What are your Top 10 Pinoy Desserts/Sweets/Delicacies??? Cast your vote!!!


Now it’s time for the Top 10 Pinoy Desserts, Sweets and Delicacies. Following the poll on the Top 10 Pinoy Dishes that got so much attention and yielded such interesting results, I agree with several readers who suggested a poll on desserts and sweets. In my opinion, the Pinoy sweet tooth is highly developed. Whether the more “traditional desserts” based on rice, palm sugar and coconuts to the more Spanish influenced concoctions high in refined sugar, eggs and lard to the American influenced cakes, ice creams, etc., we as a nation have excelled at adopting, adapting, consuming and talking about desserts. So this is your chance to put in your vote for the Top 10 Pinoy Desserts. Please exclude fresh fruits by themselves (e.g. Mango) as I intend a future poll on fruits as well. Marketman wants to know if your Top 10 Desserts includes a silky leche flan, an aromatic budbud kabog, a sensuous buko pandan salad, or perhaps bucaio, bibingka or broas? Will you just go crazy if you are forever banned from fried saba bananas, banana-que, turon, consilva or maruya? Will you whine if you faced a life without halo-halo, guinomis, or mais con hielo? What about pichi-pichi, palitao, cuchinta, puto or sapin-sapin? Would you get crabby if you couldn’t make that salad of canned fruits swimming in canned cream? Will Brazo de Mercedes make your list or is sans rival and a Cebuano torta more to your liking? What about yemas, pastillas de leche or ube jaleya? Think hard and narrow it down to just 10! Please write in, and post your list. I am busy the next day or two so I will leave this post up for maximum exposure and hopefully I can coax about 100-150 readers to participate. Many thanks in advance!!!

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140 Responses

  1. at 7:30 in the morning?!?!? i just started my diet, MM…

    in no particular order:
    1. Camiguin’s pastel
    2. leche flan
    3. Ilocos bibingka
    4. ube jaleya from Good Shepherd
    5. pastillas de leche (i like the one made from carabao’s milk)
    6. buko pandan salad
    7. yema
    8. barquillos (sp?)
    9. consilva
    10. peanut brittle

    now back to my hole…

  2. In no particular order, my top 10:

    -suman sa lihiya (not sure of the spelling)
    -guinataang bilo-bilo
    -puto (with lots of butter!!!)
    -puto bumbog
    -biko, sapin-sapin, and other “kakanin”
    -pastillas de leche
    -leche flan

  3. Mine are:
    1. Sansrival (I miss the sansrival from pampanga)
    2. leche flan
    3. suman (kahit ano)
    4. buko pandan
    5. brazo de mercedez
    6. puto-bumbong
    7. halayang ube
    8. cassava cake
    9. pitchi-pitchi
    10. palitao

  4. Hi Mr.MM

    my top 10, in no particular order are:

    -halayang ube
    -puto bumbong
    -pastillas de leche
    -pichi pichi
    -halo halo
    -buko salad (but not swimming in creams)
    -cheese cakes
    -tarts (such as macapuno, ube, cheese..etc)

    Good luck!!!

  5. In no particular order
    + Ube ice cream
    + pastillas de leche
    + yemas
    + sapin-sapin
    + bibingka
    + puto (the tiny ones or the ones made in Bacolod wrapped in pandan leaves I think. Both should be fresh, steamed, and topped with real butter)
    + palitaw
    + fried native bananas, crystallized with sugar (especially the ones I had in Zamboanga)
    + halo-halo
    + guinataan

    So many more that I would miss if I were exiled but the aforementioned would be missed the most.

  6. 1) ube – jam/ice cream;
    2) buko pandan with ice cream;
    3) saba with arnibal and shaved ice served with milk
    4) halo-halo — only of Razon’s though
    5) pianono – the corner panaderia kind that’s sugary and uses margarine which no one makes anymore —
    6) suman ala Tita Paring’s complete with gooey latik or simple budbud kabog
    7) ginataang bilo-bilo
    8) guinomis – Via Mare style
    9) pastillas de leche
    10) puto-bumbong

    do we really have to confine it to 10???? MM, I’m sending you my Via Mare bill… I am salivating in my cubbyhole now. You’re risking the wrath of my personal trainor…. I’m not holding myself responsible for my weight gain. Get some soap and wash the pounds off your hands! ;)

  7. ..repost..

    i’m not fond of sweets but whenever these appear on the table….well..

    pastel – haven’t tasted this in a looong time. i heard it’s now available at the ground floor of Market!Market!

    pichi-pichi from Malabon
    leche flan
    mais con yelo
    pastillas de leche
    maja blanca
    halo halo
    kutsinta with melted butter

  8. mine would be:

    1. pichi-pichi
    2. sapin-sapin
    3. yema
    4. sans rival
    5. buko pandan
    6. bibingka
    7. halo-halo
    8. guinataaang halo-halo
    9. puto bumbong
    10. fresh fruit salad (no canned fruits pls, no condensed milk either; only good whipped cream)

  9. 1. halo-halo
    2. puto bumbong (if you happen to be in Cebu MM, try the puto bumbong at Cafe Laguna or Laguna Garden)
    3. palitaw
    4. pichi-pichi
    5. sapin-sapin
    6. buko pandan
    7. turon
    8. cassava cake
    9. binagol
    10. chocolate moron

  10. mine are;

    1.ube halaya
    2.buko pandan salad
    3.pastillas (the soft one rolled in sugar)
    5.leche flan
    6.turon (love the crunch)
    7.cassava cake
    8.macapuno/ube icecream
    9.guinatan mongo
    10.bibingka with cheese on top

  11. hi MM!

    i am supposed to stay away from sugar laden stuff as my sugar count is on the high side but if i had my way…..here goes:

    1.ube from Good Shepherd
    2.pastillas de leche from bulacan
    3.leche flan
    4.puto bumbong (with lots of butter)
    5.bibingka with lots of coconut and sugar
    6.turon with langka
    7.gulaman (in different flavors)
    9.tita paring’s suman
    10.strawberry ice cream

  12. Friday dessert at home throughout my childhood was invariably boiled mungo with milk and sugar on ice. This was set aside from the mungo that went into guinisang mungo which morphed from week to week according to the green garnish available. It came to the table always accompanied by escabeche that also changed weekly depending on the kind of fish. Otherwise, one of the following depending on mother’s budget or occasion:

    1. makapuno or mango ice cream
    2. pili pie (pecan pie with the pecans replaced with pili)
    3. lupok (mashed cassava, green saba and coconut)
    4. pichi-pichi
    5. sapin-sapin (made with regular rice)
    6. fried ripe saba with sugar and rum
    7. caramelized fried camote
    8. custard tart with macapuno
    9. boiled gabi with grated coconut
    10. majablanca (kalamay mais)

  13. 1. leche flan
    2. turon
    3. suman
    4. pastillas
    5. puto bumbong
    6. palitaw
    7. sansrival
    8. avocado and milk
    9. canonigo/brazo de mercedes
    10. buko pie

  14. >leche flan
    >pastel (camiguin) tell me where i could buy this in market market. . . .
    >sapin sapin
    >pichi pichi
    >iloilo’s butterscotch
    >maja blanca
    >guinatan (with sago banana langka . . .yummy)
    ooops. . . .tan na yon?. . . kulang pa. . . hehe

  15. my top 10 favorites are:
    – leche flan
    – brazo de mercedes
    – sans rival
    – puto bumbong
    – suman sa lihiya/ibos
    – sapin-sapin
    – palitaw
    – pichi-pichi
    – puto (the small round ones from Pangasinan)
    – turon
    i feel sad that i can only post 10…..because Pinoy food reigns supreme, whether it be a savory dish, sweets, dessert etc.

