“Stoned” Bread

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Hahaha. I meant STONE BREAD. “Stoned” just sounded more amusing. A hop away from the fried persimmon cake vendor was the stone bread lady. The unique delicacy had the most unusual shape, and it was hard to figure out how it was cooked if you had been presented with just the finished product. Think waffles with rounded depressions…


It turns out that disks of dough are “buried” under hot/heated smooth black stones and they bake into the spaces between the stones, ending up with the “moon surface like” depressions on the surface of the bread.

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After several minutes baking below stones, the breads are retrieved…

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It’s all rather interesting, so I’m sure you want to know how the bread tasted… Besides it’s shape, it was actually rather tasteless, kind of hard and well, not something I would really seek out a again. Then again, maybe I wasn’t “stoned” enough and it is an acquired taste… :)


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  1. Isn’t that one way they roast chestnuts too?

    Somehow these pockmarked flatbread remind me of a joke about the Gabor sisters, my era’s close equivalent of the Kardashians. One of them married Porfirio Rubirosa of the eponymous pepper mill fame. Anyway, the joke was that they married so frequently that they acquired permanent rice marks on their faces.

  2. Cardboard-y was my first impression of it but these are often eaten with soup so it’s ok. A bland background against something flavorful. Like our plain rice :)

  3. Footloose, roasted chestnuts also came to my mind.
    The stones don’t look like lava rocks but more like river stones. Caveman style of cooking! :)

  4. Just like some Mexican’s way of cooking soup, opting a heated stone to a broth with veggies

  5. Footloose–hahaha! Ricemarks..
    Very interesting, MM. I first thought they were cooked over hot rocks.



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