Which T-Shirt Would You Wear?

I am toying with the idea of a Marketmanila t-shirt in conjunction with a charitable effort for the Christmas holidays. It is only in the planning stages, but ignore the peripheral issues and concentrate on the t-shirt only… which of the following t-shirts would be something that might appeal, amuse or be worn by you? Or if you have a better idea for a one liner on the front of the t-shirt, leave a comment, please.

The BACK of the t-shirt is pretty much set:

A Marketmanila Basket Logo with the website address: www.marketmanila.com

It is the FRONT of the t-shirt that I am trying to figure out, and here are my top 4 choices so far:

FRONT A : “Have you been to the market lately?”

FRONT B : “Fresh, Finicky and Free.”

FRONT C : “Fishpan Elitist”

FRONT D : “I Beat My Eggs Into Mayonnaise” (Hahaha. I jest. I will NOT use this one!)

So, what do you guys think? Again, all I am trying to figure out is a Marketmanila t-shirt, ignore how or why it will be issued or manufactured, if it gets that far at all… Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, however, I cannot guarantee that all of your brilliant ideas will be used! Thank you, thank you!!!


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  1. My preference is Front A – giving a message to get up and grab the best the market offers giving incentives to creative cooking and has good correlation with your name. Front B – no – too much F in there. I mean good F words but way overboard. I consider myself an elitist from my bottle of bagoong up to my toothpaste so it does not have any clear meaning to me. I am finicky so Front C is also no. In this day of mass production nobody makes mayonnaise from scratch so Front D does not send any message at all in my view.

  2. My first choice would be B! Fresh, Finicky and Free. My next choice is letter A. Na-excite naman ako MM, I will support you on this one, i’ll just patiently wait for your next post regarding this. Something to look forward to this holiday season : ) Thanks!

  3. oooh marketshirt! love it! i’m thinking … different shirts with different veggies? like one’s a carrot, one’s celery, a pickle, etc., no words, just veggies oozing with character … how about MARKET BITCH lol I’d buy that haha or PALENGKE QUEEN – i JEST … how about a PIGGY! like this little piggy went to market? a cute piggy drawing … you must have shirts that are black and shirts that are white …

  4. I like B, then A.
    Or how about about a play on the M’s? As in Meals, Means and More… or Magnific Meals, Markets and More…

  5. so what’s wrong with Front D? LOL!!! oombagin ka ng mga manang with their payong!

    okay, Front A, then Front B, Triple F.

  6. I like A. But I would capitalize “the market” and add an asterix este asterisk (i.e. The Market* ) and a footnote in smaller print– *www.marketmanila.com

    B is too vague/ambiguous for me, and C, well, too, er, elitist. Tongue-in-cheek, yes, but in a country that pretends to be egalitarian and democratic, wearing anything that labels the wearer as elitist is dangerous to his/her health, LOL.

    I’d buy the D t-shirts as gifts for the males in my family who actually cook. Why, even for my husband, who doesn’t. :D

    Now here’s what I’d totally love to wear myself–


  7. Front A sound good. Its like, if I read an interesting question like “Have you been to the market lately?” on the front of someone’s shirt, I would surely try to wait until the person wearing the shirt turns his/her back and check out the answer.
    Hee hee…

  8. I like A although these other taglines did cross my mind…

    enjoy life. one kilo of mangosteen at a time.
    ensaimada snob
    trust me, i asked marketman.
    tshirt a la marketman

    I would probably not want to be a PULIS OYSTER though. :)

  9. i vote for front d; although, it may not suit me for obvious reasons, but i’d beg my husband to wear it…bwahahaha! what about ” I am a marketmanian, are you?”, or “marketmaniac on the loose”? anything that shows the wearer as an avid fan of your blog will do. thanks for the space.

  10. Definitely D. And hey, both men and women have eggs, so not only guys can wear it. Plus, without the double entendre, it is still a good foodie tagline :)

  11. The Front D has double meaning, so I like it.. hehe..

    JB’s suggestions are also cute..

    If the shirt’s finalized already, we’d all like to place our orders.. ;)

  12. Choice A would get you even the non-MM bloggers. C would be an private joke for us MM maniacs. So who’s your target market? A or C? (But I got a good chuckle over D!) Also like jb’s suggestions except Pulis Oyster. Am eagerly awaiting Lee’s and Apicio’s inputs! Don’t let us down, guys!

  13. P.s. Should read “a private joke”. Also, am ready to place my order…but please make it available in black…to hide any holiday weight gain. ;)

  14. I somehow go for A but then I think D is also catchy :-). I like trina’s tagline “Palengkera ako” front and your website at back–also since I now plan to bring a bayong to market…and wear that T-shirt as my uniform.