  16. I haven’t had breakfast yet but I’m getting on board for this!!!

    Mais con Hielo
    Ice Candy :D
    Ice Buko :D
    Batangas Bibingka
    Puto (w/ cheese on top!)
    Pastillas con Leche
    My lola’s Leche Flan

  17. 1. leche flan
    2. halo-halo
    3. ube
    4. brazo de mercedes
    5. suman (the one in tiendesitas)
    6. banana-q
    7. guinumis
    8. dirty ice cream- tsokolate, mango, vanilla
    9. kalamansi sorbet
    10. buko-macapuno

  18. hello! this is my first comment since i started reader your blog (since oct. last year)… want to say i really enjoy reading your posts and trying some of your recipes. anyway, here’s my top 10 pinoy desserts ( in no particular order):

    – pastillas de leche (from bulacan, like miss rosa maria’s post)
    – leche flan
    – kutsinta (the small ones… when i was a kid, i could eat a small bilao of this in one sitting)
    – maja blanca
    – sapin sapin
    – bibingka (the christmas bibignka cooked in the traditional pugon de uling)
    – palitao (my brother and i would always fight over the last piece)
    – brazo de mercedes / canonigo
    – turon with vanilla ice cream
    – ube haleja (i love the slightly “makunat” ones)

  19. 1. Bibingkang malagkit- I think they call it Biko. The La Tasca one at Salcedo market particularly yummy
    2. Halayang Ube
    3. Ginataan with the sticky bola bola, ube,saba,lanka and sago
    4. Sweetened Saba with ice and milk
    5. Binatog ? (the corn with sugarand salt and grated coconut)
    6. All types of Suman
    7. Turon with Langka
    8. Buko Lychee Sherbet
    9. Palitaw
    10. Maja Blanca with the latik on top.. Yum!

  20. Hi MM,

    Hi MM! I discovered your website only last week (came across it while searching for links for taba ng talangka which I’ve been trying in vain to find)…I grew up in Cebu, spent summers in Bohol, went to college in Manila and trained in NYC, so I sure can identify with many of your posts…just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed browsing through your site. And your pix are awesome :)

    Anyway, here are my top ten dessert faves (can’t we cheat and list 20? heheh)

    buko pie
    budbud/suman (any kind, whether cassava, from malagkit, chocolate moron etc)
    cassava cake

    When we were kids, my lola also used to make cakes out of boiled saba/brown sugar which she would mash with a huge wooden mortar and pestle, then top with grated coconut and serve on banana leaves….but I don’t know what it’s called—that too was one my favorite merienda foods growing up :)

    And nope, I still haven’t found where to buy taba ng talangka (I’m now living in the Pacific Northwest). Does anyone know
    of any stores in the Seattle or Portland areas selling this?

  21. One of my fond memories of childhood is “minatamis weekend.” My father is very good when it comes to native dessert (bilo-bilo, palitao, etc), and kids were usually tasked (actually, we fought for our turn!) to crank the gilingan ng galapong, that heavy, heavy stone mill, which makes us, the kids, so tired and hungry afterwards. Funny thing though, rice-based native desserts are not my favorites.

    1. Leche flan (my mother makes wonderful leche flan—so smooth, silky, sweet, made fragrant with dayap, and no egg whites, please!)
    2. Pastillas de leche (especially if home-made; if not, pwede na yung galing sa San Miguel or Guiginto in Bulacan)
    3. Pichi-pichi
    4. Yema
    5. Buco pandan
    6. Ube
    7. Minatamis na kamias (the least of my favorites; I only like this because I’ve had so much fun helping my mom make this)

    Sorry, I can only give seven.

  22. 1.leche flan!
    2.halo halo
    3.sans rival
    4.sapin sapin
    5. minatamis na saging with ice and milk
    6. suman (balinghoy/cassava)
    7. kutsinta
    8.fruiy salad
    9. ube
    10. minatamis na macapuno

    would bibingka (one with the salted eggs) count as dessert?

  23. not really fond of (pinoy) desserts, but once in a rare while, when

    1. pili bars, but only by peachy yulo from magallanes
    2. leche flan but only by nina bustamante
    3. buko pandan but only by this girl in boracay who only makes on order from clients (including nina)

    4. dulce gatas but only if its made by a former yaya from bacolod and she does it only when she’s able to source really good carabao’s milk – and that’s once in a blue moon
    5. piyaya, but only if its made by bailon’s in bacolod

    are available, i go berserk, i forget im diabetic and indulge as if im about to breathe my last!

  24. Here are my favorite sweets: Tocino del cielo at least one day old, Guinataang bilo bilo at least one day old, Maja blanca with lime flavor, Sans rival, Chocolate cake with mousse filling, Espasol from Pampanga, Kutsinta, Mango Torte, Kalamay na Ube, and Suman sa Lihiya with lots of latik. I am very fond of your website. More power to you.

  25. hmm. am not sooo into sweets but here’s my list:

    1. thick, beaten tablea chocolate with churros.

    2. freshly cooked bibingka with itlog na pula. particularly the ones you get in via mare

    3. the fresh from the girdle piaya you get in the salcedo market. soft and flaky. also comes in ube flavor. its sooooo different from the “pasalubong quality” items you get in supermarkets.

    4. my friend’s mom’s leche flan. she’s a fine batanguena cook. and her flan has the ultra smooth consistency similar to yema AND creme brulee. fantastic. no air holes and doesn’t taste like scrambled eggs

    5. the ten peso (P10) halo-halo you get in the province. or the ones you get in chowking. razon’s is ok.

    6. STREET turon. there’s just something extra tasty about them. sometimes i melt a slice of cheese on top. pretty good. sweet salty

    7. banana que/camote que with considerable amounts of caramelized brown sugar. and the banana/camote has to be tender

    8. lily’s peanut butter and chocnut(tama ba spelling)

    9. puto bumbong. with loads of butter and sugar

    10. caramelized pili nuts. but only the ones with the thin coating.

