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Ever since I tried Mon Eugenio’s grilled Angus Beef Belly at his stall at the Salcedo Market, I have been a fan. So when I read Lori’s review of Mon’s new restaurant, Myron’s, after I returned from vacation, I figured I had to have dinner there. Located in the basement of Rockwell Mall, Mon has several interesting things on the menu though I think he is still working out some of the kinks with respect to menu choices based on what suppliers have available and what his chefs can consistently send out of the kitchen in fine form. The early verdict? Terrific value. Nowhere in the city can you find a selection of fresh oysters, interesting soups, a nice steak and foie gras, etc. at the prices they are currently charging. So if you have a hankering for oysters and beef (a high-zinc diet), check this place out!

I note that there have been mixed reviews of Myron’s at this early stage and I would concur with some of the comments raised. However, let me tell you what I really liked on the two myrons2consecutive nights that we dined there. First up, the oysters served raw with a citrus granita were excellent. I don’t eat oysters unless I am certain of their provenance and these were really good on both nights that I had them. Extremely fresh, well-shucked, dressed just right and they slid straight down the chute…yum. My wife also liked Mon’s foamy mushroom soup and the calamares were very good as well. I liked their beef belly but just seared on a hot grill or cast iron pan… Ask for the gravy on the side. My daughter ordered the ribs two nights in a row. For now, I would be happy with an order or two of raw oysters and a big steak with foie gras on top. Throw in some nice wine and it’s a good meal at the Mall… If you like fruit shakes, they make excellent plum and grape shakes. For a much more comprehensive review and terrific photos, click on the link to Myron’s up top…


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  1. hmm, those oysters look just lovely. i have a chilled bottle of Sancerre in the fridge which would go very well with those. i’m drooling again at your pictures. lol.

  2. hmmm i dont know i went to myrons twice and the food was horrible and the meat still had that “malansa” smell and didnt get any apologies from from the staff. im never going back.

  3. Gigi, let me know how it goes… Bay leaf, they seem pretty nice about letting you bring a bottle of wine with minimal corkage so your sancerre and oysters sounds good. Joy, too bad you got bum food, our steaks were good.

  4. A lifelong devoté of oysters (it all started in Bataan you see), I use to plan my semi-annual visits to NY around my lunch or dinner at the Oyster Bar in the bowels of the Grand Central station which serves the most jaw-wrenching resilient lobster bouillabaise that could only be redeemed by their best array of top quality oyster in the Northern hemisphere. Dunked in our traditional vinegar and chopped shallots (which the French btw call sauce mignonette) it makes any old cheap gallon white wine sip like nectar.

  5. Apicio, mignonette is my favorite too on oysters…that gives me an idea the next time I order them at Myron’s…get them totally naked and make a mignonette to go with them…but their citrus granita was very good as well.

  6. If I may add with caution though, oysters in certain areas or time of year can be as lethal as dining on fugu. One has to carefully balance then the risks involved in its consumption against its nutritional value and much vaunted colateral priapic promise.

  7. Also read Lorl’s blog so L’m trying this place out later. Thanks for your review, now I can’t wait for dinner!

  8. thanks for this marketman, i;ve been on the lookout for a new restaurant to write about (there has been a dearth about good places to cover in the metropolis of late) and while i like to hang out in power plant, i dont really consider the mall a culinary destination. i;ll check out myron’s and see whether the place will change my mind about power plant.

  9. we had dinner at myron’s a couple of nights ago the service and the food was terrible we were very dissapointed :(

  10. second time at Myron’s and still craving for more. the steak was perfect to my liking and the pasta was great. cant stop raving about the soup, mushroom cappucino. check it out, highly recommendable.



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