  15. pure instinct tells me to go for C, although the thought there is that not many may recognize it immediately. on the plus side is that you will know immediately a regular reader from their look of understanding/recognition with the catchphrase. =)

  16. I go for B! It’s just the right bit of humor in it, defines the site by giving just enough info to generate interest, and I’m a sucker for alliterations.

    A – straightforward, but too straightforward
    C – too much of a private joke really

  17. I definitely go for Fishpan Elitist.:) It may too much of a private joke for people to understand but I like the mysterious quality of it all…it is a line that would make people inquire…What’s that shirt all about? :)

  18. B is my 1st choice then A. Like what others have said, C is a bit of an inside joke and not too many people will get it. Also, I wouldn’t wear a shirt that had the word ‘elitist’ on it.

  19. I like Trina’s suggestion, and since your question of the week is about gender, offer a Palingkero/Palingkera option :D

    Otherwise I’d choose B from the list above. How about a polo-esque shirt with the market basket logo instead of the polo player? No tag line required.

  20. I like B. How about “Get Fresh With Me” and put your basket logo on the front. On the back simply have http://www.marketmanila.com
    I also liked the suggestion “Market Bitch” but that might not suit all. You could tone it down to “Market Junkie”. Or “Fussy is a Fulltime Job” … man, i can think these up all day, but doesn’t mean they are all good.

  21. me again, (sorry) i forgot to say that I really like Margaux’s suggestion about the Piggy going to market. On the front it could say ‘This little piggy went to market” – with a super pig, and on the back it could say, and “this little piggy read about it online” then have your website. I also like the idea of vege illustrations on the shirt. but they would need to be good!
    BTW I think A is too bland, C too obscure. Along that theme you could have something like “Certified Food Snob” .. so many options, so little time!

  22. fresh, finicky and free. This would have been a great subject for your poll up right, MM. easier to count votes too =)

  23. I like A as it sums up the essence of what MarketManila is about. On either black or white round-necked T-shirt, very good quality, almost 100% cotton material, with a distinct basket logo and your website. Btw, have you patented your basket logo or is this generic?

    Taking on from Mila’s suggestion of a “polo-esque shirt, I’d say a very discreet alternative would be a Lacoste-like tee, with the Basket Logo instead of the crocodile and the Marketmanila website underneath. In either black or white. I’d wear it on the golf course anytime.

  24. borrowing from dilbert’s “technology, no place for wimps”, how about “marketmanila, no place for wimps”?
    i like “fishpan elitist” because, unless one is a regular here, it needs to be explained, which then makes it a good starting point to talk about the blog.
    “a la marketman” is a great catch-phrase.

  25. i go for C..i like the suggestion This little piggy when to market, etc..and Market Bitch as well hehe..

  26. I want D! Variation: “I beat my eggs online.”

    “Walang (pa)tawad”
    “I’ve got a fishpan and I’m gonna use it!”
    “BatMan” (Batang MarketManila)

  27. Hi MM!

    I vote for B.

    I also like jb’s suggestion, “ensaimada snob”, and a combo of Tina’s and Myra’s suggestions–“this piggy went to market” (front) and “this piggy went to marketmanila.com” (back) would be great too.

    Why not make aprons, as bluegirl suggested? (D would look really good on a apron.)

    Why not help save the environment and ride on the “I Am not a Plastic Bag” craze by making cheesecloth tote bags? You can make potholders, too. I’d order for all my foodie friends!

  28. seeing that D is not a valid answer, hehe, may i suggest two designs – A & C. A as a “generic” brand for the site and C as a “tribute to all loyal followers”. i’m sure both will be a hit. =)

  29. hey all the suggestions are great! I especially like “This little piggy went to… ” and Palengkera Ako, as well as JB’s suggestions- like the “trust me, I asked marketman”.

    but among the choices you gave, D of course is the most amusing, and will tickle the Pinoy’s green and bastos funny bones, C is an insde joke but very Marketman. A is a safe choice that will appeal to a wide sector.

    Hey the tote bags are wonderful I would give them as gifts to environmentally friendly PInoy friends here in HK. :)

  30. 1) Fishpan Elitist – pero baka habulin ako ng anti-Malu brigade

    2) Anak ng Yema

    I also like B, and I also like Palengke Queen. MM, maybe you should get a PayPal account, so those of us who live abroad can still buy easily (and just have Manila pick up or delivery to a friend or relative). And variety is good. I for one would buy multiple t-shirts.

  31. Can I make a suggestion?

    How about putting the MarketManila logo in front (on the upper left side…think lacoste) with the web address under it and then put the tag line at the back.


    put the MarketManila logo in front (on the upper left side…think lacoste) then the tagline and web address at the back.