  26. .Vargas brazo de mercedes
    .pastillas de leche [the soft, pudgy ones, not the hard sticks]
    .my grandmother’s leche flan
    .puto from Bacolod with lots of butter
    .galletas from Bacolod
    .my mom’s mango supreme [mangoes cooked in butter, cinnamon and sugar]
    .Arce mantecado and coffee ice creams
    .silvanas from that house in San Lo
    .sago with gata and panocha

  27. uhm. i’ll just squeeze in one extra thing:

    11. the ice buko you used to get in the streets. it’s all but a memory now. lots of long buko strips and munggo on top. now you only get the puny supermarket variety which tastes nothing like the original.

  28. Ahh this survey certainly coaxed me from lurker-mode :D

    Hooray to my first post!

    1. Ube Jam (Good Sheperd or Tantamco’s from Baguio)
    2. Leche Flan
    3. Banana-Que
    4. Polvoron (HOP or Goldilocks)
    5. Cassava Cake from Quezon
    6. Buko Pandan
    7. Sans Rival of Sizzling Plate Baguio
    8. Ube Ice Cream
    9. Pichi-Pichi from Amber
    10. Maja Maiz

  29. My pinoy faves would be:
    Leche flan
    Brazo de mercedes
    Puto Bungbong
    Guinataan Halo halo
    Sans rival
    Macapuno Ice cream with lots of macapuno bits

  30. my mouth is watering!

    here are my top ten desserts:

    Taho – from our friendly neighborhood magtataho, Mang Fred
    Fruit Salad – canned fruit cocktail, condensed milk and cream
    Bibingkang Malagkit – may latik sa ibabaw
    Tupig – the authentic Ilocos type with coconut
    Halo-Halo – just saging, gulaman, macapuno, leche flan, ube and lots of milk. No beans please.
    Putong puti – not the small ones but those that can be bought by the bilao. must be made with ground rice and also with lots of cheese and itlog na maalat.
    Kutchinta / putong calasiao
    Bibingkang Galapong – (the Chirstmas type) with lots of cheese and itlog na maalat, Ferino’s is very good
    Leche Flan
    Ice candy

    Nyak! 10 na pala…

    here is my second 10(yeah, I cheat :P)

    Banana Cue
    Plain fried saba bananas
    Buko Pie – only from The Original in Los Banos
    buko pandan
    Binatog – also from our friendly neighborhood tindero, Mang Fred( yap, he sells taho sa umaga, binatog sa hapon)
    Suman sa Gata/Lihiya/Ibos
    mais/saging con yelo
    melon juice

    it sure brings back childhod memories Marketman.

  31. 1.halo-halo
    2.bibingkang malagkit/ube with lots of brown toppings (sweetened gata and langka, i think)
    4.turon with lots of brown sugar and langka
    5.banana que
    6.ginataan halo-halo with bilo-bilo and sago
    7.pastillas de leche and de pili
    8.buko pandan salad
    9.leche flan with langka
    10.suman Batangas (already sweetened)

  32. My favorites are:

    1. Suman sa Ibus
    2. Leche flan
    3. Taho
    4. Kutsinta
    5. Sapin sapin
    6. Buko juice with meat
    7. Buchi
    8. Brazo de mercedes
    9. Puto with cheese topping
    10. Ube

  33. 1. saba con hielo
    2. leche flan
    3. buco pandan
    4. puto calasiao
    5. tupig
    6. mais con hielo
    7. halaya
    8. yema
    9. biko
    10. bibingka

  34. My top 10 Pinoy desserts are:

    1. Leche Flan!!!
    2. Buko / Fruit Salad
    3. Bibingka with duck egg & kesong puti
    4. Matamis na Kamias
    5. Matamis na Saba con yielo & evap milk
    6. Halo-halo( with leche flan, cream-style corn & ube ice cream )
    7. Ube Halaya
    8. Mini-Puto w/ Cheese from Marikina
    9. Avocado ice cream
    10. Dirty ice cream-Cheese flavor

  35. -kutsinta/pichi pichi
    -fresh pinya
    -fresh mango
    -leche flan
    -buko salad
    -ginataan with bilo bilo
    -maruya (in rice flour)

  36. 1. sans rival
    2. leche flan flavored with dayap and dark caramel syrup
    3. mom’s ube jalea with fragrant ube from Bohol
    4. mom’s sweetened macapuno flavored with pandan
    (with leche flan or ube!)
    5. a jiggly ground malagkit bibingka called tocino from Zambales
    6. puto Polo
    7. sapin-sapin
    8. Laguna espasol
    9. suman sa ibos with ripe Zambales mangoes or plain sugar,
    or fried in butter and dipped in sugar..
    10. Bulacan pastillas de leche

  37. I think the line between dessert and snacks is a bit blurred. Although I like puto and cuchinta, bibingka, I will not include them in my list because to me, they are best eaten as merienda.

    So here goes my list of favorite filipino desserts:

    1. Ube ice cream
    2. Macapuno ice cream
    3. Buko lychees sherbet – I think it was Milky Way or Selecta brand
    4. Leche flan – the way that your sister suggested it should be made. I followed her instructions and my leche flan came out creamy, dense and not “holey”
    5. home made cassava cake
    6. buko salad
    7. mango ice cream
    8. “canned fruit cocktail with canned cream” frozen fruit salad
    9.maja blanca with toasted coconut
    10. mocha cake with mocha icing the way Goldilocks used to do it.

  38. omigosh….desserts now please!

    my top ten:

    1. banana q / kamote q
    2. saging con yelo
    3. halo-halo with lots of saging and pinipig
    4. chocolate and cheese moron from ms ana of tacloban city
    5. ginataang bilo-bilo, lots of langka pls…
    6. pakana, or ginataang kamote with lots of sago
    7. maruyang kamoteng kahoy, with condensed milk
    8. fried saba
    9. ice buko of the old days with lots of buko strips and munggo
    10. putong calasiao

    now i have to remember that i’m on a diet…..again

  39. 1. Taho
    2. Puto Bungbong with lots of melted butter
    3. Sans rival from San Lorenzo
    4. Polvoron with Pinipig
    5. Pinipig Ice cream
    6. Pastillas de Leche
    7. Leche Flan
    8. Buko(fleshy part) fried in sugar
    9. Bonuellos (fried puff pastry served with ice cream and syrup)

  40. mila, anabanana, are you referring to puto manapla?

