Salcedo Market 2nd Anniversary Tomorrow!

Don’t forget to get up early and head over to the 2nd anniversary of the Salcedo Market tomorrow, Saturday 17th of June 2006. In addition to a bustling market, Art in the Park will be offering spectacular original artwork at affordable price points. The variety, volume and quality of goods on offer at the market tomorrow is expected to be even better than usual due to all the activities planned… If you have been away for the summer, need some pinoy food favorites, produce, flowers and plants, etc., join the festivities that will run from 8am-4pm. If you have never been to the Salcedo Market, tomorrow is the day to check it out! I really like this market and hope more of them sprout up across the Metropolitan area. Enjoy!


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  1. Oh no! Lotsa people will invade our little market! Man, I seriously miss the days when I could scoot to Salcedo market in my houseclothes. Now, everyone’s gonna hit our little cozy spot! Anyway, so much for being the village scrooge…. I’ll be the sweaty, smelly girl in Nike running gear and headphones! Time to hoard my Masuki Mami siopao early and Johanna’s bacolod lumpia! Party on, Kids! :)

  2. Now,I really really envy you. I wish we could be there to help celebrate their anniversary,too. Anyway, there’s always a next time.

    Have a good weekend,MM!

  3. I’ll admit that the reason I’ll be going to Salcedo Market tomorrow is coz of Mr. Marketman’s coverage. :)

    Gigi: We’ll try to be nice invaders! No boorish, un-neighborly behavior!. If you see two people in running gear, that might be us. :)

  4. Gigi, what?! Sweaty workout gear? You disappoint me…I thought for sure you’d whip out the latest huge cover your face sunglasses,don pants that are so low-waisted you can sit and definitely feel the breeze (I kid you not, I took a photo with my phone of a diner at Bubba Gumps once, whose rear was totally exposed to the diners at the next table, us…the Kid thought I would be arrested for documenting it), high heels and a huge leather bag with tons of buckles and tassles on it! Heehee, I jest, of course. Linda, have a good weekend yourself munching on those custard apples… fabian and gigi, so protective of the neighborhood, are we? I think regulars should be given green dots for their foreheads so we can get special discounts or first pick on the goods…heehee. Now if only my Panama hat arrived from Barcelona via Balikbayan box in time…my other one is at the beach…

  5. Forgot to go to the art exhibit! It was a fun morning — such great energy of buying and selling and punctuated by the band with female teen majorettes and their “Eat Bulaga meets Viva Hotbabes” dance moves. My, my….

    Yes, MM — I did a good 40-minute run to earn my Bacolod Lumpia and chicken teriyaki barbecue and rice. Ok, add a Masuki siopao to that…. It pays to live nearby. Didn’t have to think about the parking.

  6. MM I went to Salcedo last Saturday and it was so much fun! Got stuffed with pastries and got my dad some lobsters which we had for lunch as a an early Father’s day present. My manager just arrived from Dallas and she said we’re going to Salcedo again on Saturday because she absolutely got to have grilled tilapia, at least 2! She’s a fan of Salcedo Market too; she goes there whenever she’s in the country.



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