“Best Pig, Ever!” in Time Magazine!!! :) And Now, TV Patrol… Kris on SNN… Philippine Star… DZMM…


The timing certainly seems inappropriate given the worldwide concern over swine flu, but I just couldn’t resist tooting my own horn on this one. Thank you to reader “Calixte” for the heads up, but the Philippines’ lechon is mentioned in this week’s issue of Time Magazine Asia in their annual article on the “The Best of Asia”. See link here. They mention that Anthony Bourdain’s pronouncement that he had just eaten “The Best Pig, Ever” in Cebu has only cemented our national view that we make a pretty darned good roast pig… Heeheehee. Now I really want to print a t-shirt; Lee, any design suggestions? :) Could it be the porcine equivalent of wearing the Philippine Map on one’s chest? I have to run to the grocery to buy a copy of the magazine… Ah, the silly little joys in Marketman’s life…


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The feature on Philippine Pig was written by Lara Day, the same writer who featured the Salcedo Market several weeks ago… I read through the 15 “Bests” in this year’s issue, and three of them really put a smile on my face. First, this one, for all those commenters on marketmanila that are in the running for the annual fishpan awards. This one, wondering if the craftsman would consider some gilt/gilded balls… And finally, this one, as almost anything chocolate brings a smile to my face. Hahahaha!

News Flash… While I was out with The Teen eating dinner, I got a text that Marketman was coming out on TV Patrol. I didn’t see it. Apparently it was a quick blurb, with reference to the Time Magazine article, and they somehow got video (youtube?) of the Anthony Bourdain visit to Cebu for lechon. Then, a mention on the ABS-CBN site/blog. Hahaha. Honestly, who would have thought a roast pig would result in all of this? :)

And it continues, with an apparent mention by Kris Aquino on SNN? a program I am not familiar with, and today in the Philippine Star. Imagine if it was scandalous pig news how much more than would spread… :)


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  1. What do you give to someone who has everything? ‘The silly little joys’ are the best things in life.

  2. Congrats MM! It’s awesome that all your efforts from a few months ago continue to garner accolades.

  3. Ok MM, I’m making reservations for four (4) of your “Best Pig, Ever” T-shirts!!!!

    I’m sure this can be another great fund raiser for your feeding program.

    Lee, please come up with 4 different designs…hehehe

  4. Congrats MM! that would be a brilliant idea. free tshirt for all the regulars here.. hehehe.

  5. yeheeeeyyy! that little bourdain piggy came from the market and to MM’s office garden, and went on to tv and youtube and time magazine and…..who knows where next?!!

  6. Since sister had to suffer from being called “the pigman’s sister” does she get a special t-shirt/design too???

  7. How about…

    We take our roast pork seriously :)(infront)

    Ask Anthony bourdain (at the back)


  8. thanks for the link :) man, now i’m totally craving for lechon haha! my favorite stuffing is lemon grass and garlic. i make it a point to eat the ribs of the lechon (more than the skin).

    sigh… now where to find some on a tues lunch in the makati cbd?

  9. Congrats, MM! I’m sorry but has the Cebu feature been shown in AB’s No Reservations? I’ve seen only the one with Bobby Chin. I’m eagerly awaiting.

  10. congrats MarketMan ! you are part of the success of ” the best pig ever”
    just had lechon ears, brains , and eyes last monday!

  11. corrine, I don’t think the episode has aired in Asia, but because of the mention in Time magazine in this week’s edition, I think TV Patrol had a slow news day and did a blurb on it… Thanks Paolo and millet… I am amused to say the least. :)

  12. Congratulations!!! This is great news! We do have the “best pig ever” over here and it’s time the whole world knew :)

  13. this is totally way out of the topic–but by any chance –any one of you got a ticket with PAL’s Real Deal?All my friends and family didn’t get a single ticket!

  14. congratulations MM! I heard it on the news earlier. :) If you come out with the best pig ever shirt–reserve a couple for me. ;)

  15. Take a deep bow, Marketman! You have been vindicated!

    (cherry says: from the post of Nov 2, 2008
    Man, you are so full of yourself I don’t even know where to start. I just hope you weren’t as arrogant when you were in the company of Mr. Bourdain, for your sake, imagine the public humiliation. I guess we’ll find out when this episode airs.)

    CHERRY bow your head in shame!