    MM, here’s my list:
    1. leche flan
    2. yema (sticky/soft center with hard caramelized sugar coating)
    3. pastillas de leche (carabao’s milk!)
    4. chocolate moron (leyte)
    5. palitaw
    6. minatamis na saging
    7. butterscotch (iloilo)
    8. napoleones (bacolod)
    9. ube halaya
    10. silvanas

    Can I include champorado and chocolate eh? *:)

  41. 1. My Papa’s light, smooth leche flan
    2. Suman sa lihiya that Papa taught me to make
    3. Sans Rival made by an “aunt” from Nueva Ecija with fragrant local cashews and fresh butter laced with brandy
    4. Crisp Turon with slivers of ripe langka and drizzled with a crunchy caramel
    5. Mom-in-law’s ube halaya with pure, finely grated, dark purple ube, butter, milk and sugar, laboriously stirred over a controlled wood fire in a huge kawa at Christmastime
    6. Suman sa ibus with mangga (I know the latter’s a fruit but the combination is dynamite!)
    7. Warm breakfast Taho sold by Mang Domeng—not even San Francisco Zagat-rated taho is as good
    8. Churros like Mama makes, with pate a choux (a la cream puffs with lots of eggs) plus thick, dark chocolate
    9. Puto Manapla
    10. Mama’s Fruit Salad with Custard Cream (like a leche flan sauce)

  42. Good afternoon Mr. Market Manila. I’ve been reading your website for many months and now I can finally participate in your endeavor. Here is my list of sweet Filipino foods:

    1. minatamis na saba
    2. leche flan
    3. ube jam (Good Shepherd)
    4. turon (even without langka and brown sugar as long as with properly ripened saba)
    5. buko salad
    6. guinamos
    7. sago’t gulaman
    8. crispy pinipig with fresh carabao’s milk
    9. guinatang saba
    10. guinatang mais

  43. Ako naman!

    (in random order)

    1. tupig
    2. kababayan
    3. bibingka
    4. napoleones
    5. puto
    6. piaya
    7. ensaymada (hoping for another eyeball? :D )
    8. any local rice cake (kalamay/biko)
    9. halayang ube
    10. turon

  44. Actually I was thinking of including choc-nut in the roster. But I was not sure if it will qualify as part of local sweets. Nevertheless, I like it a lot, too.

  45. My list:

    1. buko salad/buko pandan
    2. yema
    3. leche flan
    4. sylvanas
    5. Malabon pichi-pichi
    6. Bulacan pastillas
    7. pili candies
    8. durian candies/bar
    9. halo-halo
    10.saging con hielo

  46. 1. leche flan
    2. halo-halo
    3. bibingka
    4. turon
    5. ube
    6. sansrival
    7. suman
    8. pastillas
    9. sapin-sapin
    10. pichi-pichi

  47. I’m a Filipina married to an American currently residing in Korea. I have grown an addiction to your website (reading longinly at your food descriptions while homesickness strikes me).

    Here’s my list:
    1. My mom’s leche flan
    2. Cavite City halaya
    3. Bacolod piaya
    4. Dumaguete boiled saging saba with guinamos
    5. Laguna espasol
    6. Bacolod baye-baye
    7. Bananaque
    8. Fishball with sour-spicy sauce
    9. Yema
    10. polvoron

  48. 1. Leche flan
    2. Brazo de Mercedes
    3. Sans Rival
    4. Halo-halo
    5. Turon
    6. Pichi-pichi
    7. Budin (from Tayabas)
    8. Ube halaya
    9. Avocado with milk and sugar
    10. Guinataang bilo-bilo

  49. hmm..below are my top 10 faves, in random now:

    1. tibok-tibok (melts in your mouth with lots of latik, made by my lola)
    2. pichi-pichi (from ambers!)
    3. bibingka (no salted egg pls!)
    4. puto bumbong (yung sa kanto, hehe but via mare is also ok)
    5. pastillas de leche (the soft ones usually mad from bulacan)
    6. cashew tarts (promise i can eat a whole box in one sitting-must be from pampanga)
    7. ube halaya (aleyang ube as we sy in pampanga..we make this from scratch, no food color pls)
    8. halo-halo (lots of beand and monggo)
    9. buko sherbet (my lolo used to make this, no lychee pls plain with just a touch of dayap)
    10. coconut dulls (?) (i’m not sure if this is the correct spelling, we usually make it for fiesta its made from coconut, skim milk and sugar)

  50. 1. macapuno
    2. ubeng halaya
    3. leche flan
    4. matamis na kidney beans
    5. halo-halo
    6. selecta ice cream
    7. matamis na saging
    8. guinataang bilo-bilo
    9. blueberry cheese / chocolate cake
    10. kakanin

  51. sweets!
    -leche flan
    -maja blanca
    -buco salad

  52. leche flan
    ube halaya
    ginataang mais
    ginataang munggo

  53. 1) Bibingka with itlog na maalat at kesong puti
    2) Sans Rival
    3) Pritong kamote na may asukal
    4) Turon na saging
    5) Taho
    6) Pastillas de leche (Bulacan)
    7) Ginatang Mais/Mungo
    8) Fruit Salad
    9) Pichi pichi
    10)Mango Torte

  54. 1) Halo-halo
    2) Bibingkang Galapong with kesong puti and salted eggs
    3) Suman sa Lihiya
    4) Sans Rival
    5) Leche Flan
    6) Buko Pie made with real buko and without extenders
    7) Half Moon cakes from Pendy’s Bacolod
    8) Calamay Hati
    9) Coco Jam
    10)Dulce Gatas

  55. 1) fried suman
    2) bananaque
    3) mais con hielo
    4) ube cake
    5) leche flan
    6) calamay hati
    7) bibingka
    8) puto bumbong
    9) guinataan with bilo bilo
    10) turon with langka!!!!!!!!

  56. 1. Turon
    2. Pastillas de Leche in bottles
    3. Buko sherbet
    4. Tocino del Cielo – the older and more chewy the better
    5. Putong puti rolled in sugar and fried in butter until sugar is caramelized
    6. Suman sa Lihiya with freshly grated coconut (one that is a shade or two younger than niyog) with sugar and toasted sesame seeds
    7. Suman Maruecos with a lot of latik bits
    8. Puto Bumbong
    9. Saging con yelo, no milk
    10.Binagkat na kamote

  57. 1. Turon with langka
    2. Sans Rival
    3. Inipit from Bulacan
    4. Maja Blanca
    5. Leche Flan
    6. Pili Pie
    7. Gulaman at Sago
    8. Ice Buko
    9. Ube (Tantamco)

  58. I had a MUCH harder time than I did with your last survey narrowing this list down to just 10. Making myself delete any of the items from my original list of 20+ was like pulling teeth! ;-)

    -Via Mare bibingka* w/ quezo de bola
    -Via Mare puto bumbong* w/ panocha & quezo de bola
    -White suman*
    -Ube puto* from Putong Ube (the brand)

    * all served warm, with LOTS of butter

    -Pastillas de leche – the soft ones rolled in sugar
    -Leche flan done our way (12 egg yolks, brown on top, lots of syrup)
    -Any cake iced w/ mango buttercream
    -Choc-nut, including everything flavored with it, like Choc-nut ice cream
    -Sylvanas from Mary Ann Sagalbarria’s House of Sylvanas
    -Polvoron – those with more milk than flour, enough butter so it’s not too powdery, preferably with pinipig

