Marketman’s Christmas Treat for U.S.-Based Readers!!!

The two most “requested” Pinoy cooking or kitchen contraptions on this blog over the past few years are a puto bumbong steamer and believe it or not, a pineapple eye remover. So I have sent a member of the crew to Divisoria to hunt down these items and he was able to find one of each. The pineapple eye remover was particularly hard to find, and the one photographed here differs slightly from the one I featured several years ago, here.

While it may seem to me that several dozen requests for these items over the years indicates heightened reader interest in said items, I don’t know that for sure. At any rate, I have them now, and I would like to give all of you who live in the U.S. a chance to “win” these goodies! Most contests are for Manila or Philippine based readers, so this one is for those in the U.S. I am headed to the U.S. Northeast for Thanksgiving in the woods (hopefully lights and heat are back by then!) and I am willing to try and get these items through U.S. customs and mail them to the lucky winners. I can’t guarantee they will make it to U.S. soil, but I will try my darndest. But I won’t bother if there is little or no interest in the items… So if you would like a chance at either one of these items, all you need to do is look up the original post featuring the puto bumbong steamer or the pineapple eye remover and make sure it’s really something you want, then leave me a comment below with your first name, last initial, and the item you would like. Also use an email address you check often. That’s it. I’ll pick a winner from all of the comments left, and will email you to get a mailing address. No wild goose chase, treasure hunt, clues, etc. Just let me know you would appreciate these items as a totally unexpected Christmas gift… Who says there is no such thing as a free puto bumbong steamer or pineapple eye remover??? :)


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100 Responses

  1. The puto bumbong steamer was first featured on Nov. 28, 2007. Puto bumbong is my favorite kakanin around Christmas time. It would be nice to recreate them this holiday and surprise my family. Am sure it will bring back a lot of happy memories. It will be the best Christmas present.

    Thank you!

    Lou B.

  2. I’ve been your reader for as long as I can remember but I rarely leave a comment. I want the pineapple eye opener please.

    Noemi J

  3. Puto bumbong steamer, Nov. 28, 2007. Been missing this holiday feasts of puto bumbong, puto sulot, bibingka and tsokolate during the Christmas season. It would be nice to get one to rekindle those childhood memories.

    MM, there are still some people here that are in the dark. Damage is so great and unexpected that it’s taking longer to restore all power safely. I hope that before Thanksgiving, everyone will have their power restored. Am sure at this time, Sister should be back with electricity and heat. Have a safe trip and thank you.

    Mari R.

  4. Oh, I would love to have a Puto Bumbong Steamer, MM! It has been years since I have had Puto Bumbong. Brings up memories of my Lola making them and also Bibingka during the Christmas season. Thank you for having this giveaway for your US readers. Advanced Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble …

  5. MM,

    Just had to comeback and say that if you google [since I used google] or search for the term pineapple eye remover, your first post on the subject is the first webpage to be shown, second only to a video…

    I concur with JJ, there are no pineapple eye remover here… don’t want to win, just saying my two cents worth…


  6. MM, this should go through. I brought one 3 years ago, pinayagan naman. Pero nawala nung nag-move kami from North Carolina, so I will join this contest. Regarding naman sa pineapple eye remover, palagay ko makakalusot rin, kasi ako nagdala ng “itak” from Bicol, kahit na ini-x-ray nila, pinayagan din. Ang nakaka-pag-taka, ang kinwestiyon nila, yung large rock na dinala ko. It was a rock that I gather when we “break soil” sa pagtatayo ng Mission House namin sa Quezon Province. My pastor requeted that we bring a rock sa unang pag-hukay ng mga church or school that we help build during our mission trips.

  7. Ay mali, hindi pala contest, hehehe. Anyway, MM, gustong-gusto ko po ng pineapple eye-remover. Wala po talaga akong makitaan niyan. Sana po ako ang mapili ninyo, kung hindi ay… naku, pag-lalakarin ko ang aking hipag sa Divisoria para mahanap yan, pero problema paano niya ipapadala rito, yikes. Ang plan kong pag-uwi ay sa isang taon pa, Nov. 2013. Salamat po sa pag-aalala nyo sa amin. Napaka-maalalahanin talaga ninyo.