    By the way, I like tagline A.

  32. Of the 4 choices, I like “A”.

    How about:
    “Caution: I brake for produce.”
    “Foodies do it with gusto!”

    I also saw a T-shirt (I think on a lasang pinoy entry) that had all the -silog breakfasts listed on the front and at the bottom was “Taste Manila”. I thought that was cool. Maybe you could do a variation on that (like using your top pinoy desserts survey).

    If you want to sell online (esp. to your readers here in the US and Canada), look at cafepress.com.

  33. also, like Apicio said, change A to : “Have you been to the market today ?” and have this printed all over the front in the different dialects (and foreign languages) of your blog readers.

  34. FRONT: Market manilia logo and web site, at left upper.

    BACK A : “Have you been to the market lately?”
    “Na punta ka na ba sa Palengke” and such a wonderful idea, in other different dialects and languages of your readers, in various fonts.

  35. FRONT: Market manila logo and web site, at left upper. ( I like Pilar’s idea)

    BACK A : “Have you been to the market lately?”
    “Na punta ka na ba sa Palengke” and such a wonderful idea, in other different dialects and languages of your readers, in various fonts.

  36. I’d say A, but with the m in “market” capitalised.
    I also found the other readers’ suggestions really hilarious!
    This blog just made my day…again :)

  37. Mine would be a white shirt with collar. A small Market Manila logo on the front left side close to my heart. Nothing on the back. Simple but elegant.

    A regular T-shirt, C will just be fine.

  38. I’d go with using your common expression when you want to describe something
    “It’s wickedly good” or something of the sort.

  39. Wow! A bunch of comments and plenty of good ones. I would look for something more refined and classy which would reflect the character of the blog. I get a bit tired of smart aleck, catchy phrases.

  40. Congrats MM for another cause-worthy idea. I would vote for A! But if you are amenable for a totally different idea, I’d vote for Tina and Margaux’s combined suggestions of “PALENGKERA AKO.
    http://www.marketmanila.com” and “… this little piggy went to http://www.marketmanila.com” Both are very amusing yet not too snobbish. I would love to wear one and give as a gift. I’m so excited! And as others suggested, cafepress.com and paypal are way to go to give us from abroad the chance to easily get hold of the T-shirts. Thank you for giving us your readers the chance to voice out our thoughts on the design. You make us feel special! Keep us posted!

  41. hi MM, I would vote for C hehehe . . . although ok din naman yung A and D . . . regardless of what comes out on the survey, i’d buy anyway.

  42. if im going to pick from your choices, i’d go for A.
    but i will definitely buy the shirt that says PALENGKERA AKO. hehe. :-)

  43. choice F – “market meannie” in a funny font
    pls have them t-shirts in kids sizes too.
    choice A for me, mini sleeve style.
    my husband says just the collared style with the logo in front for him. can the basket logo be stitched on one sleeve?
    MM you have started a craze.

  44. I like A but I also love the other suggestions like palengkera ako and this little piggy went to marketmanila.com..great suggestions!!..but wouldn’t it be nice if we had several t-shirt designs to choose from? i’m so excited because i already have friends in mind to whom i’ll give these t-shirts plus of course i’d wear one myself..what about “Marketmanila Lurker on the Loose”?

  45. I like A if you want us to choose, but “See what’s fresh at the Market today.” would be good too.

  46. More taglines to consider…

    1. Fresh produce does the body good
    2. Foodies Unite!
    3. Foodie on the prowl
    4. Foodie on the loose
    5. Market Maven — I’m partial to this one.

  47. here’s a twist for option A:
    “….this way to the market
    -> -> -> -> -> (all the way to the back) then ending up at the website. People would want to know where the arrows would lead to and say “….hmmmm, wonder what’s that all about”

  48. 1. Your kitchen will never be the same
    2. I like D.
    3. I also like – “trust me, i asked marketman”
    4. shaken and stirred by Marketman ;)

  49. From your own ideas: A.

    Other’s suggestions are also nice: a)Have you been to the market today? in different dialects and languages; b)Palengkera/Palengkero (can this be translated to other dialects and languages as well?).

    Then with appropriate basket/bayong laden with market goodies–handpainted, embroidered or appliqued. Different sizes (including kiddie), cotton, V-necked (easier to breathe than with round necks) and long-sleeved (for me anyway since I am very photo-sensitive and I have taken to wearing lonn-sleeved shirts and blouses as per doctors’ advice).

  50. But if this can be done on very functional aprons (cotton, reasonably wide, reasonably long and thick enough to withstand the rigours of kitchen life, etc.), so much the better. Again, with the nice fresh food-filled basket/bayong or any fresh food design (handpainted, embroidered, appliqued). Who said that aprons need to be drab? My aprons now are handpainted and appliqued.