    And, like with the last list, I’m gonna cheat and have an 11th entry: I removed Dulce Gatas from the Top 10 since I’ve only eaten it twice, but I LOVED it and want much, much more of it! Anyone from Bacolod want to send some over? ;-)

  59. In no particular order:

    1. my grandmother’s leche flan
    2. brazo de mercedes
    3. puto maya
    4. heidi’s bibingkang suman
    5. suman that’s wrapped like a mummy
    6. suman still but the one with the sweet brown sauce (i always forget the name of this suman)
    7. silvanas
    8. halo-halo
    9. ginataang halo-halo
    10. espasol

  60. I just have to contribute! Being away from the country makes me miss these delicacies more. I promise never ever to take them for granted everytime I come back to visit! :D

    1. Vigan Bibingka
    2. Other types of Bibingka (like Via Mare’s)
    3. Ube Halaya
    4. Leche Flan
    5. Mamon
    6. Egg Pie (the ones sold on local bakeries)
    7. Ice buko with monggo (does this count?)
    8. brazo de mercedes
    9. dirty ice cream
    10. taho

  61. Marketman,

    Here’s my list (not in any order):
    – leche flan
    – pastillas made from carabao milk
    – palitao
    – brazo de mercedes (is that considered Pinoy? just saw it in another list so might as well add a vote to it)
    – turrones de kasoy
    – silvanas
    – bibingka with red egg and butter on top with young coconut shavings
    – halo-halo
    – pichi-pichi
    – ube jam sprinkled with powdered milk

  62. 1. ube halaya
    2. saba con hielo
    3. banana-que
    4. turon
    5. maruya
    6. halo-halo
    7. ginataang bilo-bilo
    8. puto bumbong
    9. buchi
    10.puto ( mala-goldilocks :) )

  63. My top 15 (sorry, can’t pare it down to 10):
    1. Leche Flan
    2. Jaleang Ube
    3. Sapin-sapin (from Malolos)
    4. Pastillas de leche (carabao)
    5. Palitao
    6. Halo-halo
    7. Buko salad
    8. Atis ice cream
    9. Suman maruecos
    10. Inipit
    11. Guinatang Munggo
    12. Sans Rival
    13. Bibingka & Puto bumbong
    14. Tibok-tibok
    15. Brazo de Mercedes

    1. Leche Flan
    2. Macapuno
    3. Jaleang Ube
    4. Matamis na kundol
    5. Kusilbang saging / kamote (in syrup)
    6. Halo-halo
    7. Peanut/Pili brittle
    8. Mazapan de pili (gold bar)
    9. Maja blanca
    10. Maiz con hielo

    1. Mango Sago
    2. Vanilla ice cream
    3. Leche flan
    4. Avocado with milk
    5. Macapuno
    6. Sapin-sapin
    7. Peanut brittle
    8. Inipit
    9. Pastillas de leche
    10. Palitao

  64. My top 10:
    1. Kutsinta from Inus, Cavite
    2. Buko Pie from Calamba
    3. Barquillos from Silay, Negros Occidental
    4. Putong puti
    5. Tamales
    7. Banana Q
    8. Ibos Ilonggo
    9. Pancit Malabon
    10.Puto Bumbong

  65. Again a typo – it’s kutsinta from Imus, Cavite! Whew! Sorry Marketman, I’m rushing for our weekly meeting now, but I have to open your web first thing in the morning bago ang lahat.

  66. My Top 10:

    1. Ube
    2. Pastillas De Leche
    3. Bibinka
    4. Durian Shakes
    5. Biko
    6. Turon
    7. Avacado Shakes
    8. Halo Halo
    9. Fruit Salad
    10. Suman…sweet kind, not made of rice, I think from a root.

  67. 10. Nanays Palitaw
    9. Turon
    8. Guinataan
    7. Buko salad
    6. Makapuno
    5. My sis-in law Cunchinta
    4. Halo-halo
    3. Kuyas Leche Flan
    2. Bibingka
    1. ABRA…Patopat…yummmyy

  68. hey MM,
    missed out on the last survey :) but here’s my list for this one:

    1. buko pie from El Ideal in Silay or Bob’s Bacolod
    2. dulce gatas
    3. mais con hielo
    4. leche flan
    5. buko pandan
    6. Vargas butter cake
    7. anything ube!!
    8. fried saba bananas with loads of sugar
    9. macapuno
    10. napoleones from Roli’s Bacolod

  69. My Hubby’s:

    1. Buko salad
    2. Suman
    3. Leche Flan
    4. Bicho Bicho – from Bacolod
    5. Pichi Pichi
    6. Napoleones
    7. Kropeck
    8. Chicharon
    9. Kalamay Hati

  70. In noparticular order..Need another spreadsheet, MM!
    1. Halo-halo
    2. palitaw
    3. sweetened saba withmilk and crushed ice
    4. Sweet corn ice cream with pinipig topping
    5. turon
    6. puto-bungbong
    7. bibingka
    8. leche flan
    9. maruya
    10.plump, ripe, sweet carabao manggo

    I’m out!

  71. My list:
    1. “Original Buko Pie” from Los Baños
    2. leche flan
    3. turon
    4. halo-halo
    5. pichi-pichi
    6. piyaya (sp?)
    7. kutchinta
    8. cassava cake
    9. buko pandan
    10. hopia

  72. my list would be composed of:(no particular order)
    1: leche flan
    2: bico
    3: halo-halo
    4: sapin-sapin
    5: cassava (the one cooked with evap & condensed milk with eggs, sugar and cheese)
    6: minatamis na beans/garbanzos
    7: suman (all kinds)
    8: buco pandan
    9: sans rival / sambos
    10: my very own fudge brownies (hehehe!!!)

    been reading your blogs and i really enjoy it i forget about time.. i also love the recipes you share… more power and you rock!!

  73. Mine:
    1.cassava cake
    2.leche flan
    3.Buko salad
    6.maja blanca
    7.sapin sapin
    9.banana cue
    10.camote cue

  74. In no particular order: But below is a list of must have desserts at least once a year. I absolutely cannot resist the desserts below :)
    Good luck on this one, MM – hope it does not disrupt your internet site ;)

    1. Sans Rival
    2. Leche Flan
    3. Palitaw
    4. Turon
    5. Fruit Salad
    6. Mango Cake
    7. Puto Bungbong
    8. Halo-halo
    9. Yema/Pastillas
    10. Puto

  75. MM, I’m partial to Negros & Bacolod sweets, so here goes:
    1. Dulce Gatas
    2. Inday-Inday (palitaw, shredded coconut w/ muscovado dip)
    3. Leche Flan
    4. Guinomis
    5. Napoleones
    6. mango-filled Empanaditas
    7. Canonigo
    8. Red Ribbon’s Sans Rival
    9. Ensaymada ala mode
    10. Suman con Tsokolate

  76. 1. leche flan
    2. buco pandan salad
    3. halo-halo
    4. guinataang bilo bilo at langka
    5. suman sa lihiya
    6. minatamis na saba with sago
    7. matamis na bao
    8. macapuno balls
    9. ube ice cream
    9. sago’t gulaman
    10.maja blanca

  77. Hello Marketman,

    Your site comes to our household daily. Thank you so much for maintaining a highly interesting and highly educational site. I grew up in Cebu and have been stuck here in the U.S.(but not for long). Anyway, here are some of the comforting sweets that I miss so much back home.