  8. hope i win the puto bumbong steamer. have a safe trip! just came back from picking my dad from philadelphia, noticed signs that still say gas is being rationed to even plates (yesterday). some parts of northern jersey still has no electricity, and i believe parts of manhattan.

    Kerstin U

  9. Ay Marketman, sali ako. :)

    I’d like the puto bumbong steamer, please. I haven’t had puto bumbong since Christmas 2007 in Manila and would like to at least try how to do it properly given that I always see the ingredients available in Asian stores around here anyway. Plus, I’m pregnant with occasional bursts of ‘paglilihi’ so tasting the real deal would be great.

    Thanks and have a safe trip! I hope I win!

    Malou C.

  10. Some 37 years ago, I brought with me my puto bumbong steamer when we migrated here to the Pacific Northwest. It is time I laid it to rest. So ….would love to win the puto bumbong steamer, MM!

    My gratitude as well for giving us a chance on the other side of the globe to win something.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody and have a safe trip, MM and Mrs. MM!

    Betty Q.

  11. Sorry, MM…read again your post and too early on the morning to sink in ( didn’t have my coffee yet!) that this is only for US residents so I am withdrawing my entry.

    That being said, can I borrow your puto bumbong steamer photo so I can show it to an ironworks guy in Vancouver and get a quote for a custom made one? Maraming Salamat! I know someone who has a bamboo grove and can ask him to cut a pole thick enough to use as a vessel for the mixture.

  12. Hi MM!! I’ve been following your blog for few years now, although, this maybe my 2nd time to leave a comment. I asked my parents back in ’96 to bring me a Puto Bumbong gadgets (steamer and all), but they were only able to bring 4 of the bamboo bumbong which I didn’t know what to do with. Needless to say, through the years, I lost/misplaced them. It would be really nice to have the complete set :).

    Btw, I do love your blog. I hope someday to visit one of your restaurants.


  13. I have always been in the background enjoying your posts, but always too shy (terrified?) to comment or ask any questions or any favors. I guess this is one time when I have to come out of hiding and hope that for once I could win something or get an unexpected gift for Christmas like the puto bumbong steamer just by having the courage to write this. It’s been over 25 years since I have had puto bumbong and have always wanted to try making it on my own but always making the excuse I don’t have a steamer.
    Win or not, whether you are able to get them to US soil or not, just want to say thank for even trying to make your fellow Pinoys’ holidays a little bit more special with pasalubongs such as these. Ed S.

  14. I would love to have the puto bumbong steamer but since I don’t know how to make a puto bumbong I would love to have the pineapple eye remover :)
    Thanks for the early treat MM!

  15. Hi MM….would love to have the puto bumbomg steamer. Thanks and have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

    Linda G.

  16. MM – thanks for giving us a chance to win something from back home. Will the puto bumbong steamer comes with the bamboo poles? I love puto bumbong but we can easily buy those from Manila Sunset. But I would looove to have that pineapple eye remover. I didn’t know that impelent is available. I can probably ask my friends to look for one for me but it wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t come from you.. (brown nosing ba? hahaha!).

  17. Never knew these kitchen tools existed.
    Thanks for posting.
    I frequent this interesting blog but rarely
    comment. I also learned a lot from BettyQ.She’s
    an angel.

    Since the holidays is upon us,I wish I’ll win
    the Purl Bumbong steamer.

    Thanks again for your great blog.

  18. hi MM. Thanks for the opportunity to win something for your US based readers. I have always wanted one of your shirts or a bottle of one of your prized jellies but the pineapple eye remover will do. Like Netoy, I can easily place a puto bumbong order from Manila Sunset. I haven’t bought a fresh pineapple for years because it’s quite intimidating to peel. It would be nice to have that gadget on hand. Btw, have a safe trip!

    Shane T.

