More T-shirt and Tote PICK-UP Dates, Saturdays, December 1 and 8!!!


There are still lots of shirts and a few totes left over for the Public School Feeding Program that I have been sponsoring/facilitating for the last few weeks!!! I realize we have had so few pick-up points so far, (the longest at S&R, last Nov 17) so I have decided to add at least two more pick-up points this Saturday Dec 1 and next Saturday Dec 8, 2007 as well. For the less regular visitors to, allow me to refresh your memories… I first broached the subject of a potential charitable effort on this blog with a post on t-shirts for donations to benefit malnourished public school kids about two months ago. Reader response was incredible, and folks put their names in for roughly 400+ shirts and totes, here. I failed to set up reasonable and legal means to accept donations from foreign based readers (60% of the visitors here), and asked that folks who had access to family or friends in Manila be possibly asked to help with the effort. To date, we have collected a stunning PHP170,000+ and there are still 190 shirts and 30 totes left!! So if you missed the earlier pick-up points and want to help, please drop by this Saturday or next at the address below. The pick-up point is just minutes away from the BMW dealership on Pasong Tamo in Makati, and it is the same place you can pick-up the Little Brown Books that you ordered so that you can kill two birds with one stone! If a substantial amount of shirts and totes still remain after these two pick-ups, I may take up offers from some of my readers to use their retail stores in SM North Edsa for one final pick-up in mid-December. I know you all really want to help, and it isn’t easy to coordinate pick-ups from such limited points and hours, but I hope you can make it to this pick-up point. I will be out of town this Saturday, but my trusty crew will be at the site to distribute shirts. And I will sign most of the totes so you even have an autographed bag… heehee :) Also, any winners of contests who didn’t pick up their prizes before, I will be sending the prizes to these pick up points. Just identify yourself by the winning name and provide your email address to confirm your identity.

For Marketmanila t-shirt and tote pick ups:

Saturday, Dec 1, 2007 from 9am to 12 noon ONLY
Saturday, Dec 8, 2007 from 9am to 12 noon ONLY
Ground Floor
PCPD Building
2332 Don Chino Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo) Extension
Taguig, Metro Manila
Text Mae for information re: brown books and t-shirt pick-ups at 0917-327-3739

For the Little Brown Books, pick-ups will be from 8am-3pm, same location.

From Makati, go South on Pasong Tamo, Pasong Tamo Extension, passing the Ford, then BMW car dealerships and keep driving towards Taguig. About 500 meters after the BMW dealerrship, there will be a gate at the right, ask the guards to point you to the PCPD Main Building, and the pick up points will be in the ground floor of that building. If you reach the gate of Fort Bonifacio that has a road OVER the South Super Highway, you have gone too far. Please text Mae if necessary for details of the Little Brown Book pick-up or for assistance in finding the pick-up point. The place sounds obscure, but it is actually just a few minutes from the Pasong Tamo and EDSA intersection, particularly on a Saturday morning. Remember, a PHP500 donation to the feeding program will sponsor 20-25 meals for malnourished school kids! And you get a t-shirt or tote as a gift from Marketman. Thank you in advance for your continued support for the School Feeding Program!!!



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  1. Hi there MM,
    Thanks for the directions. Papunta talaga ako to pick up my Little Brown Book.

    Btw, meron pa kayang “Have You Been To The Market Today”, size XXL?

  2. Thanks MM, that building is very near my office. Also, that’s where I’m suppose to pick up my “little brown book”. Thank again and warm regards.

  3. Bengski, sorry, no more XXL in Have you…. but there is ONE XXL left in Marketmaniac, I think… the sizes are a bit jumbles at the moment… so it’ll really have to be first come, first served to be fair to all… The sizes seem to be american sizes, though so an XL is pretty large… There are lots of L, M, S and XS left…

  4. no, i take that back. i mean, our baking supplies store, bakers’ basket, could be a pick up point for davao bloggers and donors. we could accept the donations and deposit them to your account, MM. i could also ask around for more orders..give me 5 days or so, MarketMan. please e-mail me if there’s the slightest chance.

  5. Thanks for the special mention, Marketman! (Proud mommy talaga ako!)… Actually, I missed the S&R pick up so I really made time for the Megamall one. It’s good to hear that there is another one in Makati this weekend. I’m thinking of getting more totes (they would be nice Christmas gifts)… and maybe a shirt for the little girl :) (she may actually fit in the XS!)

