Marketmanila Hits a 1,000 Posts!!!


This is my 1,000th post on!!! I almost can’t believe it! Over the course of the last 26 months, I have written 1,000 posts on produce, markets, recipes, rants, etc. If my statistics are right, a simply mind-boggling 2,700,000 page views of these posts has been recorded and roughly 250,000 unique visitors have come by the site (most of the latter by mistake, I suspect). I would guess that roughly 25,000+ readers have come back at least 2 times more and though many have gotten bored and have never returned, there always seems to be a loyal, died in the wool, hard-core group of around 5,000+ regulars who seem to check in rather often. Another 5,000+ readers are what I would call occasional visitors. Over the course of this blog’s life, readers have left over 16,500 comments, or an average of 16.5 per post. Oddly, for a food blog, my service related rants seem to receive the most visits (in some cases exceeding 10,000+ page views) along with key Pinoy related food favorites posts such as ensaimada, leche flan, kinilaw, Top Pinoy dishes and desserts, etc.

All I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being a part of Marketmanila these past 2+ years! I am humbled by the amount of knowledge gleaned from your comments, shocked by the number of folks who have visited, particularly grateful to the several dozen commenters or so who I consider “regulars,” and thrilled that something like this simple blog, has covered so much ground for no reason at all other than because it can… With 60% of you apparently based overseas, I am pleased to have brought you a taste of home every so often, albeit in photos and words only. Somehow, I suspect the creative well will dry up before I get to 2,000 posts, so your comments and suggestions of things to feature in the year ahead would be most welcome. And if you have enjoyed this site, I ask for only one thing in return today – kindly forward this site to a friend or two or more who you think might enjoy it…we might as well get as many people on board using the recipes, tips, etc. before I run out of ideas… Again, many thanks for being a part of!!!


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  1. and i’ll be the first to comment on this 1000th post! :P
    more power to you MM!

    you’re welcome MM….
    i think, we should be the one thanking you such a wonderful journey thru this blog

  2. Congratulations, and I hope to see thousands of more posts from your blog! I’ve been blogging for 4 years already (albeit in a MUCH less focused and more haphazard manner than you) and I find that life has a way of throwing different ideas my way. =)

    As the summer months approach I’d love to read more about: outdoor bbq recipes, summer drink coolers, poolside party tips, picnic basket packing tips (location recos as well if you have any), fruity summer cocktails, outdoor grill recommendations, road trip snack ideas.

  3. Congratulations Marketman!

    I’m glad to be a part of your wonderful blog! You continue to be a major part of our lives and a testament that Filipino food is GOOD food.


  4. Congratulations MM!!

    It’s been a pleasure reading your posts. Looking forward to your millionth post! =)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS MM. I started to read your post on the day you were featured at the Inquirer and since then, my day is not complete without reading your blog. MORE POWER.

  6. MM, that is quite an achievement! :) Congratulations. Like what the others have said, looking forward to more posts from you. Wishing you, your family & your blog all the best. I enjoy reading your blog, and I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of reading it.

  7. Congratulations on your 1,000th post, MM! Like many of your other avid readers, I will be with you on this great blogride. I look forward to the 5,000th post. BTW, when is the next EB?

  8. Wow, what a milestone! Congratulations, MarketMan!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now (can’t remember when I started), and each time I visit, I’m happy I learned about it. Was it Gigi who first told me? Or did I find you through Lori? I’ve learned so much from you, laughed at your stories, raged at your rants, met you, your family, and have even made new friends through your EBs. I highly doubt I will get bored with Market Manila, so I fervently hope you won’t either!

  9. 1000 congratulations to you and your wonderful blog! It’s always a joy to open your site as one never knows what you’ll be posting, but interesting and engaging it always is, no matter what subject you bring up.

    Look forward to more of your creative and observant posts!