  19. Hi Mr. MM! Like you, I am a HUGE FAN too of puto bumbong! When I was little, I would beg my father to take me with him to attend the misa de gallo just so I could eat puto bumbong and bibingka after the mass.. It has always been my dream to make my own puto bumbong and I am sure my whole family will be thrilled to have this treat for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Thank you!

    Margarita D., Puto bumbong steamer please! Woohooo!

  20. it’s been ages since I had puto bumbong. I’d like to win that. MM, I live in NYC, I’ll pick it up from you instead of mailing them to me (save you shipping cost) ;))

  21. Oh, goodie!! you’re coming back, MM! Trains and Tunnels are almost 100% up and running in NYC. Just check the news for power availability as it varies daily..Many disgruntled power consumers are up in arms in NY Boros, especially in the hardest hit coastal regions..

    Would love the pineapple eye remover. we used to have one growing up. We were in Dole Phil then. Both parents were employees…Mucho pineapples to be had..I hope I win.

    Natie D. M.

  22. I want one so bad – puto bumbong steamer!!! My fondest memories of Simbang Gabi is buying puto bumbong from stalls outside the church and the smell wafting and making me drool as we walk home. I walked as fast as I can so it would still be hot and melt the slathered butter. YUMMM. I haven’t been home in a looooong time and haven’t had an authentic tasting one either. I hope I win and will do my best to make some for my family and friends. If it helps I’m in the northeast also : )

  23. Pineapple Eye Remover!!! I wish you’d also raffle off that gadget to make buko strings or melon strings.

  24. Yey, Santana Claus is coming to town! :-) I would love to have the puto bumbong steamer in my kitchen. I haven’t tasted this delicacy for the longest time and it would be a thrill to be able to make it during the Holidays and anytime I have the cravings. My Filipino friends nearby would love this as a surprise on our occasional salu-salo. Kee me in mind please and thanks in advance! Have a safe travel!

    Teresa T.

  25. I’d love to get the pineapple eye remover for the holidays, next to peace and love. :) I always pack fruits for lunch and this thingie will really help when I prep pineapples, a favorite fruit of ours.

    Have a safe trip, MM.

  26. Hello Mr MM The Puto Bumbong steamer will be a great X’mas present. I was in Tabora last Aug looking for this steamer and search was unsuccessful , not many stores was open due to great monsoon rain.

  27. I would love a puto bumbong steamer! Crossing my fingers that I win! Thanks! Have a safe trip!

  28. Ms BettyQ, ayyy.. dapat kasali ka rin. Hihihi, kapitbahay ka ng US.

    Kung meron nga lang sana na “freight” balikbayan box na papunta rito sa atin (used to be meron), uutusan ko yung bffhipag ko na bumili sa Divisoria, tapos ipadala ko sa iyo.

    I’ll call the company, baka ibinalik na nila yung capabality na magpadala from Manila to here.


  29. I called FRS Freight – they have the service back. Sending box from Manila (or QC) to here. Yung magpapadala, they can contact directly the office in Pinas. Ako rin tatawag, kasi mayron pa akong ibang ipapabili sa hipag ko.

  30. I would love love love the puto bumbong steamer! My fondest Christmas memories as a child are from the stops we would make after “simbang-gabi”: I couldn’t wait for the mass to be over in anticipation of the steaming puto-bumbong with heaps of grated coconut and slathered with Star margarine… YUM! It would be great to be able to serve puto-bumbong to my kids and show them how it is prepared :-)

  31. how awesome!

    I was about to create a mock-up of my own steamer to get one fabricated at metal shop that is about to create customized brackets for my scooter. So sweet!

    Roland M – all i want for Christmas is one puto bumbong steamer pleeeeeease….

  32. Happy Thanksgiving Mr MM and family. It is indeed very nice of you to think of your US based readers. I wish I can join since its been a long time since I had puto bumbong. But same as bettyq, I’m located in Vancouver. :( Maybe next time.

