my short list of blogs i follow ‘coz it’s really worth reading, and worth my precious time! Glad to be part of your big, and still growing audience worldwide. HOPE I WIN one of those great prizes!!!

  50. MM, My day is not complete without reading your blog.. I really love your blog. Congratulations! May God continue to richly bless you and your family.

  51. Cogratulations MM. This is pretty much the only Blog that I always visit on a daily (and often twice or thrice daily) basis. A wonderful insight into food, people and culture. Long may you continue.

  52. MM congratulations! I discovered your blog only this year but this is one blog that I read everyday. Happy anniversary and continue cooking.

  53. Happy anniversary Market Manila! Marketman, to quote a travel narrative author, your intense curiosity will assure you of an enjoyable life. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Congratulations and more power to MarketManila!!! Truly, your blog is a great source of gen info, humor and yummy/unusual treats!

  55. Congratulations, MM. When I first chanced upon your blog (I remember I was googling for ‘Bohol’) about 3 years ago, I knew that it was an informative one. I went thru your past blogs and immediately got hooked and tagged your site as favorite. After that, I never missed a day without visiting your blog and feel sometimes disappointed when I don’t see a new post. But even without a new post, your comments section is also full of informative tidbits and it has become a habit for me to check the ‘comments’ as well on older posts.

    Thank you very much for your time and effort in putting up this blog and continuing to feed us with informative and useful stuff. May you continue blogging for the next ten, twenty, fifty years. Congratulations and Mabuhay!

  56. Congratulations MM, I first saw your profile in a magazine. Then i knew that i will be hooked. Thank you for the wonderful recipies that you had posted and for the other blogs that makes me laugh by myself. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! More Power to you!

  57. Happy 5th A! I hope to win the food loops and the guava jelly ! I won a mangosteen jam last year. :)

  58. Congratulations! I only started following your blog last year but I’ve been hooked every since :-)

  59. Congratulations… hope you will continue your blog.. I love visiting your blog everyday. I hope I could taste your best pig ever hehehe…

  60. Congrats MM! Your blog is the only one I visit regularly because of the interesting posts. It focuses on food, a bit of travel, relevant rants, some public service and other fascinating stuff. Thanks MM!

  61. … and yes, thanks for helping put the Philippines on the foodie map. Our cuisine has always been underrated and I hope that your blog will generate more interest on our food and culture.

  62. yehey! congratulations to MM!!! woohoo!!! stumbled upon on your blog sometime 2006 and THERE HAS BEEN NO LOOKING BACK!!! congrats to me too for that chance encounter, i couldn’t and will never be able to return the favor you have given us through all these years! your tips i have practised in my kitchen and they really work.

    MM mementos:
    1. yummy magazine signed by MM no less
    2. tshirt with the same caption (mine is black, size is secret hahahaha!!!)
    3. tote bag signed by MM
    4. little brown book
    5. ……(SPACE RESERVED for this year’s loot ) !!!!

  63. Mabuhay ka, MM!

    I hope you never tire of writing about tasting and preparing food, bad customer service, unusual cooking and baking ingredients, interesting utensils, and chance encounters with famous and infamous personalities.


  64. All i wanted to say had been said from many people here!..Professionality and Sense of Humor makes this blog moving around….And i guess admin has unlimmited source of it..If im the one who handled this blog,,,Its dead in few months….Another 15 years is easy for this…..

  65. Congratulations on 5 fantastic years here! I’ve certainly enjoyed them :) Thank you! And a big thank you from me and my partners for including our bag in your round up of prizes!

    Eyeing that guava jelly…let the games begin!

  66. Wow its that long eh? Congratulations MM, I still have the Yummy Magazine with your signature!

  67. Just out of topic maybe. I noticed that everytime I post it says I’m in Europe, how does this get tracked because I’m in Saudi Arabia which is in the Middle East.

  68. Congratulations MM! Thank you for being instrumental in my culinary journeys, but more importantly for the friends I have met through this fantastic blog and EB. Wishing you more happy, yummy blogging years to come! ( maniningil pa rin ako ng kalamansi jam you promised! :) hehe)

  69. Joan, the kalamansi jam is packed and scheduled to depart for Cebu tomorrow morning! :) RobKSA, the server you are using to access the internet is domiciled in Europe somewhere, so it inaccurately records you as being in Europe and not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately some folks will be misidentified as to location due to this software quirk.

  70. Congratulations MM! You’re the Best! Looking forward to many many more wonderful posts from you!

    Thanks you for sharing so much with us!