  10. Wow, congratulations MM! I hope you continue to blog for many thousand posts more! Your site is the one I open first thing in the morning, more power to you :)

  11. Congratulations and thank you so much for doing this for all of us who live for the pleasures of the palate!

  12. Congratulations Marketman! I’m looking forward to more posts to come! :)

    I echo Wysgal’s suggestions on summer time topics…

    Also, I’d love to see a seasonal produce calendar, even as a blog entry only. What to eat when, also maybe with meal and serving ideas. But if you do decide to make such a calendar I will buy it…I promise :)

    I still enjoy your market and provedore entries!

  13. i still remember the email I have receieved from you and since then I forwarded your links to all foodies i know

  14. congratulations MM!….i’ve been reading your blog since i’ve seen it in inquirer, and i’ve introduced most of my friends to your site …. i’ve tried several of your recipe and they all turned up well, and i’m one of those who visits your site several times a day ! ….so you’re really a part of my routine and i do hope that you’ll continue on blogging!!!
    More power and maraming salamat! :)

  15. Congratulations, MM! Maraming salamat for helping me start my day with a burp. There’s so much I love about your site; you’re a gifted writer and photographer with a big heart. I don’t fear that you will ever run out of things to write about as there’s so much to discover everyday. What I also like about this site is the opportunity to learn from the other readers. Would be great if occasionally we have days for sharing information, e.g., where can we get really good bread in Manila or elsewhere.

  16. hey MM, i don’t leave a comment often but i read your blog everyday and most of the time i check on it a few times a day just to see if you’ve posted something new.
    i enjoy reading your blog just because it’s so informative.
    looking forward to the next 1000 posts!

  17. congrats! just to let you know that my day wouldn’t be complete if i don’t check out your blogs. i find yours entertaining and very informative.

    i prefer your blogs over others because of posting frequency. your fellow pinoybloggers like anton’s awesome planet, dessert comes first, 80 breakfasts, rants and raves have an average of one blog post per week.

    you’re the man, marketman!

  18. congratulations! full on.

    if i may request some topics, it would be a delight to see and read about old/dying/almost forgotten filipino recipes, crafts and whatnot. it’s an interesting way to learn more about the philippines specially through the eyes of a pinoy foodie like you!

  19. WOW! Congratulations,MM!

    My day is never complete without visiting your blog.Kahit na and dh ko,he loves your blog,too! We have learned so much from you and we’ll be forever grateful for the time and effort that you put into it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    My Aussie husband says,bugger mate,you’re bloody good!

    More power to you and look forward to more of your always interesting,exciting,cheeky, and informative blogs.

  20. All I can say is BIG THANK YOU to you MM, your family and staff.
    Your blogs amazing..Congratulations and 1000s more to posts.

  21. thanks for the cocido and apritada recipes; for writing about languid days in the beach; and trips to the provincial palengkes; and glorious abundance of fruits; of sapin sapin, halo halo, bibingka. your site really makes my day..keeps me connected to great memories from home. Allez MM!

  22. Congratulations!! Do carry on posting and occasionally “ranting”. I visit your site often because when I do I feel as though I am back home in the Philippines. Viva MM!!

  23. Congratulations and Thank You! Please keep it up. This is how I start my day (while eating my weight-watchers counted breakfast!)

  24. Yey! 1,000 posts and still going.. more posts MM…

    this site is soo great.. got lots of tips and ideas…


  25. As you are aware, I am one of your perennial readers. I reconnect back to my roots and bring back the memories of my youth through your blog. From the bottom of my heart, thanks much for keeping the site and sharing with us your market finds, new tested recipes but to top it all your rants and raves especially the ones involved social issues in our Motherland! Great job you’re doing!!!!

  26. Hi MM! I’m one of your new “subscribers”. Spent this last week just going over your archives (still not finished) but I hope you don’t stop at 2,000 or even 20,000 posts…your blog is a connection to my country and my childhood memories. Thanks a lot for your labor of love.
    Hope opportunities arise (economic or social) that allow you to visit more the country and sample regional dishes and comparisons in how different places prepare the same food differently using the same basic ingridients. I am also forwarding this to my cousins who are even more fanatical about food than I am.
    Regards from southen California!