  33. The pineapple tool, although similar looking to your 2007 post, would there be a significant difference in application or would it be similar as well? In the older post, the technique shown in one photo seems to plow under a row of several eyes in one motion, whereas this newer version’s design suggests scooping one eye at a time. I’ve never seen either tool used in practice so it is strictly a guess on my part. I’ve always loved pineapple (especially pina colada icee and smoothie!) but have mostly used canned. De-eyeing the fresh fruit with a knife was just too troublesome and intimidating. If this tool really makes it quick work then I’m interested.

  34. Can I join in behalf of my cousin who lives in CT? Please? His Ilocana wife would love that puto bumbong steamer.

  35. Now I know what to bring to my cooking cousin next year when I visit! Where can we get them Mr. MM?

    I suggest just for kicks, try laying them out in your luggage so as to be very visible when the US customs people view them via X-ray, and when they ask what they are, video their reaction when you say “Filipino muffin steamer and pineapple eye remover!”. Ha ha!

  36. Naku!!! I would love to have one of those pineapple eye removers…pleeeaase!!! My husband sooo loves to eat them for the fiber but I hate peeling them and de-eyeing them so I really don’t buy them unless he specifically asks me to buy!!! Grrr!!! Nona L

  37. Hi Marketman, I would love to have a puto bumbong steamer. Hope I win the contest, I been dreaming about putobumbong and it will be a great surprise and treat if I can cook it during the holidays. I live in the east coast in Long Island, and would really be a great treat from you if I can win the putobumbong tool. Does it come with your Zubuchon chicharon?

    Thanks in advance, Anna

  38. A while back, I went to the Oriental Store down here and found some pirorotung from Thailand. I bought a package just for the heck of it. It is still sitting in my pantry.
    Sana manalo ako, para magamit ko na:) magluluto ako ng puto bungbung. It has been 36 years since I ate some puto bungbung. Have a safe trip. God Bless your heart always!

  39. Would love to have the puto bumbong steamer so we can reminisce Christmas ala Pinas again, please, please, pretty please. Actually I like the pineapple eye remover, too… hahaha. Don’t even know it exists but that would be cool to have as it is very hard to remove the eyes; I just used to make a slice diagonally which is such a waste. Thank you MM for the chance to win and here’s wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Myrna P.

  40. Would like the chance to receive the pineapple eye remover. I will just have to eat and buy the puto bumbong from the experts. Good luck to everyone. Have a safe trip, Marketman and family!

    Annie M.

  41. December 1971. In the run up to Christmas, I recall my father taking my sister, my baby brother, and me to Sunday mass at Binondo Church. It was an especially difficult time for us as my mother had just left to go to the US. Although only four years old, I remember the day clearly – the crispness in the air, the flutter of colorful, triangular bunting strung across the telephone poles that border the church square, and the frenetic movement of vendors, flogging everything from balloons and plastic pinwheels to smoky pork bbq on skewers. In one corner, a woman with a shock of gray hair stood behind a makeshift stand, fanning bamboo sticks atop a dull metal platform. A small crowd gathered around her. Knowing what she was making, my siblings and I were drawn to the stand and pulled my father along. “After the mass,” he promised. After an agonizing two hours (Christmas mass, you see), we ran outside, desperate to learn if the woman was still there, still making the bright purple sticky sweet taste of home.

    A month later, our family would join my mother in California, and our Christmas celebrations would never be quite the same.

  42. Happpy Thanksgiving.

    I would like the puto bung bong steamer. With the holidays upon us, my Filipino friends and I try to celebrate the season with traditions our families enjoyed back in the Phil.For the holidays, I always try my hand at making kakanin so somehow it seems we are closer to family and our beloved country in spirit.

    May you and your family enjoy the holidays.

    Gobble gobble


  43. Since we moved here in the States in 2006, I learned how to cook kakanin. I would love to have the puto bung bong steamer. If I would be the lucky one to receive the steamer I will surely share it with my Pinoy friends. Just imagine how many families would be able to enjoy puto bung bong this Christmas.

    Roberto C.

  44. Happy Thanksgiving MM! For me i always love puto bumbong hands down.And I want to join this contest for the steamer. But can you give it to Betty Q. ? She has given us a wealth of recipe and knowledge. And she really deserved to have the putt bombing steamer. Pleaseee!
    alma a.