  71. congrats on your 5th, MM! so so love your blog… readers like me really feel that you put in a ton of effort on this blog of yours… thanks for “bringing us into your home” everytime you share a recipe, thanks for unselfishly imparting tips and what-nots with all of us… cheers!

  72. Congratulations MM! What would I do without your blog? First thing I open when I get to work! LOL I have tried your recipes, as I mentioned to you on previous emails – and I have never been disappointed. Thank you and keep writing!!

  73. It’s Thank You to you MM because of your blog I am learning to cook Filipino foods which I serve to my British husband, granted that when I got married I told my husband that I do not know how to cook and being a good cook himself he does all the cooking but after 7 years of marriage and feeling guilty, I do the cooking 4 days a week now as Friday is takeaway night and weekend is his time in the kitchen and I am still learning from your blog, in fact I am doing your pata recipe on thursday night but instead of pata i am doing it with pork belly. more power MM and keep on blogging ….

  74. Happy anniversary! Great job, MM! May you never tire of doing what you love and I wish you limitless energy to keep this site going!


  75. congratulations MM! I am a fan since i can’t remember when…maybe about 4 years now. i won’t be joining your contest as we have a chili/sili plant in our small garden, i will let the others have that chance to enjoy siling labuyo all year round : )

  76. Cheers to you MM! Thank you for providing us with such good reads, pics, & knowledge! From a non filipino, I really want to go to the Phillipines & just inspired to travel more in general because of your posts! Good eats & good writes! Thanks again from NJ!

  77. wow i just dont log in for 2 days and i already miss several entries. congratulations on your blog’s 5 year anniversary! thank you for spreading the good chi for food and keeping a happy home. to me you are martha stewart and jeffrey steingarten combined with a dash of simon cowell (i kid! ;P).

  78. Happy Anniversary, MM! May you continue to have boundless energy and creative ideas to share with your readers. Fantastic! Your give-aways are sooo cute and soooo MM.

    I would appreciate if you or the readers would know where I could buy the best labuyo seeds in Manila? Of course, you have some for the contest, but that’s another story. We’ll be visiting Manila in december and my husband who is a chili enthusiast both for culinary and medical reasons would be thrilled if he could get hold of a labuyo seedling, if not some really good seeds to plant in Jan/ Feb (it takes forever to grow chilis in this part of the world). Many thanks in advance!

    My best wishes for many more inspiring reads and leads from Marketmanila!

  79. Congratulations! I always enjoy trying your recipes. Looking forward to reading more in the next 5 years. :)

  80. Happy 5th brithday on your site. I have been with you these past 4+ years on and off because of health reasons and now because of economic reasons. I am very thankful to you for all the knowledge and enjoyment that I had reading your site. I also would like to thank Betty Q. who had helped and is very generous in giving us recipes. Thanks for everything and PLEASE don’t ever think of giving this up.

  81. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Marketman! Wala pa yata akong isang taong nagbabasa dito; pero sa tuwing magbabasa ako sa blog na ito ay mayroon akong natututunan at saka nakakatuwa ang karamihan ng mga komento ng iyong mga mambabasa. Gaya ni DivineG, kung minsan ay hindi rin ako makadalaw dito dahil sa hindi maayos na kalusugan: Nakakainis nga eh, sa tuwing hindi ako nakakabasa dito, mayroong “exciting” na nangyayari—gaya nu’ng pangyayari tungkol sa sili…Nauubusan na ako ng Tagalog—I am catching up on my reading, hahahahaha, Marketman. I love your site. Keep up the good work and the good health at salamat doon sa sagot mo sa una kong e-mail. Kaya nga ako na-hook dito, I saw your passion for ingredients native to the Philippines…Happy blogging!

  82. Happy Anniversary, MM. And congratulations for a superb food blog. I ditto all the other bloggers compliments to your site. I really look forward to opening your site every day and yes, I have not opened it for 3 days and I have lots of posts to read. Hope you will never run out of posts. And also, many thanks to those bloggers who shared their secret recipes, esp bettq. Where is she these days?

  83. YOU are a blessing to all of us with your insatiable curiosity and the energy and generosity to share all of that with all of us who await your daily blog with great anticipation. Maraming maraming salamat guid . God bless you and family. Congratulations, Renaissance Man!

  84. Congratulations Marketman! Thank you for this blog. I have learned a lot and continue to learn from you and other readers as well like BettyQ, etc. God bless you and your family.