    Puto maya (with lots of kamay and sikwati)
    Linusak (with lots of butong)
    Bud-bud (Kabog)
    Bibingka (authentic ones)
    Landang (with sab-a)
    Banana Q

  78. 1. leche flan
    2. sansrival
    3. halayang ube
    4. cassava
    5. maja blanca
    6. turon
    7. ginataang bilo bilo
    8. buko salad
    9. halo-halo
    10. yema

  79. 1. biko
    2. sometype of vanilla icecream that had bits of cheese in it, I can’t remember what brand or what it was called, Magnolia nanka and ube icecream bars, also pinipig bar
    3. any kind of bibinka
    4. inkaldit
    5. halo-halo
    6. puto bought from the vendors infront of the church in Calasiao after Sunday mass
    7. bitsu bitsu
    8. banana turon
    9. casava suman
    10. espasol

  80. 1. guinataang munggo
    2. leche flan
    3. ube halaya
    4. cassava cake
    5. halo-halo
    6. bibingka
    7. yema
    8. palitaw
    10. saba con hielo

  81. Not a big fan of sweets, I can only name a few….
    -Dirty ice cream
    -Sago’t gulaman – the brown kind and the pink kind
    -Halo-halo from the penn or razon’s
    -Ice saba

  82. 1. halo-halo
    2. cassava cake
    3. suman-latik
    4. bayi-bayi
    5. guinataan
    6. ibos
    7. banana/kamote-q
    8. bingka
    9. turon
    10. kropek

  83. my top ten:

    1. halo halo with ice cream and leche flan on top
    2. leche flan
    3. guinataan/binignit
    4. turon
    5. ube halaya
    6. polvoron
    7. bico/suman
    8. minatamis na saging
    9. sans rival
    10. kutsinta

  84. My top Pinoy dessert list:

    1) Ube ice cream (how many desserts have that FABULOUS color?)
    2) Leche Flan
    3) Halo Halo topped with ube and ice cream
    4) Pastillas de Leche

    alas that’s all I can think of off the top of my head….

  85. Greetings MM. here’s my top Pinoy desserts:
    1. leche flan
    2. Ube
    3. Pastillas de Leche
    4. banana que
    5. halo-halo
    6. cassava cake
    7. buko cake
    8. ube ice cream
    9.mango ice cream
    10. turon

  86. 1. macapuno ice cream
    2. ube
    3. turon with langka
    4. bibingka
    5. halo-halo
    6. leche flan
    7. piaya
    8. maruya
    9. suman with brown sugar
    10. i know it isn’t a dessert… sago’t gulaman

  87. Top ten desserts

    1. buko/fruit salad
    2. broken cathedral
    3. halo-halo
    4. guinataan
    5. saging prito
    6. leche flan
    7. ice candy
    8. bibingka
    9. mango float
    10. tamal

  88. oh my! only ten? coming from a province teeming with sweets and delicacies (bulacan), and a home catering to these (we-so-love-desserts/sweets/delicacies,my family cooks ’em) i can’t think of any without yearning for a bite! but here goes in no particular order except for my favorite..
    1.leche flan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my all-time favorite)
    2.halayang ube (home-made with lots of stirring to make it sticky)
    3.sapin-sapin (in variety of colors)
    4.maja blanca
    6.sans rival
    7.suman sa lihiya
    8.pastillas de leche
    9.gelatin/cathedral windows
    10.brazo de mercedez

  89. 1. turon
    2. banana q
    3. leche flan
    4. cassava cake
    5. buko pie
    6. polvoron
    7. puto
    8. kutsinta
    9. puto bumbong
    10. pichi-pichi

  90. Here’s my list:(no particular order, all are my faves!)
    1. guinataang halo-halo (with the works – langka, bilo bilo, ube, saba, sago…)
    2. buko pandan salad with lychees
    3. palitao
    4. leche flan (my Ma’s with the sugar medyo burned and with dayap rind)
    5. Brazo de Mercedes
    6. Saba cooked in brown sugar syrup with sago
    7. banana turon with langka
    8. cold mashed fresh strawberries in cream and a smidgen of condensed milk
    9. ice buko (homemade with pinipig pa!)
    10. black and white chocolate mousse cake from the nice couple in Salcedo Market (free advert!!!)

  91. My list in no particular order:

    1. Ube halaya
    2. Buco Pandan salad
    3. Leche flan
    4. Maja mais (from Dolor’s)
    5. sapin sapin (from Dolor’s)
    6. Minatamis na macapuno
    7. Minatamis na saba
    8. Buco pie
    9. sansrival
    10.halo halo
    geez, i still have 2 more!..pastillas and turon

  92. 1) Mango cream pie (Or any mango, custard and crust combo)
    2) San Rival
    3) Sylvanas
    4) Mango ice cream
    5) Halo Halo
    6) Barako mousse from M Cafe
    7) Ube Ginataan from Kusina Salud
    8) Turon
    9) Native chocolate paired with mangga’t suman from Gayuma
    10) Biko

  93. i have to join on this…..here goes!!! this is not in order of preference:

    >> masareal
    >> halo-halo espesyal
    >> avocado in condensed milk
    >> maja blanca
    >> cassava cake with macapuno
    >> puto kutsinta
    >> palitaw
    >> banana-q
    >> budbud pilit
    >> bibingka from mandaue
    ….pahabol: leche flan, yemas, polvoron, ensaymada, ginataan…ang dami pa MM sobra pa sa 10

    waaahhh!!! nagutom na tuloy ako :-(

  94. pahabol ng isa. this one i think everybody will agree with me (that is, if you’ve tasted this one)
    kalamay from buhol—-hmmm! tsalap

  95. p.s.
    Bohol pala…where the famous chocolate hills are from (nope, these hills are not desserts LOLZ)

  96. salvaro
    glazed pili nuts
    cassava cake
    ube ice cream
    halo halo

  97. I hope I cast my votes just in time! Here’s my all-time favorite list:

    1. Ginataan – With lots of chewy gooey bola-bola made of “malagkit”, bananas and langka.
    2. Halo-halo – Memories of summer, what more can I say…
    3. Leche Flan
    4. Turron – Just the way MM wrote about it. With equal proportions of crunch please.
    5. Bibingka – This reminds me of Christmas…
    6. Puto bung-bong – So simbang gabi…
    7. Palitaw
    8. Suman – All sorts. It differs in regions but it’s still suman to me.
    9. Napoleones from Bacolod
    10. Champorado – Does this count as dessert? Anyway, it’s still in my list.