  45. For those interested in the puto bumbong steamer, I just saw some for sale in the stainless steel tiangge type store on EDSA right across Trinoma. Sorry ,no idea how much it costs because I just saw it as we were driving by.

  46. Thanks for that, Maricel. For others who have emailed me, or are wondering, this puto bumbong steamer was purchased on tabora street, in Divisoria, from the folks who sell all the kitchen equipment, etc. It looks a bit dicey-ly constructed, and rather makeshift, but they have worked in our kitchen (or at least our earlier versions have worked)… For folks in the Philippines, this, or the pineapple eye remover seems to be a good gift choice for your relatives in the states… when you have run out of dried mangoes. :)

  47. Was the pineapple eye remover purchased from the same store as the puto bumbong steamer? I may have to look for one the next time I’m in the Philippines!

  48. Hi Marketman, I really like that puto bumbong steamer. If I win you don’t even have to mail it to me I’ll pick it up wherever you are in NYC and hopefully I can have puto bumbong for the Holidays. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Roy M.

  49. Jessie R, I don’t know why but your story made me cry!

    Happy Thanksgiving MM and family. I hope Sister and family are okay. I also hope you won’t see Kerry Kennedy in NYC… :-)

  50. MM’
    I dont think you will have a hard time bringing here in th US because this past August I brought back 14 pieces of balisong from Batangas,the customs officer did not question us,altough it helped that he was just looking at my daughter and told her that she’s so pretty much to my “kilig” but my daughters annoyance.Anyway I read the rules before on what items are allowed, those stuff are not prohibited.I also declared it as camping stuff. I hope to win the puto bumbong maker.Happy Thanksgiving.Its my turn to work this Thanksgiving so no cooking for me.

  51. I’m with you, Millet. You learn that Brazil does not have a coconut culture the way we do when you see they only draw the juice and throw away the shell with the meat. Of course, I have to keep a buko/melon stringer in my doff kit on my subsequent visits to be ready for this and it’s usually the first item any custom inspector takes a close look at everytime. And forget about finding a kudkuran either, it’s like looking for an honest politician.

  52. I share your sentiments, Jessie R….Christmas across the globe is never the same compared from back home. People would argue that as long as your family is with you, then that is what Christmas should be all about. But there is still something missing…traditions you grew up with and such….like the Simbang gabi and the bibingka/puto bumbong that accompany it. In our area, we do have Simbang gabi but the sadly no bibingka/puto bumbong vendors. As you said, the smell of the charcoal grilled skewers wafting in the air you could whiff the smell from afar. The kaguluhan amidst the young kids on the street…the carolling, and many more…
    And true…besides our Pinoy hospitality which MM said should be trademarked, maybe Pinoy Christmas should also be as well!

    Ok…I have said enough it is terribly making me homesick to this day and age!

    APA…many thanks for your thoughts but in all fairness, wht I shared in the past with everybody is something I do all the time without expecting anything in return and I will continue to do so with or without a Pinoy puto bumbong steamer. My dad always told us that if there is a will, there is always a way. Puto bumbong will still taste the same made in a silicone mould shaped like a skinny ladyfinger and steamed. Once unmoulded, no one will ever know it wasn’t made in lansungan. Wrap it right away in banana leaves to get the essence of the banana leaves, close your eyes while taking your first bite and you will be transported back in time.

    My Chistmas present to myself, I will have one custom made maybe starting next week asking my son to draw it for me with the dimensions and when I have it, we could have a puto bumbong party…anyone up for it?….La Emp, CWID, Ros-Anna, Stewart, Joseph….anybody?

  53. I feel the same way as APA … puto bumbong steamer should go to bettyq!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise through these years (that goes to both Mr. MM and bettyq :D).
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  54. Yes, Christmas in the U.S. is NOT the same.. sigh..There’s something in the air..the excitement. the house smells like apples and oranges..