  85. Best wishes on hitting 5 years in the blogosphere. Here’s to more witty articles, tasty food adventures and fantastic blogging years ahead. Cheers!

  86. Congratulations!!! For years, I had posted 2 comments only. Job well done MM. I enjoy your blog so much.

  87. You’ve come a long way MM! Thanks for sharing so much information with your readers and for taking us along in your journeys. I’m happy to find a group of enthusiastic food lovers here : ) I’ve learned a lot from you and your readers. Looking forward to more inspirations and ideas in the coming years. I have a foodblog myself which I started in 2005 and in my list of favorites, Market Manila has always been the first one I check out. Happy 5th Anniversary! This deserves a cake from the teen : )

  88. The day I discovered your blogsite was through “Wanderlustsha’s” links….It kept me informed about the seasonal food at home. Other very interesting info about food in my
    country I did not know… covers all of one’s senses….and it makes you dream a few seconds at work or at home….and imagine….it gets you inspired to get to your kitchen and
    find your wok….to cook and bake or just to plainly stir your spoon in your coffee thinking
    it could be one of those barako coffee…? sigh….I saw Lubang island in your blog and dream….the day I’ll finally get there and taste those yummy “panchat” and lobster my best friend always talking about! You made some of us bring on some “happy hormones” and learn
    and it makes our brains grow more of those “connecting fibers” by imagining creative ways how to do this and that just to keep up w/ you….it’s social, physical and EQ that hopefully get out IQ’s on a better plane…’s like dancing w/ chicken adobo in one hand and a drink in the other….a sure cure for nearly fried neurons….

    CONGRATULATIONS YOUR SECOND BABY IS FIVE……WELL DONE ! and if you ever think again about “quitting’ YOU can not… place a link in the globe, specially to me when I miss home country too much…….Chilli_Tamale

  89. Congratulations MM! Visiting your blog has become a daily habit for me, and I’m sure for thousands upon thousands of others.

  90. Congratulations MM! Visiting your blog has become a daily habit for me, and I’m sure for thousands upon thousands of others.
    It’s been enjoyable and educational for me:
    Many of your posts have been about produce and food that I like very much too – like Greek Salad , pili – the “lantahon” pulp (which could eat everyday for months) among others.
    Many posts made me discover things I’ve never been exposed to before, from dishes, restaurants, equipment, produce, markets and many more.
    Your blog rings with much respect and appreciation for the farmers and artisans who come up with such diverse produce and dishes. It celebrates the restored link between producer and consumer.

  91. Hi Mr MM,

    Congrats!! looking forward for the games and give aways!!!! i will surely be so happy to have one of those!

  92. Happy Anniversary, Marketman! Thanks for the wonderful recipes you’ve shared. Tried most of them already.*:)

  93. Thank you for all your informative posts. I learned a lot from you. Congratulations and Happy 5th Anniversary!

  94. Have I been a MarketManila addict for almost five years already? Wow! :) Congratulations!!! :)

  95. Happy 5th blogsarry MM. I’ve been a fig fan of your site!! I always learn something everytime I read your posts. Hope I could get one of the Marmalade/Guava Jam. I’m pretty much near megamall just in case I could get it anytime. hehehe..

  96. Congrats !!!! I realize also that I’ve been following your blog for 3 yrs now :) … I guess i should have my own anniversary too hehehe

  97. Thank you, MM, for providing us with 5 wonderful years of blogging…exchanging recipes, HUMOUR esp. comingfrom SILLY LOLO and providing me with virtual friends like I’ve known them for years!

  98. Market Manila,

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary of blogging. Everyone is so thankful to have a blogger like you around. To more years of blogging, food and travelling MM, cheers!

    By the way, I would like to try the Guava Jelly and Kalamansi Marmalade. If I’m not lucky enough to win, how do I go about having a taste of your creations? I’m still on the process of convincing hubby to go to Cebu to try the Zubuchon. I hope to try it in the near future.

  99. hey! hey! hey!…. congratulations on your 5th anniversay MM! cheers and here’s wishing for more years….

  100. happy fifth anniversary, market manila blog! kudos and more power, glad to have discovered your site and “met” some really interesting people, exchanged ideas with them, try the recipes, and experience vicariously the things you have done and will be doing. god bless!

  101. Congratulations on your blog’s 5th birthday Mr. Market Man. I look forward to more years of reading all your wonderful posts. Thank you for all your hard work, you are a real inspiration.

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