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I was reading a recent post of Joey at 80breakfasts about peeling a pineapple (the first she had actually peeled) and realized I had a related post which I should write and share with Marketmanila’s readers. Die-hard or hard-core Marketmanila readers would know that I am allergic to pineapples and it seems to be the only serious food allergy I have at the moment…though I suspect I am developing a more blanket allergy to fruits with high acidity… As a kid, I utterly loved pineapples, and I especially looked forward to eating the tough and chewy center rib of the fruit, which is typically discarded. I found the chewy and usually sweet center rib to be similar in texture to young sugar cane but with the juiciness and flavor of pineapple. My allergy to the fruit only started in my twenties and now I can’t even touch an unpeeled pineapple without getting the hibbie-jibbies…

At any rate, many months ago, when my sister was visiting from New York, she spied a vendor at the Salcedo market (near the brazo de Mercedes stall, beside the baskets place) pine2making quick shrift of peeling a pineapple and removing its eyes. Actually, here are some little known pieces of pineapple trivia: a pineapple is technically the fruit of an HERB, and the fruit is technically a fusion of HUNDREDS of individual fruits, and hence lots of eyes…you can read more in my much earlier post on pineapple fruit, here. My sister spotted a unique deadly looking metal contraption that rapidly dug into the side of a peeled fruit and removed several eyes in one quick motion…the finished product still had that nice swirl of cuts (kinda like a the swirls on a barber’s pole) but it was much easier and faster to prep when you used this “pineapple de-eyeing tool.” Of course she had the quickness and presence of mind to ask the vendor to bring her half a dozen of the tools the following Saturday so that we that we could buy them. The tool is in the photo above. I don’t remember how much she charged us but it was very reasonable… So now, to prep a pineapple, our cook just removes the pineapple skin, then uses this tool to quickly remove all of the eyes and it is ready to be chilled before eating… And if you want a cooked pineapple recipe, check out this very, very good pineapple upside down cake!


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  1. hey, I also have that tool. a friend gave it to me. I don’t know where she got it, but I love using that. I have some problems with control when using it. sometimes the spiral is not in a straight line but the tool can only go in a straight line so I get a lot of half missing eyes. wicked blade though

  2. So cool! BTW, my favorite part of the pineapple is that central core too. I never understood why people would throw it out!

  3. Honey,
    First peel the pineapple thinly with a sharp knife, leave the top on so you have something to grab, you may want a clean rag to protect your hands from the sharp leaves. Use the tool to remove the eyes diagonally across the pineapple, work your way around the pineapple, top to bottom, then cut off top and bottom. It looked easy when the vendor did it but it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

  4. What a neat gadget! I have a sister coming to visit and I’ve already put in a request. Another great find, MM, thanks for the post.

  5. Hello Can someone buy me and save me two pineapple eye remover? I’m here in LA and will be home in Sta. Rosa, Laguna in June. Mr. Marketman can you save me two please.

  6. Wow, that’s a neat tool! BTW, are we (Pinoys/Asians) the only ones that peel the pineapple this way? I was the hit with my African in-laws when I taught them how to peel it our way. Even here in the US, you’ll typically see a “coring machine” that wastes too much of the sweet flesh. Nakakahinayang!

  7. For Quezon City residents: I’ve seen this tool at the Lung Center Sunday market where a vendor (female) walks around selling it.

  8. The sharp end of a regular potato peeler works just as well, but this kitchen-tool freak would love to have one, too–even if she’s allergic to pineapples :-)

  9. Danney, I will ask the next time I am at Salcedo market…though it seems this tool is available at other markets based on comments above… it’s a very reasonably priced gadget so I would add one to one’s arsenal if you see it…particularly if you eat pineapples often!

  10. I bought this gadget at the Sidcor Market, Lung Center of the Philippines QC. Sidcor Market appears every Sat and Sun only. There’s a lady there walking around selling these tools. I got mine for only 35.00 pesos. Real neat gadget. I used it once and I had a smooth time taking those eyes off. Just be careful of the pointed edge. It’s very sharp. Nice to know that this gadget is another example of filipino creativity.

  11. Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for one of these pineapple eye remover tools myself. I saw them in China while living there, but cannot seem to find them in the U.S.A.. Does anyone here know where I might be able to buy one online?

    Thanks for your help!

    Happy New Year!



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