  98. in no particular order,
    1. halo-halo – i tried yung sa lasap recently, quite good
    2. pichi-pichi – with cheddar cheese, or parmesan cheese. no coconut for me.
    3. canonigo – with vanilla sauce, in alba’s. so rich, you feel like a million bucks!
    4. cheese ice cream ng fruits in ice cream
    5. leche flan – the very sweet very rich kind
    6. native tsokalate
    7. bibingka from via mare
    8. puto – the diao eng chai variety, the really tiny ones, which i steam and slather with lots of fresh butter
    9. iced banana – minatamis na banana, ice, evaporated milk, sugar
    10. yema balls from hizon!

  99. I discovered your site early this year, since then I’ve been browsing it almost every day. Ok, here’s my humble desserts/delicacies?
    1. bibingka with tuba (hudno not steam)
    2. palitaw
    3. cassava cake
    4. halo-halo
    5. suman ( malagkit/cassava)
    6. biko/puto maya
    7. ginataan or binignit
    8. dinumugan
    9. siopao (filling bukayo)
    10.leche flan
    Yum, makes me go back home right now.

  100. 1. leche flan
    2. kutsinta
    3. buko pandan
    4. pastillas de leche
    5. Roli’s Napoleones from Bacolod
    6. turon (no langka, please)
    7. Tita Paring’s Suman Latik
    8. saba con hielo
    9. brazo de Mercedes
    10. dirty ice cream (mango & cheese)

  101. 1.pastillas de lleche
    2. masapan de pii
    3. pili brittle (barely glazed pili)
    4. sans rival
    5. halo-halo
    6. haleyang ube
    7. cassava cake with coco cream topping
    8.ube ice cream
    9. cheese ice cream
    10. the yema/nata-stuffed dayap rind from laguna

  102. 1. ube halaya
    2. minatamis na saba with ice
    3. putomaya with ripe mango
    4. binignit/guinataan
    5. budbod bisaya with tsokolate
    5. fried bananas
    6. suman and latik
    7. pichi-pichi
    8. maja blanca
    9. leche flan
    10. guinonmis

  103. 1. Pastel of Camiguin (this ROCKS!)
    2. Sapin-sapin
    3. Palitaw
    4. Cuchinta
    5. Maruya
    6. Turon
    7. Napoleones of Bacolod
    8. Biko
    9. Sweet saba (the cold one with ice)
    10. Ginataan

  104. I wish we have these readily available here in dallas:
    -sans rival
    -cheese ice cream
    -buko pie
    -puto bumbong
    -suman latik
    -guinataan w/ bola-bola
    -taho’t sago
    -sweet saba with shaved ice and milk
    -pastillas de leche/ube (soft kind)
    -ice buko

  105. These are my favorites:

    1. Ginataang Halo-Halo
    2. Palitaw
    3. Puto-bumbong, with lots of butter and sugar
    4. Turon with langka
    5. Biko
    6. Karioka? Deep fried sweet rice balls, skewered on a stick, and drizzled with carmelized sugar syrup.
    7. Bibingkang Malagkit – may latik sa ibabaw
    8. Cuchinta
    9. Suman sa lihiya/ibos with lots of latik
    10. Banana que/camote que

  106. Here’s my sweet list(in no particular order though):

    1. guinomis
    2. Camiguin pastel
    3. Bulanghoy
    4. puto
    5. pilipit
    6. halo-halo
    7. turon
    8. leche flan
    9. ube haleya
    10. sansrival

  107. can i add something which i haven’t had in years? an all time childhood fave: PINTOS

  108. also in no particular order:

    – turon with langka
    – suman with latik
    – puto bumbong with panocha
    – cuchinta with lots of niyog
    – bibingka withlots of niyog
    – barquillos
    – puto (kalasiao ba yun – yung maliliit na white)
    – canonigo
    – buko pandan
    – sans rival

  109. 1. TAHO!!! – im happy there are taho stations at the malls now – they’re cleaner hahaha
    2. Tupig
    3. Buko pie!!
    4. Cassava cake
    5. Turon (i’m a fan of bananana – a turon stall at Rob Metro East)
    6. sapin-sapin (from dolors, others are gummy)
    7. Buko pandan
    8. Ube cake (from red ribbon)
    9. Yema with nuts
    10. Maja Blanca

  110. am i too late to cast my vote? pero here goes:
    1. brazo de mercedes
    2. buko pie (d’ original dapat!)
    3. pastillas de leche
    4. leche flan
    5. suman with panocha sauce
    6. halo-halo!!!
    7. sans rival
    8. palitaw
    9. cassava cake
    10. cheese na dirty ice cream on a “sugar cone” (pinaka fave!! #1!)

    hay, now i’m hungry tuloy…

  111. Hi MM! I’m one of the lurkers, but could not resist this one. I started reading your blog last March when I accidentally found the link while searching for a recipe at Google. I grew up in Bohol, studied in Cebu during college and is now in the US. I’m very happy to see that you have posted some entries about Bohol. Brought back childhood memories. Anyways, here’s my top ten in no particular order:
    – Calamay from Jagna, Bohol
    – Broa from Baclayon
    – Ube Jam
    – Nilusak (grounded/pounded saging with coconut & sugar)
    – Binagol (from Leyte, I believe)
    – Nilupak
    – Bibingka from Mandaue, Cebu
    – Cassava Cake ala bakery from Escario Street (I forgot the name of bakery, it’s been a long time)
    – Fresh Buko/Fruit Salad (mixed with cream, lemon juice, orange juice, etc. Yum!)
    – Buko Pie from Laguna

  112. In no particular order, but homemade when possible:
    1. Leche flan, no egg whites, please
    2. Canonigo, with lots of rum, fresh mango or berries on the side
    3. Buko pie, as I remember it from Letty’s in Los Banos 20 years ago (Is it still there?)
    4. Sans rival, but only the crisp, all-butter ones
    5. Mango cream pie (short crust, custard, fresh mango, whipped cream)
    6. Piyaya (the very thin type, like Bailon’s)
    7. Dirty ice cream, ube with cheese
    8. Old-fashioned chocolate cake with boiled fudge icing, optional caramel sauce on the side. (I consider this Filipino because you can’t get it in the U.S. unless you make it.)
    9. Cassava bibingka with queso de bola
    10. Turron (fried banana)
    11. Mango tarts from Bacolod
    12. Caramel tarts from Bacolod
    13. Okay, pretty much any sweet from Bacolod

  113. in no particular order –

    1. leche flan
    2. turon
    3. suman at tsokolate (pwede ring suman at mangga, basta suman!!!)
    4. biko
    5. bananacue
    6. pinasugbo (or at least that’s what i think those thin banana fritters with caramel and sesame seeds are called)
    7. palitaw
    8. polvoron
    9. bibingka
    10. butterscotch from iloilo

    and since i can’t keep it to just ten…

    11. arce ice cream (especially their coffee and caramel flavors!)