  27. Congratulation and many more posting to come…..A BIG WELL DONE TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF…Thank you very much for keeping us well informed

  28. MARKETMAN – THANK YOU. Have no fear a creative well like this will not dry up. Remember the movie “Field of Dreams”?, it said build it and they will come. You have built something simple and that is where the beauty is ,in its simplicity. Everything now is so complicated and high tech but in every man’s heart and mind they want the simple things in life and things that nurtured them while growing up, things and thoughts that will always bring a smile because it was and still is a good thing. You don’t only have the gift of words but the gift of listening to your readers, You are not I, me and myself writer but you welcome everybody. THANK YOU.

  29. I discovered your blog when I was newly-married three years ago (almost the same age as your blog!). I was looking for Filipino food recipes to impress my Swiss husband with.:P Now I tend to read your blog more regularly and I really enjoy reading it!:) This is my most favorite blog…now my husband wonders if I am using one of your recipes when I am trying “something different” at home. Keep up the good work, Marketman! :) Thanks for everything!:)

  30. MM, I know I’m in that core of 5,000 die-hards. Keep those posts coming, I’ll read them all!

  31. cheers, MM…if your readers are so responsive, that’s because you have been so responsive and devoted with your readers as well, and you take great pains to make the blog interactive. onward to the next 1,000!

  32. Congratulations! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to being here when you make your 2000th post! (and beyond) :)

    Thank you and keep it up!

  33. On television, few series reach 1000 episodes, when they do, there’s a massive party! Hint hint!

    Congratulations Marketman, Mrs. MM, the Kid, the Staff, Sister too! You all give us so much joy reading the posts everyday (sometimes twice a day).

    May the next 1000 posts be as creatively fulfilling as the last for you.

  34. as i was reading this announcement on your milestone, a line from the movie ‘field of dreams’ came to my mind, but Divine G beat me to the punch in typing it down. well, here we are. thanks for ‘building’ market manila. and passing on this site to more and more people is the least we could do in return.

    keep on posting mm. based on the the 1,000 posts that have allowed us, the mm legion, a tiny peek into your brain, i don’t think you’ll ever run out of ideas.

  35. Congratulations MM on the well desrved success of your food blog. I saw on one of the first few comments that they learned about this site through the Inquirer and I would also like to extend my thanks to Inquirer for introducing your site to me, though of course I cannot forget the “yema” brouhaha that happened in their fence. =)

  36. congratulations! to you, your family and your crew..

    here’s to more wonderful, informative, yummy, juicy,
    funny, creative, colorful, etc. etc.
    posts from you, =)

  37. Congratulations MM! Thank you for your dedication to your readers and commitment in maintaining your very informative site. Thank you for the wonderful recipes and saving your fans from the hassle of recipe testing. thank you for voicing out the rants of a regular consumer’s bad experiences with giant companies. And thank you for being an inspiration to my husband to start his own blog. Now i know how demanding it is.

  38. congratulations MM! your blog is one of sites i always go to everyday to check for new posts! keep it up!

  39. Thanks for giving me my (near) daily food fix, whatever the topic I always enjoy reading your posts! Pagpadayon MM!

  40. Felicitations, Congratulations and Enhorabuena!!! WE are lucky to have someone as tireless and with such infinite ideas.

  41. Congratulations, MM! I still remember the day I stumbled on a Philippine Daily Inquirer article about your blog while I was in Manila and I was so excited to go home so I could read your blog. We’ve certainly learned a lot from you and for that I must say thank you very much!

  42. Thank you MM!! You certainly make my day, reading about the wonderful food and shopping back home. I keep a list of things to do, eat and see taken from your posts. So when I have a chance to go home, I can check these things out myself.

    Congratulations and keep on writing!!

  43. better late than never MM. I learn a lot from you. Thanks again for answering my query about those callas.

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