    I’m not sure if I’m qualified to get the Brown Book though – they texted me to ask how many books I wanted and I’ll be informed of the pick-up arrangements. I replied back but never got a text confirmation. I wonder if your post is the information I’m waiting for…

    Thanks again for the internet mileage :D hehehe…

  6. Mrs. Kookie, you may want to text mae again to see if you can get some books. If not the first saturday, maybe the second. I am quite sure a few people who reserved may be unable to pick up their orders, in which case, I am pretty sure they will be willing to let others pick up the slack…

  7. i asked someone to pick up the shirts and totes in s&r 2 wks ago on my behalf, unfortunately i overestimated the sizes of the shirts, my hubby’s large shirt is big on him and the medium size which is also big on me, just fits him. can i exchange his large marketmaniac shirt for an xs or s marketmaniac/ have you been to the market today shirt so i could wear one too? many thanks in advance… i’ll try my luck to get a little brown book too, i’ve been getting no replies from mae:(

  8. suzette, yes, you may go to one of the pick up points and ask to exchange your shirts for a smaller size, but get there early as you may run out of choices…

  9. thanks for the directions, MM. i’ve been meaning to send mae a text message to ask for directions because i’ll be coming from qc. could you please give me directions? if i come from sm north edsa and pag sa edsa ako dadaan, how do i get to pcpd building? thanks a million!

  10. bedazzle, before getting to pasong tamo (chino roces) stay on the right side of edsa and do not go on the OVERPASS. Find the rightmost side land and go under the overpass and curve left naturally with the traffic. When you are on the other side of EDSA, turn right onto Pasong Tamo extension and head towards Taguig and follow instructions as above… It’s a bit tricky if you aren’t familiar with this intersection and the buses can be a pain in the ass, but once you make it to Pasong Tamo, you will be fine. Alternatively, you can go on C5, exit at Fort Bonifacio and head on the main road towards the new airport. As soon as you exit Fort bonicaio and BEFORE the South Superhighway, turn right onto Pasong Tamo (chino roces) extension and the building will be about 150 meters away, on your left. There is a guardpost at the gate. Good luck!

  11. I’m so sorry. I soooo want to help (and that tote, or shirt), but the person to pick it up for me, he just doesn’t get the place. He is lost. My old man is not good with this.

    Poor me and kiddos.

    Please don’t send Silly Lolo’s curse my way. I really tried.

  12. I think my order did not make it to the cut-off so I’m one of those who are hoping there’ll be extra Little Brown Books left unclaimed.. hehe..

    Mr. MM, would you be present on Dec08 pick-up date? I wasn’t able to ask you & Mrs. MM to sign the 2 tote bags when I went to S&R.. nahiya ako bigla and my mind just turned blank that time. :)

  13. to sometime_lurker, I, too have bad direction, but I figured out where the place is. Does your pick-up person know where the overpass towards Magallanes from Edsa is? Underneath the overpass, there’s a street that leads you left towards Pasong Tamo Extension. You’ll find yourself driving past factories like Levi Strauss, pharma co’s like Glaxo, and a lot of car outlets like Toyota, Suzuki and BMW. Eventually you’ll see a Petron gas station on the right hand side and a compound next to it. Just carefully drive down the road looking for the gate, it’s very close. There are signs for Esteban School, Nutrition Center (one tricycle I asked for help knew the place as the Nutrition Center). Ask the guard at the gate for PCPD and you will be pointed towards a low flung building ahead. I texted mae and she said she’ll be there till 3 tomorrow so you and your pickup pax have time to explore (think adventure! think totes and tees at the end of the hunt!).

  14. Good to know that the sizes are in american size, hopefully the size L that my brother got for us will fit my XL hubby. My mum’s enjoying her tote bag as well… Thank you MM for letting us take part in your project.

  15. Thanks for arranging another pick up MM. My friend has kindly offered to go there for me. I also reserved several little brown books and boy am I glad I did it early! Happy holidays! Maybe I’ll see you around in Manila while food tripping and visiting the Salcedo market.. I am intently memorizing your facial features now as I write this… kidding!

  16. will try to make it for the Dec. 8 pick up MM, looking forward to picking up my shirt and tote! Thanks.

  17. It’s been a while since I visited your blog, so I’m so sorry to miss all the excitement about your awesome endeavor.

    I don’t know if it’s a little too late for this, but I’d like to offer our help. I’m starting up a personal shopping service catering to overseas Filipinos and other folks with ties to the Philippines. If your overseas blog visitors would like to purchase items to support your cause, our Metro Manila reps can handle it for them and arrange to have it delivered to them or to any preferred recipient. No service charge, we’ll just work out a reasonable shipping fee.

    Let me know if there’s an interest in this offer.



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