  114. i’m a lurker as well and i enjoy reading your blog. but since i love to eat here’s my list (in no particular order and depending on the craving and availability)

    1. leche flan (and i agree with one of the readers – no egg whites please!)
    2. brazo de mercedes (childhood favorite)
    3. halayang ube
    4. biko
    5. turon (tastes better with a strip of langka)
    6. sans rival
    7. chocnut (truly Pinoy!)
    8. pastillas de leche from bulacan
    9. macapuno
    10. yema

  115. These are my husband’s pick (he’s Caucasian, by the way)

    1. Halo halo
    2. Turon
    3. Palitaw
    4. Kutsinta
    5. Guinatan bilo-bilo
    6. Casava Cake
    7. Banana-que
    8. Mango Ice cream
    9. Tupig
    10. Suman

  116. Now, my pick:

    1. Maja Blanca
    2. Palitaw
    3. Ube
    4. Casava cake
    5. Halo-halo
    6. Buko salad
    7. Turon
    8. Pastillas de leche
    9. Yema
    10. Banana que

  117. MM, don’t you think many of our desserts should be classified under Merienda? i forgot to include in my list stuff like dolor’s sapin-sapin, inday-inday (buco and palitaw in coconut milk) and all those carbo-loaded sweeties because i consider them merienda. but then, again,that would bring me to halo-halo, guinumis, cassava cake…ah ewan, basta lahat masarap, who cares about categories!

  118. my top ten:
    1. leche flan
    2. yema
    3. pastillas
    4. otap
    5. sans rival / brazo
    6. saba con hielo
    7. mais con hielo
    8. cuchinta
    9. buko pandan

  119. 1.leche flan
    2.buko pandan
    3. turon
    4. bibingka
    5. maja blanca
    6. sapin-sapin
    7. guinataan saging, kamote, langka, sago
    8. polvoron
    9. pastillas de leche
    10. buko pie

  120. Question: does anyone still make the sapin-sapin that isn’t gooey and sticky, more like a stiff gulaman with a faint anise flavor? If so, where can I get it?

  121. 1. leche flan
    2. ube jam
    3. turon
    4. polvoron
    5. minatamis na saba
    6. pastillas
    7. halo halo
    8. ginataang halo halo
    9. palitaw
    10. champorado

  122. Here’s my list of favorite desserts:
    Razon’s halohalo
    Arce’s Macapuno icecream
    Pisalubong (a kapampangan ricecake that’s really sticky)
    Halayang ube
    Mashed avocado with condensed milk and ice
    Magnolia’s popsicles
    Iced buco
    Boiled mongo with milk and sugar

  123. Chanced upon this website and I can’t help but give my top ten- some of which I have not eaten for ages.In no particular order though :

    -Bibingka from Via Mare
    -Puto Bumbong with grated panocha
    -Leche Flan made with Itik yolks
    -Inipit from Concepcion Bakery in Malolos (I wonder if the bakery is still there)
    -Pasta Juan? (not sure of the spelling, but it’s made from niyog,milk,sugar with dayap flavor)
    -Pastillas de leche
    -Buko Pandan
    -Halayang Ube ( I like mine not too smooth )
    -Sans Rival

  124. does anyone here know how to make fluffy icing? as like the icing in meringue.. (not the royal icing)
    1. leche plan
    2. sansrival
    3. meringue
    4. halo-halo
    5. halayang ube
    6. macapuno
    7. guinataang bilobilo
    8. yema
    9. pichi- pichi

  125. What i wany to know is about minatamis na kundol. Can you help me. Please teach me on how to make this.

    Thanks a lot.

  126. Dory, I have never made minatamis na kundol, but I would guess it is the rind of the kundol (less the skin) that is boiled in a sugared water solution (say 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water) until the right consistency…

  127. My Mom’s Buko Pandan
    My Mom’s Ube Halaya
    Tibuk Tibuk of Susie’s
    Leche Flan
    RFW’s Halo Halo
    Ala Creme Ube Cake
    Suman with brown Sauce
    Mango Torte

  128. 1. Leche flan
    2. Haleyang Ube
    3. Fruit salad (as made by my late Auntie Connie)
    4. Brazo de Mercedes
    5. Halo-halo (no gulaman please!)
    6. Turon with langka
    7. Pastillas de leche
    8. Special bibingka with quesong puti and itlog na maalat
    9. Puto bumbong
    10. Ginatang halo-halo (with sago and bilo-bilo, a must)

    I’ve been in the U.S. over 38 years but the memories of desserts made in the Philippines (NOT the short-cut American versions we so often have out here in San Diego) just brings so much “sweet” nostalgia, bar none.

  129. My top ten: (in no particular order)
    1. leche flan
    2. halo-halo
    3. fruit salad
    4. buko pandan
    5. ginataang mais
    6. ginataang halo-halo
    7. biko
    8. moron (suman ng mga waray at leytenios)
    9. silvanas
    10. mango float

  130. My top ten fave desserts would be:
    1 leche flan
    2 chocolate cake
    3 buko pandan
    4 ref cake
    5 halo-halo
    6 ice cream
    7 sapin-sapin (mommy’s)
    8 turon
    9 camote-que
    10 polvoron

  131. 1. banana-/ camote-Q or turon w/ langka
    2. ube halaya
    3. buko tarts
    4. halo-halo
    5. guinataang bilo-bilo
    6. sapin-sapin (Dolor’s)
    7. suman sa lihiya
    8. butterscotch
    9. puto/ kutchinta from Calasiao
    10. tupig

    a the list goes on.. kulang yung 10! :P

  132. It is probably too late but here goes:
    Leche Flan made by my wife;
    Jalea Ube made by Tita Zeny; Also her Macapuno.
    Sans Rival made by my cousin, Mary Anne, (she used to own a Manila Bake shop before she went to the US)
    Coffee Jelly with gata as made at my late comadre’s home (Doña Pinang). Also her Turron de Manila, with embedded langka strips with the banana.
    Masapan de Pili;
    Tocino del Cielo as made in El Gusto, which is probably now defunct.
    Suman with latik (which is impossible to find now);
    Mango flambe, as made by my bayaw, Miguel;
    Arroz con leche as made by my mother, also her bread pudding.


  133. try Mana Acion’s masareal. tastes so much better than Didang’s. order from them directly @ (32) 4207819 / (906) 4033390

  134. my list are these:
    8.lugaw(made from glutinous rice w/coconut milk)..thumbs up
    10.banana cue

  135. all of them are local names of my
    favorites snacks since childhood
    here in Cebu..

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