  16. Congratulations MM!!! You make us proud and God bless your good deeds. The T-shirt fundraiser is a brilliant idea! ba-BOY!!! Watta a PIG!!! Only in the Philippines. hehe

  17. Here is my 2 cents worth, MM, on your T-shirt:

    BEST PIG EVER….only in the Philippines! (LIKE NAVYGOLF SAID!!!!)….and then you have a picture of Little Piggy coming out of the water (Philippine archipelago)….BOND STYLE in swimming trunks! or in tanglad, sampaloc leaves or whatever you used to season Little Piggy. Wait…do you wear eyeglasses, MM? ….hmmm just like Bond (sunglasses on Little

    My apologies, MM…I am not normally insane like this! Must be heat stroke..it is soooo hot here …just came back from gARDENING!

    aND THEN AT THE BACK …for those of us wanting T-shirts….I KNOW PIGMAN!!!!! I better quit while I am ahead !!!!!!…so, sorry, MM! Don’t take me seriously. IT IS HEAT STROKE SETTING IN!!!!

  18. I won’t be surprised TV patrol picked up on the AB-NR episode even after over two months of its original show date, the “Hierarchy of Pork” blog has continued to get comments (#549) as of this date.

  19. Woooooohoooo…saw you on Abs-Cbn News last night!! Yup…come out with those tshirts. Yup I go with bettyq—“I know Pigman!!” and a Marketmanila logo on one sleeve.
    I was so excited to see you on the news last night. I excitedly old hubby—hey—that’s Marketman!!!!!Wooohoooo!!!

  20. I saw it on TV Patrol last night and i think it was Kris who mention the “Best Pig, Ever!” in Time Magazine on SNN…

  21. no mention of marketman in the tv patrol report. it wasn’t just any cebu lechon that was cited by bourdain. we should lodge a protest with abs cbn. magaling, mm!

  22. MM, I suggest you have your lawyers copyright “best pig ever”, “best lechon ever” and all other variations before some enterprising lechonero starts taking advantage of the hype.

  23. Oh, I don’t know about that, Artisan! …just checked Yahoo and there is already a phrase like that coined by a couple of guys in business since 1995 in the US…check Yahoo and best pig ever will pop up …site is thepigdude (?)

  24. I suggest a huge golden “TROPHY” for “MM” This is not little, this is something, A fantastic form of cuisine promotion in filipino style WOW! I see a par to paquiao! APPLAUSE!!!!

  25. How about “Cebu Lechon ala Marketman….Best pig ever”. The important thing is that its know that the best pig ever is made in Cebu by Marketman. Some guy here in Cebu might start claiming that he has the best pig ever

  26. Applause, applause, MM! I happened to see the TV Patrol feature, and was thrilled for you! Imagine, Time magazine! WOOHOO for Pinoy food!!!

  27. Hey MM!!!

    Congrats on the re-confirmation of AB’s verdict on TIME. Heads up… Phil. Star also picked up the story in today’s paper…

    Am awaiting your announcement on pick-up points for the new MManila shirts!

  28. I agree with Artisan Chocolatier’s suggestion for the front of the shirt but have a little tweak…

    Front: Cebu Lechon ala Marketman…
    Back: Best pig ever (and from teny’s suggestion… Ask Anthony bourdain)

    On one sleeve… marketmanila.com

  29. Philippine Star April 29, 2009.

    Header: Alert level raised as swine flu enters dangerous phase.

    News at Left of Banner: Lechon: Asia’s best pig ever

    News at Right of Banner: RP emergency plan readied vs flu

  30. another:

    Front: it’s ABout TIME for THE BEST PIG EVER!
    Back: www. marketmanila.com

  31. I swear, Marketman, I am seriously considering contacting/contracting you and your faithful crew when my family and I visit the Philippines to do that exact feast you did for Bourdain … Darn it! It’s almost one in the morning, and I’m thinking of food again. You’re getting to be a bad habit of mine, Marketman! ;)

  32. Yeah i saw that SNN episode through TFC, when they mentioned that according to TIme magazine, Philippines has the “best lechon! Good job!

  33. Lee’s post re. the Philippine Star swine flu/best lechon both on the same cover is hysterical!

  34. I was outside when the news came out from TV Patrol. Guess what, my brother called me and he said: “Ate, ‘yung lechon ni Marketman nasa TV!!!”.

    Congrats MM! Please reserve some shirts for me too. I vote for “I KNOW MARKETMAN!”

  35. congrats, mm!! been meaning to send you a shout-out for the time magazine article, but have been incommunicado for the past week. enough with the excuses.. i’m one proud pinoy because of you, mm..

  36. congratulations, mr.mm!!! let the swine flu be scared away by the best pig, ever, hehehe.

  37. for the shirt:
    front: this way to the best pig, ever
    back: marketmanila.com

    in any case, i want to have whatever shirt you come out with. basta nakaka-high (high sa sarap, high sa saya, high blood, hehehe) yang lechon na yan!!!

  38. The Filipino lechon was featured in a book titled “1001 foods that you must try before you die”..



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