The Salcedo Market is Turning Two!!!


The Salcedo Market will be celebrating it’s second birthday on Saturday, June 17, 2006. If you have been away for the summer, too overwhelmed by the heat or just hiding out in your caves, now is the time to come out of hibernation and sample tons of the great stuff that is on offer at the market. I have featured this market several times before – a few weeks after it first opened and on its first anniversary. I am just so grateful that the wonderful folks behind this terrific market have made it all happen and I am thrilled that there is so much demand from both the vendors and the consumers. But wait, it’s not just the market on June 17, 2006 but the added bonus of “Art in the Park,” an Art Fair put up by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines and Barangay Bel-Air. The Art Fair will feature spectacular art from a veritable who’s who list of younger Philippine artists at very affordable prices! The intention is to feature beautiful art work at less than PHP20,000. The Art Fair opens at 8am and will run through 4 pm. So don’t forget, mark your calendars, June 17 at the Salcedo Market at Jaime Velasquez Park, Tordesillas and Leviste Streets, Salcedo Village…I will be there bright and early! If you’re curious and you’ve paid attention to clues in the blog, you may even be able to figure out who I am…heehee. I may be at the prawn place, buying some barbecue, getting terrific bud-bud kabog, some mangoes or plums, an orchid or amaryllis bulb, some butter cake, organic rice, the yummiest ensaimadas, pastillas de leche, lechon, grilled beef belly, organic greens… I could happily buy something at every single one of the stalls in the market! And as for artwork… maybe a nice piece from Lanelle Abueva, a photograph by Isa Lorenzo or an abstract painting by Jojo Lofranco, among dozens of great artists who will be represented! See you there!!!(The artwork above is not for sale, my daughter painted it with classmates when she was in 3rd grade…)


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  1. Well what do you know? I thought the featured artwork will be one of the arts on exhibit! One could assume that it was done by another famous artist, but then again, the emergence of talented young people has been often ignored.

  2. Hi Market Man! I’m an avid reader of your blog; it’s very informative. I just want to ask if the Salcedo Market is opne til after lunch? I’m planning to go this Saturday. Thanks!

  3. Larees, yes it is open till after lunch though most of the good stuff is gone by then. I think it’s okay until 2pm…but for the anniversary on the 17th I think it is open until 4 pm. Try to get there earlier if you can and enjoy!

  4. My favorite time to go to Organic Market is 9am — right when the vendors (particularly Mr. Budbud Kabog Carl) have settled in and have change to give. My favorite combo breakfast is the lean and tender chicken teriyaki barbecue and Johanna’s Bacolod lumpiang ubod and for take home, lots of greens from Gourmet Cafe and a stash of to-die for Masuki Mami asado siopao (the mami is over-rated — flat-tasting broth, tasteless noodles).

  5. Gigi, omigod, that list is so anal…and I can imagine you doing your rounds! Heehee. Funny how we develop our favorites and go about our days acquiring food…

  6. I like finding one new thing to try at the market; last week I bought goat cheese and some edamame (for P50 for a half kilo it was a good bargain). But my favorites are Vargas butter cake, new houseplants at one of the stalls, picking up a supply of Virgin Coconut Oil at Marisa’s, coffee, and some indian food at Kashmir, plus a container of tabbouleh at the french food stall (good pate there too). I was sad to see that the duhats are out of season already (I only had one duhat binge this year!!), but the lychees look pretty good.
    Food, glorious food! See you on the 17th!



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