    @Footloose: maybe that’s why canned coconut milk doubled in price for about a the price has gone down..All this hype about coconut water..canned or in tetrapack, it doesn’t taste the same..

    Still want the pineapple eye remover..hehe

    Natie M

  55. I am a fan of anything kakanin and with the holidays coming, a puto bumbong maker will be the best native filipino present i can have. MM, i want to win your puto bumbong maker right now.

    Meg M

  56. Reread the article and comments on Puto Bumbong gadget. Thanks for all the tips! The PB gadget will definitely be put to good use here, will all our Pinoy friends using it also. MM, family & I will be around your area right before Thanksgiving; hope we are in the same place at the same time. I’ll say hi. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  57. Would love to make puto bumbong for Christmas! Paskong pinoy celebration with the capiz lanterns I brought from the Philippines!

    Evelyn R.

  58. Happy thanksgiving MM. Its ok to eat turkey with cranberry sauce, your in the US of A. Ituloy lang ang ligaya, all the time.

  59. I now have a change of heart – – I VOTE for Ms. BettyQ to have the Puto Bumbong Steamer. With all the contributions she has given, she deserves to have it. Kung ako ang palarin na mabigyan nito, Ms. BettyQ, ibibigay ko ito sa iyo. Salamat sa inyong dalawa ni MM, ng dahil sa inyo, ang aking umaga na naku-kumpleto sa pag-bukas ko ng aking computer at basahin ang inyong mga panulat. Salamat talaga.

  60. Roy D. Montecillo, the dining tables (there are two of them end to end for a 12 foot long dining table) are edged in kamagong, with center panels of tindalo. They were wall panels I am told in an old house that was dismantled and the panels were re-purposed into these tables. They were perhaps our BEST furniture buy EVER, and have held up beautifully for nearly 15 years we have had them. Finding large pieces of tindalo today is extremely difficult, and probably not kosher unless it is old… Tindalo has that classic “sheering” look to it, but is hard, durable and a really appealing honey golden color. :)

    Tindalo is now listed on the IUCN list as “vulnerable” and next to “endangered” so I suspect any new tindalo is NOT something you want to encourage or acquire. The tree, if you can find a live specimen, appears to have lush, fabulous foliage, here, and a sturdy looking trunk. And I know what you are probably thinking, as I am now, with panels that are nearly three feet in width, these “tables” downed a pretty large old tindalo tree… :(

  61. MM, unrelated, but Lori from Dessert Comes First has written about her recent visit to Zubuchon in her blog.

  62. The beauty and durability of our hardwoods specially in the size exemplified by your table top will not come our way again, given the prodigal and indiscriminate way we destroyed our primal rain forests to shore up our needs for foreign exchange in the decades straddling WWII. As early as the nineteen-twenties, there were already in place interdicts on the cutting of tindalo trees although even way before that, beautiful pieces of furniture made of unidentified luminous wood which look as though they were fashioned out of tindalo timbers found their way into the Palace Museum collection in Beijing.

  63. Footloose, I don’t think I have ever photographed or posted a picture of the legs of these tables, but they are in tindalo as well, and the sheering effect is particularly nice on the legs…

  64. Nice.Planning to retire part time to Phil next fall:):)so count me out,just saying Thanks for thinking of us on the other side of the globe!Have a safe trip .Happy Thanksgiving in advance!!

  65. Pineapple Eye Remover please….March 11, 2007. Wow, i do not have to slice diagonally around those eyes to get them out. Would be a neat gadget. Love just love sliced pineapple with patis!

  66. I love checking your blog. It is very interesting not just for foodies but for people who love travel. I hope that I would be able to win the pineapple eye remover or the puto bumbong steamer.

  67. Irene B…MM’s puto bumbong recipe in archives. To make it doable for us in North America who does not have the luxury of having the malagkit and rice and pirurutong ground up at the palengke, I use the glutinous rice powder plus a bit of rice powder. As for the Thai glutinous black rice, I use a spice grinder or coffee grinder and blitz the pirurutong a little at a time. Add water to make a thick sludge and wrap in cacha, put in strainer over a bowl and weigh down the sludge with canned soup cans on a plate.