  51. What about MarketFan on the front? ha ha ha

    I beat the eggs, cream the butter and whip the cream! (how violent can we get?)

  52. I like the suggestion of betty q. to wrap the text (whatever the final tag line is) and arrows from the front to the back of the shirt, ending with the website.

    A variation could be to connect both ends of the tag line and website with arrows to make a stripe effect on the shirt.

  53. Yes, the marketmanila basket logo and url in the back, and definitely D on the front….
    or maybe ” aridelros was here? “.
    And please make it available in white.

  54. Hi Everyone! Thank you for such humorous and fantastic suggestions…of course I am now more confused… At any rate, I won’t be SELLING anything, but will update you in a few weeks. Lee, Aridelros has a comment halfway up the 130 comments or so… but I fear Aridelros is about to take off on another six month sojourn to the Amazon sans internet, a leave that always makes him a noted absence on the comments section of this blog…

  55. I think instead of “Have you been to the market lately?”, it should be “Have you been to the palengke lately?” or “Namalengke ka na ba?” Part of the great thing about your website is that the wet market/ palengke is you are raising awareness of going to the wet market/palengke again, and reinforcing the benefits, and that yuppies/middle class should consider going to the palengke again, would be awesome.

  56. I like D!

    MM! cheesecloth toe bags, aprons and towels please, even with just the basket logo…lacoste-like shirts with the basket logo and website

    I also like these:

    Palengkera Ako
    Trust me, I asked Marketman
    I Love my Fishpan

    These are my suggestions:

    I’m Jammin’ — (a take on Bob Marley’s song)
    Jam if you Do, Jam if you Don’t
    Baskets Only Lane

  57. i would choose any for a worthy cause.. :)

    hope we can all help in our own little way with this cause.. am willing to buy shirts and even sell them!! :)

  58. I like A best. Some folks might not get the others, sayang naman ang humor, hehe. May I suggest “So what’s in your basket?” =)

  59. I like betty q’s “this way to the market
    -> -> -> -> -> (all the way to the back) then ending up at the website.” But from the options you’ve given us, I’d choose A because it best captures the content and spirit of the site.

  60. Funny — re aridelros. :D

    “Palengkera ako.” is fun, and I also like “MarketFan.”

    And I echo the request for aprons and market/tote bags, please.

    MM — have to share with you an incident last night. I was out all day with my son’s class on a field trip (to the Hershey Gardens and Butterfly House, btw) so I hadn’t had my Marketmanila daily fix and thought I’d sneak a peek after I tucked him into bed. He wanted me to sit with him until he fell asleep but I said I wanted to see if Lola was online. Well, after checking to see if Lola was there (she wasn’t), I started reading yesterday’s post. Wouldn’t you know it, my baby called out to me from across the hall, “Mom, it only takes a second to see if Lola’s there. Are you sure you’re not doing something else, like reading Marketmanila again?”

    Tee-hee. :)

  61. I agree with those who chose “A”. Also, I would also like to have them on aprons and market/tote bags as suggested by Jacob’s Mom. Hala, lumalaki na ang “MM” line mo. Ok, just tell us how we can get your shirts etc….tagal naman! hehehe ay! one more thing pala, can we also get them in sizes for kids (like for my 4yo son who’s interested in cooking na), maybe a different front tag line for kids to wear…something like “The Kid…went to market with Daddy/Mommy” basta something more catchy than that.

  62. heyy..i would love to have one. I’m sure MM that people would buy this shirt in case you decide to sell this. I like letter B and A

  63. May I suggest that you work with Team Manila Design in coming up with the shirts? They are probably the best design studio in town today specializing in quirky, interesting and high-tech Pinoy graphics. I once brought a t-shirt from their Rockwell shop printed with the logo “The Carinderia Connoisseur of Manila”.

  64. Marketman, are you sure you’re not selling even a shirt?? I know you give out shirts with those who you invite for your chili crabs meals for free. I just wonder if we’ll be all invited into a gastronomous feast and get a marketmanila shirt, how charitable of you(to us readers)….hehehe, joke lang. I think it is such a good idea to sell shirts this coming holiday and the profit goes to charity.

  65. I like A catches the eye of people who read it, but I’ve been going here for quite sometime now so I like the humor of C.

  66. Go all the way MM!!!

    include bumper stickers, car sun visors (ala PPSA and all those items you can see sa FX and taxis)

    pin buttons as well — parang smiley buttons sa bags kinakabit

    so even on the streets, we will be able to know which are your loyal fans…



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