  68. Hey Ted…got your Blend Tec already? Put it to good use this Christmas and try again making Puto Bumbong. But if your Blend Tec is just pang display like mine ( will make its debut once my Kitchen Aid blender is pagod na), use the packaged glutinous rice powder, etc. It works!

  69. Puto bumbong steamer for me, please. We supposed to visit Manila this Christmas season and as early as February, I already planned our 2-week family of 5 holiday vacation, from fares, hotel accommodations, family reunions, visit Cebu to eat in your restaurant there, go to Divisoria to buy the puto bumbong steamer and bring it back to US, but last May everything has changed because of my Mom’s passing on mother’s day and I immediately went home for her burial, all alone. I didn’t have a chance to go to Divisoria since I just stayed there for 6 days only. Now our family holiday vacation to Manila has to be postponed but I would love to receive the puto bumbong streamer from Santa this Christmas. Happy holidays to you and your whole family. Thank you, double M.

  70. OMG! It would be a dream come true for me to have a puto bumbong steamer…. keeping my fingers and toes crossed… and if I am deemed unlucky in your draw, would you mind posting which store in Divisoria your team member sourced it from (pretty please)? Thank you MM and happy holidays to you, your family and your team!

  71. i wish we could have both, hehe. but i’d seriously love to have the puto bumbong steamer. (i always thought it was ‘bungbong’, yikess!)
    thanks for the chance to finally participate in a blog give-away, even if we are from the other side of the earth.
    happy thanksgiving to everyone! have a fun and safe trip, MM!

  72. Thanks for the info MM and Footloose, I hope our goverment is doing something in preserving this valuable hardwood trees . I’ve read somewhere in the Net, that there’s a Tindalo tree growing in the middle of the park in Bacolod City maybe they can get some seeds and plant it all over the country. Looking back at your picture of the puto bumbong steamer I thought at first it was also made of the same material as your table…ha ha ha..I was fooled.

    Roy M.

  73. Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    @ Footloose: I was able to buy a Kudkuran at a wet market in Dumaguete during my vacation two years ago. Still haven’t used it, however, as I still have to nail it to a bench/board.

  74. MM, forgot to mention, since you will be with Sister at the UES, don’t forget to drop by Laduree, Eric Kayser, and Francois Payard… the last two just opened about a month ago and are across each other. Thank God, those places are about a subway ride away or else, considering my obsession with those pastries, cookies, and breads, I’ll be eating them everyday and should be by now really obese. My fav is the Erick Kayser white chocolate brioche … great eaten with a spread of butter esp. Beurre D’Isygny from Grace Market, also at UES.

  75. Millet…I am just trying to imagine this pineapple eye remover on a Queen pineapple…e di wala nang natira na pineapple to savour? Talk about pineapples, here In North America, i have probably eaten all types of pineapple…even directly from the farm in Maui. But hands down in my book, the ones produced in Costa Rica is DA BEST!!!!

  76. I would also love to make puto bumbong!!! I am a grad student here in Atlanta, and I will be here for Christmas by myself, but my friend has family from Brazil coming, and I would love to share this Pinoy holiday tradition with her!!!

  77. I would love a puto bumbong maker but after seeing the video, I’m sold on the pineapple eye remover. Fascinating —I did not realize it would make the task so easy. Please pick me!

    Ann M. momgateway at gmail dot com

  78. i would appreciate getting the puto bumbong steamer as a totally unexpected christmas gift :) i’ve never tried cooking puto bumbong, but having been away from home for a long time, just having a taste of homemade puto bumbong this christmas would mean like home to me…

  79. A generous reader based in America has offered up a second pineapple eye remover, for a lucky winner… he/she will mail it directly to the winner. Many thanks to our anonymous donor… :) Also, I have acquired an extra puto bumbong steamer to send to Betty Q, as a thank you from MM and all the readers who have benefitted from her posted recipes, tips, comments. So comments section here is now closed, and winners announced shortly… Thank you.

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